9 Storage Products Pro Organizers Swear By

As professional organizers, we know that having the right storage solutions is essential for keeping spaces tidy and functional. After years of working with clients to optimize their homes, offices, and beyond, we’ve discovered the very best products for organization and storage. From closet systems to label makers, these are the 9 storage solutions that we – and our clients – swear by.

Clear Plastic Storage Bins

Clear plastic bins are a versatile storage solution that allows you to see contents easily while keeping items corralled. We love clear bins for storing everything from toys and games to seasonal decor.

The best clear plastic bins have lids to contain dust and dirt. Look for bins made of thick, durable plastic that won’t break or crack over time. Our top pick is the Sterilite Ultra Clear Storage Bin. It comes in a range of sizes, has latching lids to keep contents secure, and is made of shatter-resistant plastic.

We recommend labeling each bin clearly with permanent marker or customizable labels. This allows for quick identification of what’s inside without having to open the lid repeatedly. Labeled clear bins help keep pantries, playrooms, craft supplies, and more neatly organized.

Acrylic Organizers

Acrylic organizers are elegant, versatile solutions for storing everything from cosmetics to office supplies. The clear acrylic allows you to see contents at a glance while keeping items neatly corralled on counters and shelves.

Look for acrylic organizers with divided compartments for optimal storage. We love the clear 3-Tier Acrylic Organizer from MAXX & ME for keeping cosmetics, skincare, and hair products organized in bathrooms. The OrganizedLife Acrylic Desk Organizer is perfect for pens, clips, and office knick-knacks.

Acrylic won’t rust or chip like wire storage units. It’s easy to wipe clean and provides a modern, minimalist look. For small items like jewelry or hair accessories, look for acrylic organizers with small divided compartments to keep tiny items from getting lost at the bottom of a large drawer or bin.

Hanging Closet Organizers

Hanging closet organizers instantly double your closet space by providing additional storage on the back of the closet door. We recommend over-the-door shoe organizers, hanging shelves, and multi-pocket accessories organizers.

For shoes, the simplehuman Wall Mount Shoe Rack uses durable steel bars and mesh fabric to hold multiple pairs of shoes neatly in place. Install it on the back of a closet or bedroom door to free up floor space.

The StorageManiac Over The Door Hanging Closet Organizer features 6 spacious shelves for folded clothing, handbags, hats, and more. Sturdy steel rods allow it to hang securely.

Finally, the Spicy Shelf 5-Pocket Over Door Closet Organizer provides a place for all those small accessories and toiletries. Five clear vinyl pockets corral jewelry, ties, socks, hair accessories, and more while allowing you to see contents at a glance.

Hanging closet organizers are quick and easy to install. They instantly boost your storage capabilities without taking up any additional floor space.

Drawer Dividers

Drawer dividers transform disorganized junk drawers into neat compartments for storage. Look for flexible dividers that can be configured to fit your needs.

The Lynk Vela Adjustable Drawer Divider slides easily onto drawer bottoms to create customized spaces of any size. We use these affordable dividers for everything from kitchen utensil drawers to craft supply organization.

For deeper drawers, consider taller divider options like the YouCopia Crazy Susan Adjustable Drawer Divider. This lazy Susan style divider spins for easy access and can be arranged into various configurations.

Once your drawers are neatly divided, consider adding drawer liner and organizers. Felt drawer liner helps items glide more smoothly. Silicone drawer organizers corral smaller items, preventing them from Getting lost at the bottom of drawers.

Label Maker

A good label maker is an essential organizational tool that allows you to clearly identify storage bins, shelves, drawers, and more. Permanent, customized labels help eliminate the frustration of mystery containers and keeps everyone organized.

For basic labeling needs, we like the DYMO LabelManager 160. It’s affordable, easy to use, and offers a range of label sizes. Upgrade to the DYMO LabelManager 280 for an LCD screen and rechargeable battery.

Look for a label maker that offers bold text in a range of fonts and sizes. Make sure it’s compatible with a variety of label widths from small flags to large wraparound. An automatic cutter will save you time and effort.

Once you’ve labeled all your storage solutions,Contents will be easy to identify at a glance. For frequently used containers like kitchen canisters and bathroom bins, place labels on the front. For items kept on shelves, position labels along the side or top edge to allow for easy scanning without pulling everything out.

