60 Kitchen Cabinet Organization Ideas That Look Sharp

Keeping your kitchen cabinets organized can seem like an impossible task, but with a bit of effort and some clever storage solutions, you can transform those cluttered cabinets into a space that is tidy and efficient. From devices that maximize vertical space to containers that corral all those loose items, there are plenty of excellent ways to get your kitchen cabinets in order. Read on for 60 fantastic kitchen cabinet organization ideas that will make your cabinets look sharp!

Utilize Vertical Space

The space above and below eye level in cabinets often goes unused. Try these tips to take advantage of all that wasted vertical real estate:

Shelf Risers

Boost the storage capacity of existing shelves with risers. These handy inserts fit under your shelves to raise them up a few inches. The extra space is perfect for storing oils, spices and other small bottles.

Vertical Dividers

Install vertical dividers to split wide cabinet shelves into organized sections for things like cutting boards, baking sheets and mixing bowls. Keep like items together and make better use of shelf depth.

Wall-Mounted Pot Racks

Hang a pot rack right on the inside of a cabinet door to store bulky pots and pans out of the way. Install hooks or pegs to hold everything from stockpots to saucepans.

Tiered Storage

Tiered shelves and risers double or triple the number of storage levels you have to work with inside cabinets. Good for holding canned goods, bowls and other kitchen items.

Hanging Utensil Organizer

An over-cabinet utensil organizer is great for freeing up drawer space. Install one on the inside of a cabinet door to hold spatulas, wooden spoons and other essential cooking tools.

Organize Cupboards and Drawers

Cabinets stuffed with a jumbled mess of pots, Tupperware and gadgets can make anyone stress. Try implementing some of these solutions to bring calm and order to even the most chaotic kitchen cupboards.

Drawer Dividers

Inserts that clip into drawers or slide right increate neat compartments for silverware, cooking utensils, office supplies and anything else cluttering up your drawers. Customize the size and configuration.

Cutlery Trays

Designate one drawer just for silverware with a cutlery tray. Many feature built-in dividers that separate and organize types of utensils into easy-to-access sections.

Deep Utensil Organizers

Contain large utensils like whisks, spatulas and ladles in a countertop caddy or install pull-out trays in a lower cabinet. Keep essentials right at your fingertips while cooking.

Lid Organizers

No more rummaging around for the right lid! Lid racks neatly store round, square and oblong lids upright so you can easily grab the one you need. Mount inside a cabinet or place inside a drawer.

Apothecary Jars

Fill glass jars with flour, sugar, coffee, tea, pasta, rice and other pantry staples to keep essentials visible and contained. Arrange jars on shelves, in drawers or even on the countertop.

Cabinet Door Organizer

Mount an organizer right on the inside of cabinet doors to store spray bottles, oils, spices and condiments. Keep everything in sight and close at hand.

Lazy Susans

A rotating tray is a game changer for corner cabinet storage. Spin the susan to access items in the back without unloading everything up front. Perfect for spices, cans and other small goods.

Adjustable Shelving

Swapping out fixed shelves for adjustable ones lets you reconfigure to fit items of various heights. Maximize the storage potential within the existing footprint of your cabinets.

Get Smart Drawer Storage Solutions

Drawers crammed full of a tangled mess can be frustrating. Try implementing a few of these clever systems to make your drawers as efficient – and Instagram-worthy – as possible.

Drawer Dividers

Add order to chaotic drawers with simple dividers. Many are adjustable so you can customize the size of compartments. Great for organizing cutlery, kitchen gadgets, craft supplies, makeup and more.

Utensil Organizers

Keep cooking utensils and cutlery tidy in a specialized tray that simplifies sorting and separates items into neat sections. Perfect for installing in a kitchen drawer or cabinet.

Segmented Organizers

Modular trays with different size removable compartments make it easy to customize drawer organization. Just mix and match compartments to suit your needs.

Sliding Spice Racks

Slim, sliding racks mount right inside drawers to hold spice jars upright so labels are visible at a glance. No more digging around in the back of cabinets!

Drawer Storage Bins

Clear plastic bins are ideal for corralling items like makeup brushes and art supplies. Bins keep small items separated and contained within drawers.

Interlocking Drawer Organizers

Interlocking modules allow fully-customizable drawer organization. Build grids, dividers and compartments tailored to your specific needs. Easily reconfigure as needed.

Clever Under-Sink Storage Solutions

Take advantage of the often under-utilized space under the kitchen sink with these clever storage additions:

Two-Tier Pull-Out

A two-tier pull-out fitting transforms the empty space under the sink into organized storage. Keep cleaning supplies or food prep accessories handy but out of sight.

Cabinet Door Organizer

Mounting an organizer to the inside of lower cabinet doors is an easy way to store spray bottles, cleaners and sponges while freeing up under-sink space.

