5×8 Bathroom Layout Tips and Ideas

Designing a functional and aesthetically pleasing bathroom in a 5×8 space can seem daunting, but it is very achievable with smart planning and layout. A well-designed 5×8 bathroom makes the most of every square inch to create a practical and attractive space you’ll enjoy using.

Clever Layouts for a 5×8 Bathroom

The layout of your 5×8 bathroom is key to maximizing function and style. Here are some of the most popular and effective layout options to consider:

1. Single Vanity

A bathroom with a single vanity on one wall is a classic and versatile layout. This creates space for a separate toilet and shower/tub area. The key is choosing a vanity that fits the width of the bathroom without crowding. A 24-30 inch single vanity is ideal for a 5×8 bath. Include narrow floating shelves on the wall beside the vanity for folded towels and toiletries.

2. Corner Vanity

Installing a corner vanity utilizes awkward angled space and leaves room for a centrally placed shower or tub. Choose a corner sink vanity with built-in storage to gain a little extra space. Use the corner area beside the vanity for a towel rack or shelving.

3. Pedestal Sink

A pedestal sink has a small footprint, freeing up precious floor space. Combine it with a corner shower stall and toilet with a narrow tank to optimize floor space. Use wall cabinets for storage.

4. Floating Vanity

A floating vanity mounted a few inches off the floor looks sleek and contemporary. It also makes your small bathroom appear more open. Combine it with a corner shower and wall-hung toilet to visually expand the space.

5. Wet Room

Converting the entire bathroom into an open wet room with a central drain gives a spa-like feel. Install a wall-hung sink and toilet to preserve floor area. Use waterproof furnishings like a bench and shelves to create zones.

6. Barn Door Shower

A barn door shower enclosure on a track is perfect for a 5×8 bathroom. It glides open, allowing easy access without occupying space when closed. Choose a narrow hinged or pocket door for the bathroom entrance to save space.

Choose the Right Fixtures and Features

Bathroom fixtures and features tailored to small spaces help maximize function in a 5×8 bath. Consider these space-saving options:


  • Wall-hung toilets with slim, tankless designs fit in tight areas and make cleaning easier.
  • Shorter compact elongated toilets work in 5×8 baths.
  • Install the toilet in a corner diagonal to the door to save space.


  • Vessel sinks sit on the vanity surface, taking up less space than undermount sinks.
  • Wall-hung floating sinks also occupy minimal space.
  • Corner sinks make good use of angled corners.
  • Pedestal sinks have a small footprint.


  • Corner shower enclosures utilize space efficiently.
  • Neo-angle showers can fit in corners.
  • Sliding door showers are ideal for tight spaces.
  • Consider a bathtub and shower combo for versatility.


  • Wall cabinets provide essential storage without taking up floor space.
  • Narrow shelving beside sinks or behind toilets add space for toiletries.
  • A sink vanity with drawers maximizes storage.
  • Recessed niches in shower walls are great for shampoo.

Other Features

  • Heated towel racks provide warmth and storage.
  • Recessed medicine cabinets allow concealed storage.
  • Fold-down seats offer seating with minimal space usage.
  • Mirrors visually expand the space when placed carefully.

Choose Colors and Materials for a 5×8 Bathroom

The colors, textures, patterns and materials you choose can make a small 5×8 bathroom feel open and inviting. Consider these tips:


  • Light, neutral colors like white, beige and pale gray visually expand a small space.
  • Cool tones like blue and green give a soothing, spa-like feel.
  • Warm metallics like copper and gold add interest without overwhelming.
  • Bold accent walls in deep hues provide drama without closing things in.


  • Glass shower doors and enclosures keep things open and airy.
  • Subway tiles make walls look clean and bright.
  • Natural stone adds texture and dimension in cool hues.
  • Metallic finishes and hardware give sparkle.
  • Concrete-look porcelain is modern and neutral.

Patterns and Textures

  • Vertical stripe wallpaper, tiles and textures add height to low ceilings.
  • Herringbone patterns on shower floors are visual interest underfoot.
  • Natural woven textures like bamboo blinds warm up the space.
  • Bold graphic prints as accents provide punch.

Creative Touches

  • Wall niches for candles or greenery provide organic interest.
  • Frameless showers and vessel sinks are ultra-modern.
  • Round mirrors soften hard lines and add curve appeal.
  • Sconces and accent lighting make for a glamorous touch.

Layout and Design Ideas for a 5×8 Bathroom

Here are some complete layout and design ideas to help visualize excellent use of space in a 5×8 bathroom.

