7 kitchen wall colors that will be popular in 2023 – and are loved by interior designers and decorators alike

Kitchen wall colors can dramatically impact the overall look and feel of your cooking space. With new color trends emerging every year, it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest hues that are making a splash. As an interior designer, I’m always analyzing the upcoming color forecasts to help my clients create a timeless, yet on-trend kitchen.

For 2023, there are seven standout kitchen wall colors that are poised to be very popular. These hues not only look fabulous together, but they have aesthetic versatility that works with a variety of kitchen styles. From rich, moody shades to light, airy pastels, here are the top kitchen wall color ideas that will be huge in 2023.

Warm Neutrals

Neutral paint colors are a constant staple in kitchen design. They provide a flexible backdrop that allows you to easily switch up accent colors as trends come and go. For 2023, warm, earthy neutrals will reign supreme. These cozy, grounded tones add subtle variation while still keeping your kitchen walls looking current.

Popular warm neutral kitchen wall colors for 2023 include:

  • Almond: This pale tan hue is more lively than basic beige. It adds a refined, welcoming vibe perfect for cottage kitchens. Pair it with natural wood finishes and blues for a casual elegance.
  • Mushroom: Mushroom is a rich, organic neutral that blends brown, taupe and gray. It’s an excellent alternative to white that visually warms up modern, sleek kitchens. Mushroom painted walls pop when combined with brass hardware and green accents.
  • Sandstone: A blend of beige, orange and brown, this clay-inspired neutral brings texture and depth. Sandstone feels fresh yet timeless, suiting transitional kitchen styles. Accent it with navy blue, terracotta and chrome.
  • Khaki: Earthy khaki green adds a subtle pop of color. It’s uplifting but still down-to-earth enough for kitchen walls. Khaki looks amazing with red oak cabinets, black countertops and stainless steel.

Vibrant Blues

Blues are always a top pick for kitchen walls, but we’ll see bolder, brighter takes in 2023. These energizing shades create an upbeat vibe perfect for the heart of the home. Vibrant blues with green or purple undertones are of-the-moment.

7 kitchen wall colors that will be popular in 2023 – and are loved by interior designers and decorators alike

Some buzzworthy blue kitchen wall colors to try next year include:

  • Azure: With a greenish tint, this cheerful medium blue reminds us of crystal clear waters. Use azure walls to provide a relaxing oasis in a busy family kitchen. Pair it with white marble, nickel and pops of citrus.
  • Teal: For a more tropical vibe, opt for vibrant teal walls. This mix between blue and green livens up traditional kitchens. Contrast it with orange and terra cotta accents and natural wood cabinets.
  • Indigo: Deeper indigo blue makes a dramatic impact. It brings a hint of mystique that works with modern and contemporary kitchens. Accent indigo walls with copper, quartz counters and pops of chartreuse.
  • Periwinkle: Soft, dreamy periwinkle blue creates a whimsical cottage feel. It works beautifully with white shaker cabinets, floral accents and antique brass hardware. Periwinkle walls say vintage charm.

Muted Greens

Greens continue to grow in popularity for kitchen walls, offering an organic, tranquil vibe. For 2023, we’ll see more use of muted, mineral-inspired greens that offer just a hint of color without overpowering. These work well in any kitchen style.

Some of the best muted green paint colors for kitchen walls next year include:

  • Sage: A grayish pastel green, soft sage feels innocently sweet and cheerful. It encourages you to spend more time puttering in the kitchen. Play up the cottage charm of sage walls with white and natural wood.
  • Jade: With a bit more vibrancy than sage, polished jade green exudes traditional elegance. Use it to brighten up formal kitchens alongside marble counters, gold accents and chandeliers.
  • Mineral Green: As the name implies, this mix of gray, blue and green resembles natural stones. It’s earthy yet refreshing. The versatility of mineral green allows it to work with contemporary, modern and transitional kitchen styles.
  • Sea Glass: A pale, calming green with gray undertones, this hue brings the essence of beach glass indoors. It’s laid-back enough for coastal kitchens but also pairs well with sleek modern designs.

Mauve & Blush Tones

Moving away from the common white and gray kitchens of year’s past, we’ll see more whimsical mauves and blush pinks make a statement in 2023. These elegant hues bring warmth and femininity to kitchen walls. They provide a vibrant accent that plays well with both traditional and contemporary spaces.