Wall-Mounted Brush Holder

A wall-mounted brush holder right inside the cabinet keeps cleaning brushes neatly stored and at arm’s reach when you need them.

Tension Rod Storage

Install a spring-loaded tension rod under the sink to hang spray bottles, sponges and scrub brushes. Quick drying and easy access.

Sliding Tray Dividers

Slide-out trays with adjustable dividers allow you to customize under-sink storage. Keep trash bags, cleaners and odds and ends separated.

Pull-Out Towel Bar

An under-sink pull-out towel bar provides a convenient spot to hang dish towels right next to the sink. No more hunting for a towel!

Pipe Shelving

Pipe shelving mounted to the cabinet wall creates perfect little nooks and ledges for storing soaps, sponges and other sink-side items that tend to clutter up precious space.

Pantry Organization Ideas

An organized pantry is every home chef’s dream. Try implementing a few of these systems to make your pantry the envy of all your family and friends:

Pull-Out Shelving

Swapping regular pantry shelves for pull-out units exponentially expands storage capacity. Full extension slides let you access items all the way at the back with ease.


Spinning turntables in corner pantries efficiently utilize awkward dead space so items don’t get lost in the very back. Great for storing spices, cans and jars.

Vertical Dividers

Add vertical dividers to wide pantry shelves to create neat compartments for different food items or types of cooking ingredients.

Can Racks

Maximize pantry storage by storing canned goods upright on specially designed racks. See labels easily and utilize all available space.

Baskets and Bins

Baskets and bins neatly corral all sizes of food items while keeping everything visible. Group like ingredients together for a clutter-free pantry.

Shelving Risers

Double your storage space by adding risers under existing shelves. The extra height is perfect for vertically storing canned goods, small appliances and more.

Wall-Mounted Storage

Take advantage of vertical wall space with mounted racks and shelving to store bulkier items like large bags of rice and pet food up and out of the way.

Peg Boards

Utilize wall space by attaching pegboards to hang utensils and bulk containers of pantry staples like flour and sugar. Keep items in sight and close at hand.

Clever Countertop Storage Solutions

Counter space is prime real estate in any kitchen. Try these storage ideas to keep essentials close by without sacrificing precious countertop workspace:

In-Counter Storage

Many new countertops have container recesses built right in to provide discreet enclosed storage for kitchen essentials. Keeps items out of sight but close at hand.

Sliding Drawers

In-counter drawers on tracks keep items hidden away until needed. Great for storing kitchen tools and gadgets close to prep spaces without clutter.

Tiered Storage

Counter-height shelving with multiple tiers, like a Baker’s rack, provides valuable extra storage real estate. Perfect for cookbooks, small appliances and decor.

Wall-Mounted Utensil Bar

Mount a utensil bar right on the wall or side of a upper cabinet to keep essential cooking tools within arm’s reach without hogging up counters.

Paper Towel Holder Shelf

Search “wall-mounted paper towel holder with shelf” to find space-saving options that provide handy towel storage plus an extra shelf for spices, oils or decor.

Counter Top Slide-Out Shelves

Discreet retractable shelves hide inside lower cabinetry and slide out to temporarily extend prep and storage space as needed. Push back when not in use.

Caddy Organizers

Keep cooking essentials like oil, salt and pepper close by in caddy organizers designed just for countertop use. Many spinning or tiered options available.

Under Cabinet Organization Ideas

The space under upper cabinets offers prime storage real estate. Try these additions to take advantage of this often under-utilized space:

Mounted Knife Block

Get knives off the counter but still easily accessible by mounting a wooden knife block right to the underside of wall cabinets. Frees up workspace.

Under Cabinet Utensil Bar

An under-cabinet utensil bar with hooks is perfect for keeping essential cooking tools stored up and out of the way but still in arm’s reach when prepping.

Spice Racks

Mounted racks with angled tiers store spice jars right under upper cabinets so labels are easy to read. Keep seasoning essentials nearby but out of the way.

Paper Towel Holder

An under-cabinet paper towel holder keeps this kitchen essential handy by storing it between the counter and cabinet rather than hogging up precious counter space.

Under Cabinet Lighting

LED lighting installed under upper cabinets provides ideal task lighting for food prep areas. Ultra bright but energy efficient.

Tiered Storage Shelves

Multi-tiered storage, like wine glass racks, take advantage of under-cabinet areas. Great for glassware, cookbooks and display items.

Sliding Baskets

Mounted wire baskets on slides provide easily accessible storage under cabinets for items like baking pans, cutting boards and cookbooks.

Space-Saving Corner Storage Ideas

Make the most of awkward corner nooks in your kitchen with these space-saving storage systems:

Spinning Corner Cabinets

A corner cabinet turntable allows access to items at the back of cupboards without unloading everything in front. Spin to reach all contents with ease.

