58 Home Organization Projects That Take 10 Minutes or Less

Keeping your home organized can feel like an overwhelming task. But it doesn’t have to take hours or cost a fortune. There are many quick and easy home organization projects you can tackle in just 10 minutes or less.

These fast mini-makeovers allow you to declutter, tidy up, and create order in small doses. Little by little, you’ll whip every room into shape. From the kitchen and living room to the bedroom and bathroom, we’ve got solutions for every space.

Read on for 58 home organization projects and ideas that take 10 minutes or less. Pick a couple to do today for a quicker, neater home!

Kitchen Organization Ideas

The kitchen tends to attract clutter, from mail to kids’ art projects. Keep it under control with these speedy organization projects.

Clear Countertop Clutter

Countertop clutter is an energy drain and makes your kitchen look messy. Give yourself a mini-makeover by:

  • Putting away non-essentials like the mail, magazines, and bags.
  • Removing everything from your counters and only putting back must-haves.
  • Organizing essentials into grouped containers.

Declutter a Drawer

Junk drawers are black holes where items get lost forever. Give yours purpose by:

  • Emptying the drawer completely.
  • Tossing what you don’t need.
  • Grouping like items in small containers.
  • Labelling containers so you know what’s inside.

Neaten Pantry Shelves

Messy pantry shelves lead to forgotten ingredients and duplicate purchases. Make over your shelves by:

  • Removing everything and wiping down shelves.
  • Purging expired or unwanted items.
  • Organizing like items together.
  • Labelling shelves clearly.

Refresh the Fridge

A chaotic fridge makes finding foods frustrating. Get yours in order by:

  • Tossing expired items and leftovers you’ll never eat.
  • Grouping like items in bins.
  • Organizing shelves from most- to least-used foods.
  • Labelling bins and shelves for clarity.

Organize Pot Lids

Keep lids and pots neatly together by:

  • Getting a vertical lid organizer that fits inside a cabinet.
  • Stacking lids together inside the organizer.
  • Placing pots below paired lids.

Corral Plastic Bags

Stop plastic bag chaos by:

  • Getting an over-the-cabinet bag organizer.
  • Folding bags neatly and sliding into divided slots.
  • Only keep what you actually reuse.

Tidy the Coffee Station

Make your morning routine easier with a neat coffee station:

  • Group supplies in containers or trays.
  • Store coffee, filters, sugar, and creamer near coffee maker.
  • Keep mugs within reach.
  • Remove clutter, only keep essentials.

Organize Spices

Quickly sort chaotic spices into a pretty display by:

  • Gathering all spices and wiping containers clean.
  • Sorting alphabetically or by frequency of use.
  • Placing into a countertop organizer.

Bathroom Organization

The bathroom tends to get messy quickly with hygiene products and towels strewn about. A few minutes is all you need to create order.

Declutter the Medicine Cabinet

Your medicine cabinet gets disorganized over time. Fix it quickly by:

  • Removing everything from shelves.
  • Tossing expired medications.
  • Returning only daily essentials.
  • Categorizing with organizers as needed.

Organize Makeup

Whip makeup and beauty products into shape by:

  • Purging old and expired items.
  • Grouping by type into labeled clear containers.
  • Storing neatly in a drawer organizer.

Neaten the Vanity

Give your vanity and sink area a makeover by:

  • Removing everything from counters.
  • Only keeping essentials within reach.
  • Using trays and baskets to group items.
  • Wiping down the vanity.

Refresh Towels

Keep bath towels neatly folded and at the ready by:

  • Removing all towels from the rod and folding neatly.
  • Only hanging the towels you use regularly.
  • Storing extra towels in a decorative bin.

Tidy Toiletries

Wrangle shampoo bottles, razors, and more by:

  • Gathering up all toiletries cluttering tub and shower.
  • Culling expired or unwanted items.
  • Grouping into caddies and baskets.

Organize Hair Tools

Control unruly curling irons, blow dryers, and brushes by:

  • Installing a wall-mounted container or hooks.
  • Placing hair tools upright inside organizer.
  • Coiling cords neatly.

Bedroom Organization

Bedrooms easily become catch-alls for clothes and other items that don’t have a home. Restore peace and order with these quick tips.

Make the Bed

Making your bed every morning neatly pulls together the whole room in seconds.

Declutter Nightstands

Nightstands attract clutter and become dumping grounds. Give yours a reset by:

  • Removing everything from surface.
  • Only keeping essentials like lamp, book, water, and phone charger.
  • Using tray to corral small items.

Organize Top Dresser Drawer

The top dresser drawer tends to become a messy junk drawer. Fix it fast by:

  • Taking everything out.
  • Only keeping essentials like socks and undergarments.
  • Organizing into small bins or dividers.

Neaten the Closet Floor

A messy closet floor makes getting ready frustrating. Restore order fast by:

  • Clearing everything off floor.
  • Installing floor organizers and bins for shoes, bags, laundry, etc.
  • Only keeping items you regularly use.

Organize Jewelry

Conquer tangled necklaces and earrings by:

  • Investing in a wall-mounted or countertop jewelry organizer.
  • Placing small items in divided compartments.
  • Hanging necklaces from pegs or hooks.

Fold and File Clothes

Prevent closet chaos by folding and filing clothes into organized groups:

  • Group by type like pants, shirts, dresses.
  • Fold neatly according to KonMari method.
  • File upright to maximize space.

Kids & Home Office Organization

High-traffic rooms like kids’ bedrooms, playrooms, and home offices easily become disastrous. But just a few minutes can make a big difference.