Lazy Susans

Lazy susan turntables provide effortless access to items stored in cabinets and on shelves. A spin of the circular tray allows you to easily see and reach everything.

We recommend lazy susans for corner cabinets to utilize awkward diagonal space. They’re also great in pantries, spice racks, bathroom cabinets, and more. Look for models like the YouCopia Deluxe Lazy Susan which have raised edges to corral small items.

Larger lazy susan options like the Seville Classics Large Lazy Susan can accommodate multiple jars, bottles, cans, and boxes. Some feature non-slip rings along the bottom to prevent unwanted movement.

For maximum storage, consider stacking two lazy susans – one as the base, and a smaller one on top. This allows you to store items of different heights while still accessing everything with a quick spin.


Pegboard panels provide customized storage using hooks, bins, baskets, and shelves. It’s an extremely versatile system perfect for garages, mudrooms, closets, laundry rooms, and workspaces.

Look for panel sizes that fit your space needs. Many are 4 feet by 8 feet – the size of a standard piece of plywood. You can also find smaller pegboard panels and tiles.

Use pegboard hooks to hang tools, bags, jackets, bikes, and more. Bins and baskets attach to hold smaller items. Shelves can be installed to utilize vertical space above shorter tools. Consider combining pegboard storage with cabinets and shelves for adjacent spaces.

When installing pegboard, make sure it’s properly anchored into wall studs. Heavy-duty pegboard like Hardboard is more durable than lightweight perforated composite options. Look for pegboard accessories like hooks with a closed end to securely hold items in place.

Storage Oennas

Storage ottomans provide concealed storage within a functional furniture piece. We love them as coffee table replacements or as end-of-bed benches. Look for storage ottomans with a sturdy internal structure and exterior upholstery.

The Winsome Alec Storage Ottoman has a wooden frame with fabric upholstery. The top lifts off to reveal ample interior storage space. Use it to store blankets, pillows, books, toys, or media accessories in living rooms.

For durable leather, the Christopher Knight Preston Storage Ottoman features bonded leather with a hinged top. Store extra throw blankets and remotes inside. Look for tightly fitting lids to keep contents secure and prevent dust buildup.

If you choose a storage ottoman with a removable tufted top, make sure the base has stabilizing feet or rails to prevent tipping when the top is detached. Store seasonal items like extra throws and blankets inside during warmer months.

Mounted Metal Shelves

Heavy-duty mounted metal shelves provide secure, customizable storage for garages, basements, laundry rooms, and beyond. Flat metal shelves offer sturdy support for heavy items. Slotted designs allow you to hang tools vertically and insert containers and bins.

Consider combining flat shelves for large items like bins and boxes, with slotted panels to neatly store rakes, brooms, and other long-handled tools. Products like the Gladiator GearWall Panels have both options.

When installing mounted shelves, be sure to anchor securely into wall studs. Shelves should be able to support weight without pulling away from the wall. Carefully measure your space and choose an appropriate size. Many metal shelf systems can be installed in multiple configurations.

For laundry rooms, look for shelving units like the ClosetMaid Laundry Shelf which integrates hanging rods for air-drying clothes. Mounted metal shelves provide durable, custom storage for any space.

Standing Closet Organizers

Free-standing closet organizers instantly boost hanging and shelf space inside closets. Look for modular, adjustable designs that allow you to customize to your needs.

ClosetMaid Modular Closet Systems come in a range of configurations, finishes, and sizes to fit any closet. Adjustable shelves, rods, and drawers let you optimize the vertical space. Use closet organizers to double hanging capacity, add shelves, and corral accessories.

Target Room Essentials Closet Organizers also provide affordable options starting at under $100. Look for sturdy steel frames with adjustable components. Make sure shelves can support heavy loads without sagging or collapsing.

Measure your existing closet space carefully before purchasing a freestanding organizer. Modular components allow for rearranging as your needs change over time. Extend closet rods and shelves into previously wasted vertical space above shorter items.


Our top storage solutions provide tried-and-true products to tackle any organizing project. Invest in durable bins, baskets, shelving, and more designed by experts to maximize your space. Proper storage and organization help eliminate clutter while keeping your home, office, and life running smoothly. With our 9 go-to organizing products, you’ll gain back wasted space and time searching for misplaced items. What storage solutions can’t you live without? Let us know your must-have organizational tools in the comments!