Vertical Storage Units

Freestanding vertical storage unitsdesigned for corners provide tons of storage space for pantry items, cookware and more while occupying minimal floorspace.

Multi-Tiered Shelves

Corner shelving that extends from floor to ceiling and includes multiple tiers, like corner wine racks, optimizes unused vertical space.


Grouping baskets of different sizes stacked or nested make use of empty corner space. Use for produce, pantry goods or anything else that tends to roll and tip over.

Blind Corner Organizers

Pull-out organizers specifically designed to maximize awkward blind corner cabinets make items in the very back easily accessible. Different sizes available.

Tiered Spice Racks

Compact corner spice racks with angled tiers keep spices visible and within reach. The vertical design takes up minimal space.

Sliding Drawers

Installing drawers on tracks allows full use of corner cabinet space since drawers pull all the way out. No more digging to the back!

Organize with Containers

Using food storage containers is one of the easiest ways to simplify cabinets and drawers. Match lids to bases, stack, and neatly corral all those loose items!

Clear Containers

Using clear plastic containers makes it easy to see contents at a glance. Great for cereal, dried goods, leftovers and general kitchen items.

Nesting Containers

Containers designed to nest make efficient use of space. Lids snap onto the bottom of another container for easy access and compact storage.

Modular Storage

Square and rectangular modular containers can be configured to perfectly fill cabinets and drawers. Easily customizable and great for pantries.

Airtight Containers

Keep food fresh longer by storing in airtight containers. Look for options with rubber seals, hinged locking lids and latching mechanisms.

Divided Containers

Containers with built-in dividers organize separated food items like snacks, grapes, baby carrots, etc. No more loose rattling pieces!

Storage Canisters

Vintage-style ceramic, glass or stainless steel canisters neatly hold sugar, flour, coffee, tea and other pantry staples on countertops or shelves.

Refrigerator Bins

Clear plastic refrigerator bins neatly corral fruits, vegetables, lunch meats, yogurt and other cold foods. Customize bin placement as needed.

Extra Kitchen Storage Ideas

If cabinets, drawers and pantry space just aren’t cutting it, get creative with these unique extra storage ideas for your kitchen:

Wall Shelving

Open shelving mounted on walls utilizes vertical space to store anything from cookbooks to barware. Great for small kitchens.

Furniture Storage

Repurposed furniture like hutches and dressers make charming additional storage. Perfect for glassware, linens, dishes and anything else overflowing your cabinets.

Unused Spaces

Take advantage of the space over the fridge, in a breakfast nook or other unused niche by adding shelves or cabinetry. Even awkward gaps can hold spice racks or knife blocks.

Butcher Block Carts

A movable butcher block or baker’s rack cart provides additional surface area plus storage space for kitchen essentials. Easily relocate around the kitchen as needed.

Wall Racks

Wall-mounted racks come in many sizes and designs to hold everything from utensils, pots and pans to cutting boards, mugs or paper towels.

Microwave Carts

Carts designed to hold a microwave offer additional storage space for kitchen items as well. Some even have wheels so they can easily be moved around.

Splashguard Shelves

Take advantage of the space behind a sink or range by installing shelving on splashguards. Perfect for oils, spices, cookbooks and decor.

Best Practices for Maintaining Organization

No matter how organized your cabinets, pantries and drawers, maintaining that order is an ongoing process. These habits make it easier:

Purge Regularly

Don’t let unused or unneeded items take up valuable real estate. Set reminders to periodically purge old food, chipped dishes and unused kitchen tools.

First In, First Out

Practice FIFO (First In, First Out) when putting away groceries and leftovers. Place new items in the back and move older items up front.

Save Scraps

Keep a container in the freezer designated for veggie scraps like onion skins, herb stems and carrot ends to make homemade stock.

Assign Zones

Give cabinets and drawers “zones” – for example, one for pans, one for mixing bowls, etc. Return items to their designated zone.

Limit Surface Clutter

Try to keep counters cleared except for the few daily-use items. Quick daily wipe downs prevent accumulation.

Store by Category

Group like items together – all spices in one area, canned goods together, snacks in one bin, etc. Makes finding things fast.

Label Clearly

Utilize labels and markers to clearly identify contents of containers, bins, shelves, etc. Eliminates searching through everything.


With a bit of effort, it’s possible to transform even the most disorganized kitchen into an efficent space that is a pleasure to cook in. Start small and focus on just one drawer or cabinet at a time. Implementing just a few of these handy organizational systems can make a huge impact. The investment of time and money to add storage solutions that suit your needs will pay off every time you effortlessly locate the right lid, cooking tool or ingredient. An organized kitchen just makes cooking – and life – so much easier! Which of these great storage ideas are you excited to try in your own kitchen?

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