Modern Spa Retreat

  • White shiplap walls
  • Blue and green glass mosaic accent wall
  • Corner shower with frameless glass door
  • White floating vanity with oval vessel sink
  • Narrow open shelf alongside vanity
  • Round mirror hung horizontally
  • Heated towel rack
  • Bamboo space saver stool
  • Wall sconces and recessed lighting

Rustic Farmhouse

  • Wood plank feature wall
  • Corner pedestal sink with rectangular mirror
  • Clawfoot tub with shower
  • Cotton shower curtain with metal rings
  • Toilet with wood wall-hung tank box
  • Jute rug on floor
  • Wood rolling storage cart
  • Woven blinds on window

Sophisticated Gray and White

  • Gray grasscloth wallpaper
  • White shaker cabinets
  • Marble-top floating vanity
  • Round metallic accent mirror
  • Gray and white geometric floor tiles
  • White neo-angle shower with seat
  • Glass shower door with silver hardware
  • Ceramic stool as accent table

BOLD Black and Gold

  • Bold matte black walls
  • Floating black vanity with goldhardware
  • Round gold frame mirror
  • Black and white geometric floor tile
  • Corner shower with gold fixtures
  • Glass shower door
  • Gold pendant lights
  • Faux greenery in wall niche

Serene Blue Bathroom

  • Powder blue walls
  • White shiplap accent wall
  • Wall-hung toilet and sink
  • Blue glass vessel sink
  • Subway tile shower surround
  • Corner shower with sliding door
  • Round mirror with thin metal frame
  • Woven basket for storage
  • White ceramic stool

Styling a 5×8 Bathroom

Attention to styling and accessories makes a 5×8 bathroom layout even more special. Include these types of finishing touches:

Storage Solutions

  • Bins and baskets under sink for extra storage
  • Rolling cart for towels and toiletries
  • Wall-mounted cabinets over toilet
  • Shelves for folded towels
  • Mirror cabinets for concealed storage

Personal Touches

  • Artwork like framed prints, photos or wall decals
  • Live or faux plants like succulents or palms
  • Candles, diffusers or essential oil blends
  • Monogrammed towels or accessories
  • Pretty wastebasket or hamper

Functional Additions

  • Plush bath mats by shower and sink
  • Shower caddy and organizer
  • Soap dispenser and toothbrush holder
  • Mirror defogger
  • Speakers to play music
  • Night light or motion lighting


  • Coordinating bathmats, towels, shower curtain
  • Fresh flowers or greenery
  • Magnifying shaving mirror
  • Tray to hold bathroom essentials
  • Hooks for robes, towels or decor

With smart planning and creative use of the 5×8 space, you can design a bathroom that is beautiful, functional and perfectly suited to your needs. Pay attention to layout, fixtures, storage, colors and styling to make the most of your small bathroom.

Frequently Asked Questions about 5×8 Bathroom Layouts

What is the best layout for a 5×8 bathroom?

Some great layout options for a 5×8 bathroom include a single vanity, a corner vanity or pedestal sink, a floating vanity, and a wet room style. The layout depends on your needs and style preferences.

What size vanity fits in a 5×8 bathroom?

A 24-30 inch single vanity or a compact corner vanity works well in a 5×8 bathroom. Look for narrower depth vanities around 18 inches.

How can I create more storage in a 5×8 bathroom?

Use wall cabinets over the toilet, narrow open shelves beside or behind the vanity, bins and baskets under the sink, and mirrored medicine cabinets to maximize storage.

What type of shower should I choose for a 5×8 bathroom?

Corner showers, neo-angle showers, and sliding door showers work well. You can also do a tub and shower combination. Glass doors keep the space open.

What flooring is best for a small 5×8 bathroom?

Smaller scale tile like subway tile makes the space look larger. Go for lighter colors. Concrete-look porcelain is an attractive, low-maintenance option.

What colors make a 5×8 bathroom look bigger?

Light neutral colors like white, beige, gray and pale blue visually expand the space. Cool tones feel tranquil and spa-like. Use bold colors just as focal accent walls.

How can I make a 5×8 bathroom feel more luxurious?

Add touches like wall sconces, vessel sinks, accent mirrors, metallic finishes, and details like herringbone shower tile. Soft woven or monogrammed linens also say luxury.

What décor should I avoid in a small 5×8 bath?

Steer clear of dark colors, large-scale busy patterns like florals, and embellishments like cornices that make the space feel crowded. Restrict wall art and accessories to only essential items.

How can I add storage in my small 5×8 bathroom?

Floating shelves, wall cabinets and medicine cabinets add storage without taking up floor space. Bins, baskets and rolling carts also help organize a small bathroom.


While it may seem like a challenge at first, a 5×8 bathroom can be designed to look and function beautifully. Choose space-saving fixtures like a wall-hung sink and toilet. Opt for a layout centered around a corner vanity or a floating vanity. Glass shower doors keep the space open. Focus on neutral colors and natural materials to make the room feel bright and airy. Add plenty of storage solutions and carefully chosen accessories to complete your fresh new 5×8 bathroom. With smart planning and creative choices, your petite bath can feel welcoming, stylish and serene.