9 kitchen organizers that professionals always buy – and here’s why you should too

Kitchen organization is key for any home cook. A well-organized kitchen not only looks great, but it also makes cooking easier and more efficient. Professional chefs and culinary experts know that having the right kitchen tools and organizers can streamline meal prep and cut down on clutter.

If you’re looking to overhaul your kitchen, take inspiration from the pros! Here are 9 must-have kitchen organizers that experts swear by – and why they deserve a spot in your kitchen too.

Lazy Susans

A Lazy Susan is a round, rotating tray that sits on your countertop or inside your cabinets. These circular trays spin 360 degrees so everything is easily accessible. Lazy Susans are game-changers for organization and storage.

Here’s why culinary professionals love Lazy Susans:

  • They keep spices, condiments, and sauces within arm’s reach while cooking. No more rummaging to find that garlic powder!
  • They maximize space in corners and tight cabinets. You can store multiple items in a small footprint.
  • Contents are visible at a glance. Spin the Lazy Susan to take inventory before heading to the grocery store.
  • Cut down on cluttered counters. Keep oils, seasoning jars, and other daily-use items on a Lazy Susan. Just spin and grab!
  • Versatile for many uses like organizing pantry items, baking supplies, craft materials, makeup, office supplies, and more!

Recommended Lazy Susan picks:

  • 360 White Lazy Susan from Container Store – available in multiple sizes
  • Three-Tier Corner Lazy Susan from Utopia Home – fits neatly in corners
  • Lipper International Bamboo Lazy Susan – an eco-friendly option

Kitchen Drawer Organizers

Messy junk drawers crammed with tools and odds and ends are every home cook’s nightmare. That’s why pros rely on drawer organizers to neatly compartmentalize cooking utensils, gadgets, cutlery, and more.

Benefits of drawer organizers:

  • Create dedicated spaces for spatulas, serving spoons, whisks, bottle openers, and other utensils
  • Keep knives safely stored in dedicated knife trays or inserts
  • Section off drawers to corral anything from foils and plastic wraps to pot holders
  • Find what you need instantly instead of digging through clutter
  • Customizable dividers accommodate large and small drawers
  • Modular design grows with your needs. Add or remove compartments.

Top drawer organizers for an orderly kitchen:

  • Bamboo expandable drawer organizer from SimpleHouseware
  • Rubbermaid drawer organizer with adjustable dividers
  • OXO Good Grips utensil organizer with removable bins
  • DIY: Use ice cube trays or bathroom organizers as makeshift drawer dividers!

Under-Shelf Baskets

Don’t let prime storage space under cabinets go to waste! Under-shelf baskets provide out-of-sight storage and create an organized look. No more cluttered countertops.

Under-shelf baskets are savvy because:

  • Slide onto existing shelves or attach with hooks for easy installation
  • Instantly declutter counters by stashing appliances like the coffee maker or toaster
  • Create a “drop zone” to corral keys, mail, or other entryway items
  • Ideal for stowing bulk items like onions and potatoes too big for drawers
  • Can be mounted inside cabinets for extra concealed storage
  • Provide open shelving for cookbooks, cookware, or decorative items

Stylish and functional under-shelf baskets:

  • Madesmart Under Shelf Basket – offers durable chrome hooks
  • DecoBros Under Shelf Basket with Handles – easy to transport around the kitchen
  • SimpleHouseware Under Shelf Basket Organizer – stackable for double storage
  • DIY: Repurpose magazine files or attach a hanging shoe organizer underneath shelves

Pan Organizers

Between skillets, saucepans, and more – pots and pans can quickly take over the kitchen. Bring order to the cookware chaos with specialized pan organizers.

Why pros love pan organizers:

  • Vertical storage gets pans off the counters and maximizes cabinet space
  • Avoid pan scratches and chips by nesting cookware. No more clanging lids!
  • Easy to view what’s on hand instead of searching through stacks
  • Options for wall mounts, pull-out cabinet racks, hanging racks, and more
  • Customizable inserts fit pans of all sizes from stock pots to baking sheets

Clever pan organizers for maximum organization:

  • SimpleHouseware Pan and Pot Lid Organizer Rack – also handy for baking sheets
  • DecoBros Pull Out Cabinet Door Pan Organizer – installs right inside cabinetry
  • Cooks Standard Wall-Mounted Pot Rack – industrial style frees up drawer space
  • DIY: Get creative and repurpose a dish drainer rack to vertically store pans

Cutlery Organizers

Storing cutlery properly keeps knives sharp and safe while making tools easily accessible. Culinary experts recommend cutlery organizers to file away essential chopping and slicing gear.

Cutlery organizers are essential because:

  • Sort silverware into dedicated slots by type or usage
  • Protect fine cutlery edges from damage by separating each piece
  • Easily locate the right knife for food prepping tasks
  • Maintain knife edge safety and prevent accidents with sheaths or covers
  • Portable designs conveniently transport utensils for outdoor dining and potlucks
  • Displays beautiful cutlery collections while keeping them secure

Superior cutlery storage solutions:

  • Messermeister Bamboo Knife Block – angled slots make removing knives effortless
  • Home Hero Bamboo Expandable Cutlery Tray – accommodates large sets with removable dividers
  • Joseph Joseph DrawerStore Cutlery Organizer – features non-slip compartments
  • DIY: Upcycle jars, test tubes, or mason jars into custom cutlery holders

Pegboard Wall Storage

Pegboard panels open up valuable vertical storage space while adding visual interest to kitchen walls. It’s easy to see why they’re a staple for pros.