Some noteworthy mauve and blush kitchen wall colors include:

  • Dusty Rose: This soft pink hue with gray undertones is universally flattering. It creates a soothing, welcoming kitchen backdrop that isn’t “too pink.” Pair dusty rose with marble, gold and navy for chic contrast.
  • Blush: As the name suggests, this pale pinkish peach resembles a natural flush of color. It’s charming but not overly sweet. Blush painted walls provide a cheerful oasis to start your mornings in.
  • Lilac: Light purple with a hint of pink makes a lovely kitchen wall color. It’s an unexpected alternative to basic white that still feels bright and airy. Play up the femininity by adding brass accents, florals and ornate lighting.
  • Mauve: With more gray undertones than lilac, mauve creates a sophisticated look. Yet it still has enough warmth to keep the kitchen cozy. Pair mauve walls with marble counters, black windows and antique bronze hardware.

Invigorating Yellows

Finally, we’ll see brighter, zestier yellows utilized in kitchen design next year. These sunny hues spark energy and infuse the kitchen with light and optimism. Yellow works splendidly for creating a lively, welcoming kitchen space.

Some trending yellow kitchen wall colors for 2023 include:

  • Mustard: This earthy, gold-tinged yellow is rich and nourishing like the condiment it’s named after. Use mustard walls to add flair to modern farmhouse kitchens. Pair it with exposed wood beams, black accents and subway tile.
  • Mango: Vibrant mango yellow brings tropical cheer to kitchen walls. It instantly livens up the mood of any space. Play up the fun factor by adding orange and green accents.
  • Lemongrass: A pale chartreuse yellow, lemongrass is uplifting without being overbearing. It works nicely with airy cottage kitchens and looks great paired with sage green and white.
  • Banana: For full-on brightness, opt for creamy banana yellow walls. This vivid shade energizes small kitchen spaces. Pair it with navy blue cabinets and glossy white quartz counters for a striking contrast.

Designer Tips for Using These Colors

When selecting a wall color for your 2023 kitchen refresh, keep these tips in mind:

  • Pick 2 colors: Choose one dominant wall color and a second for accent walls or cabinetry. This creates a more dynamic, custom look.
  • Factor in light: The amount of natural and artificial light your kitchen gets will affect how colors look. Brighter spaces can handle deeper, saturated hues. Northern rooms may require lighter shades.
  • Consider undertones: Look at undertones in your wall color, counters, floors and cabinetry. Cooler grays and blues pair well with warm wood undertones. Avoid matching colors with the same undertones.
  • Use white judiciously: Don’t overlook basic white. It helps ground bold colors and adds balance. Use it creatively on ceilings, trims and the upper third of accent walls.
  • Look at furnishings: Take inspiration from any existing kitchen furniture and décor that will remain. Match your wall color to complement these permanent pieces.
  • Order samples: Never choose a color without first seeing it on your walls. Order samples and test different colors in each lighting condition before deciding.

FAQ About Popular 2023 Kitchen Wall Colors

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about choosing fashionable kitchen wall colors for the coming year:

What are the kitchen wall color trends for 2023?

Popular kitchen wall colors for 2023 include warmer neutral tones like almond and sandstone, vivid blues such as azure and teal, organic greens including sage and jade, elegant pinks and mauves like dusty rose and lilac, and invigorating yellows such as lemongrass and mango.

How do I choose the right kitchen wall color?

Consider the amount of natural light, your existing décor and cabinetry, the undertones you want to accentuate or downplay, and whether you want an airy, neutral palette or vibrant accent walls. Order samples to view colors in your space before deciding.

What wall color makes a kitchen look bigger?

Lighter wall colors such as white, light gray, almond, and soft yellow create the illusion of a larger, more spacious kitchen. Darker colors tend to make kitchens feel smaller and more enclosed.

What is the most popular wall color for kitchens?

Off-whites and light grays remain the most popular kitchen wall colors because of their neutrality and ability to create a bright, airy space. But for 2023, expect to see more use of energizing blues, earthy greens and warm neutrals.

What color cabinets are in style for 2023?

Two-tone cabinetry mixing white upper cabinets with navy, green, black or brown on the lowers will be huge in 2023. All-white cabinets remain timeless. Natural wood stained cabinets are also on-trend again, often paired with muted green walls.

Bring Your 2023 Kitchen Walls to Life

The wall colors you choose for your kitchen have a profound impact on the vibe and functionality of the space. Use 2023’s on-trend shades to give your cooking area an exciting new look. Whether you prefer airy pastels, dramatic deep hues or something in between, there’s a stylish new kitchen wall color that will inspire you. Paint is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to keep up with what’s hot each year. So embrace these top colors to stay on top of 2023’s latest kitchen design trends.