Clear Toy Clutter

Make tidy up time easier by:

  • Getting baskets, bins, and shelving to house toys.
  • Helping kids categorize toys into storage containers.
  • Having kids maintain system by cleaning up after playtime.

Organize Legos

Unleash your inner Marie Kondo and sort Legos by:

  • Separating by size, color, or kit.
  • Placing each grouping into labeled bin.

Refresh Backpacks

Set up school days for success by:

  • Cleaning out backpack completely.
  • Only keeping current school supplies and papers.
  • Using mini pouches to organize by subject.

Clear Workspace

Work more efficiently in a serene, distraction-free workspace by:

  • Removing everything from desktop.
  • Only keeping tech, notebook, pens, and must-haves.
  • Using vertical files to organize papers.

Tidy Media Center

Reclaim your media center from kid takeover by:

  • Clearing off all surfaces.
  • Using baskets and bins to store toys, books, etc.
  • Only keeping remotes, gaming controls, and media items.

Organize Desk Drawers

Overstuffed, messy drawers impede productivity. Give them a reset by:

  • Emptying contents completely.
  • Tossing unnecessary items, shredding unneeded papers.
  • Categorizing by need into organizers.

Living and Family Room Organization

High-traffic living spaces easily get overrun with clutter. But just a few minutes at a time keeps them clean and livable.

Clear Coffee Table

The coffee table is a favorite dumping ground. Create a clean look fast by:

  • Removing everything and giving a quick wipe down.
  • Only keeping essentials like remote, coaster, magazine.
  • Using trays to corral small items.

Organize Media Center

An organized media center minimizes cord chaos and clutter by:

  • Coiling and binding cords neatly.
  • Using bins to store remotes, game controls.
  • Only keeping media-related items.

Tidy Bookshelves

Disorganized bookshelves look cluttered. Neaten yours up by:

  • Removing all books and dusting shelves.
  • Grouping books by category, size, or color.
  • Organizing bookends symmetrically.

Organize Entryway

The entryway sets the tone for the home. Keep it neat by:

  • Clearing all surfaces by the door.
  • Storing shoes in a rack or cubby.
  • Hanging keys on designated hooks.

Contain Pet Supplies

Keep pets supplies from taking over by:

  • Storing leashes, collars, and carriers in a bin.
  • Putting food neatly in sealed containers.
  • Using discreet furniture covers on pet beds.

Declutter Coat Closet

A chaotic coat closet makes getting ready frustrating. Fix by:

  • Removing everything from the closet.
  • Donating unused coats and accessories.
  • Installing a rack and bins to categorize.

Storage & Seasonal Organization

Clutter-prone areas like the garage, attic, and laundry room need occasional organization resets too.

Organize Shelving Unit

Boost storage space in your garage or basement by:

  • Removing everything from shelves.
  • Getting matching bins and baskets.
  • Categorizing by content type.
  • Labelling bins clearly.

Arrange Tools

Find tools when you need them fast by:

  • Mounting pegboard panels to the wall.
  • Categorizing tools by use.
  • Outlining each tool’s shape with marker for easy return.

Organize Seasonal Decorations

Minimize holiday decoration chaos by:

  • Using clear plastic bins designated for each season or holiday.
  • Carefully packing away decorations after each season ends.
  • Stacking bins neatly on shelves.

Reset Laundry Room

Cut laundry room chaos by:

  • Giving cabinets and surfaces a wipe down.
  • Using shelves, racks, and bags to categorize supplies.
  • Folding and storing clothes as soon as dry.

Organize Food Storage

Maximize your freezer and pantry storage by:

  • Taking an inventory of current items.
  • Grouping like ingredients in bins and baskets.
  • Labelling bins and containers.

Declutter Garage

Reclaim garage space with a speedy purge. Fast steps:

  • Set timer for 10 minutes.
  • Grab a box and fill with anything you can part with.
  • Repeat over next few days until garage feels decluttered.

Organize Holiday Decorations

Save time next season by organizing decorations neatly. Quick tips:

  • Use clear plastic bins designated for each holiday.
  • Carefully pack away decor collections after season ends.
  • Label bins clearly and stack neatly.

How to Maintain Organization

The key to staying organized long-term is establishing simple habits to maintain systems.

Do Regular Organization Resets

Let clutter creep back in over time by doing quick re-organizations:

  • Set a reminder to tackle one area a week.
  • Do a 10 minute reset using the above tips.

Put Things Away Immediately

Don’t let spaces revert to chaos. Always take a minute to put items back in their designated homes.

Do a Daily Quick Clean

Spend the last 10 minutes of the day tidying up to wake up to order. Focus on:

  • Wiping down kitchen counters
  • Loading dishwasher
  • Straightening living room
  • Doing a load of laundry

Purge Every Few Months

Get rid of items you no longer need or use to keep clutter from accumulating again.

Store Out of Season Items

Rotate seasonal decor, clothing, and other items to keep closets and rooms organized year-round.

Give Items a Home

Prevent clutter from collecting again by giving everything a dedicated storage spot.


With a little time each day, you can whip every room of your home into shape and keep it that way. Just tackle one or two quick organizing projects daily using the tips above.

In only 10 minutes, you can conquer clutter and create soothing order. Repeat these mini-makeovers as needed to stay on top of messy areas prone to disorganization.

Little by little, you’ll train yourself to put things away immediately and do regular maintenance. Your home will become a sanctuary of tidy calm that brings you joy rather than stress.

So set your timer for 10 minutes and tackle an organizing project right now! Keep up the momentum by doing another one tomorrow. With small, consistent effort, you’ll whip every room into shape.