Here’s why pegboards are perfect:

  • Customizable system adapts as needs change. Reorganize pegs anytime.
  • Hang frequently used tools like ladles, whisks, spatulas within arm’s reach
  • Utilize wasted wall space instead of cramming drawers
  • Promotes airflow and drying for wet dishcloths, sponges, or cleaning bottles
  • Mix and match hooks to hold everything from paper towels and aprons to pots and pans
  • Paint or stain boards to coordinate with existing decor

Top pegboard picks:

  • gorilla grip Original Pegboard Kit – includes heavy-duty pegs
  • Gladiator WallControl Pegboard – metal construction won’t warp
  • Magtfiend Wall-Mounted Tool Organizer – features slide-out baskets for small items
  • DIY: Make your own decorative pegboard using plywood, trim, and custom paint colors

Pantry Shelving Systems

Pantries can quickly become black holes that swallow groceries, never to be seen again. Solve clutter and chaosc with smart shelving designed for food storage.

Pantry storage systems help pros by:

  • Maximizing every inch of existing space from floor to ceiling
  • Adjustable shelves allow flexible configurations as needs change
  • Sliding drawers provide easy access to items pushed the the back
  • Pull-out wire baskets corral bulk foods, boxes, or canned goods
  • Some systems have built-in spice racks, towel bars, and bottle storage
  • Most assemble with simple click-lock installation – no tools required!

Recommended shelving systems:

  • Seville Classics Easy-to-Assemble System – completely customizable
  • Rubbermaid Configurations Kit – features pull-out baskets and slide-out drawers
  • Titus Modular Storage Collection – elegant wood build is durable
  • DIY: Get creative combining bookshelves, racks, baskets, and bins from the hardware store

Cabinet Door Organizers

Tired of pots and lids crashing down from crammed cabinets? Persnickety food storage containers tumbling into a messy heap? That’s why the pros rely on cabinet door organizers to save space and headaches.

Cabinet door storage is a game changer because:

  • Hangs on the back of doors to maximize cabinet real estate
  • Catches items before they come crashing down when you open the door
  • Great for organizing food storage containers, cutting boards, baking pans, and more
  • Customize setup with hooks, baskets, and shelves to fit your needs
  • Takes advantage of wasted vertical storage space behind doors
  • Quick DIY addition that doesn’t require installing permanent shelving

Creative cabinet door organizer ideas:

  • SimpleHouseware Over The Door Organizer – includes adjustable hooks and baskets
  • DecoBros Door Organizer with Bag Rack – perfect for pantries or craft closets
  • Lynk Over Door Storage Rack – can hang cups, spices, paper towels, and more
  • DIY: Repurpose shower caddies, hanging file folders, or wall pockets for makeshift door storage

Can Organizers

That towering pyramid of canned goods poised to topple over every time you open the pantry is a problem. Can organizers provide a safe home base for canned food, freeing up shelf space.

Can organizers are kitchen heroes because:

  • Neatly stacks cans upright so labels face forward for easy ID
  • Stops cans from rolling around, getting dented, or falling over
  • Frees up shelf space by storing more cans in a smaller footprint
  • Rotating design makes retrieving cans fast and easy
  • Keep canned goods organized by type like soups, veggies, or beans
  • Available in countertop or cabinet mount styles to suit any space

Top can organizers to stash canned goods:

  • simplehuman Pull-Out Cabinet Can Organizer – hidden storage inside cabinets
  • DecoBros Can Rack Spinning Organizer – rotates for easy access
  • YouCopia Crazy Susan Cabinet Turntable – circular design is fun and functional
  • DIY: Upcycle egg cartons, muffin tins, or boxes to make DIY can organizers!

Spice Organizers

Spice collections quickly spiral into cluttered chaos without proper organization. Culinary pros rely on well-designed spice organizers to keep flavor essentials neat but still within reach.

Why pros love a good spice organizer:

  • Custom compartments keep spice bottles upright and easy to identify
  • Sized to perfectly fit most standard spice jars and bottles
  • Pull-out designs maximize shelf and cabinet space
  • Swivel or rotating trays make spices visible at a glance
  • Portable sizes available for transporting spices to barbecues etc.
  • Wall-mounted strips free up precious counter space

Recommended spice storage solutions:

  • Kamenstein Perfect Tidy Spice Rack – features flip-up lids for easy refilling
  • Home-it Adjustable Spice Drawer Organizer – slides out for access to back spices
  • Saved By A Pot Hanging Spice Rack – frees up cabinet space by hanging inside door
  • DIY: Repurpose a shower caddy, wooden crates, or jewelry organizer to hold spice jars


Just like a master chef’s knives, every good kitchen needs the right organizational tools. Stash gadgets, corral cans, and arrange gear with any of these genius organizers used by culinary pros. With an orderly kitchen, you’ll cook with clarity and efficiency worthy of an expert chef.

What kitchen organizers do you swear by? Share your organizational tips and tricks in the comments below!