5 Ways to Hide Kitchen Clutter


Kitchen clutter can quickly get out of control and make your kitchen feel small and disorganized. From counters covered in appliances and food boxes to piles of papers and junk drawers overflowing, clutter can take over in the blink of an eye. However, with a few simple tips and tricks, you can easily hide kitchen clutter and create a tidy, spacious kitchen you love spending time in.

In this article, we’ll share 5 effective ways to hide kitchen clutter and get your kitchen looking neat and organized. We’ll provide clever storage solutions, organization tips, and easy decluttering methods to help streamline your kitchen and keep clutter out of sight. With these useful tips, you’ll be able to create a functional kitchen that feels open, uncluttered, and serene.

Use Lidded Baskets for Counter Clutter

One of the best ways to instantly hide kitchen clutter is by using lidded baskets. Counter tops tend to attract clutter like mail, cooking utensils, and small appliances. Lidded baskets provide hidden storage to corral all these items.

Look for lidded baskets in a variety of sizes that suit your needs. Use larger baskets for bulkier items like stand mixers, coffeemakers, and cutting boards. Then use smaller baskets for loose items like spices, cooking oils, and junk drawer items. Baskets come in woven, wire, and solid materials to suit your décor. Just be sure they have lids to conceal the contents.

Avoid overstuffing baskets, as this defeats their purpose. Edit items so only essentials are left out on counters. Then use baskets to neatly contain them out of sight. Styling baskets with greenery or decorative knobs gives them flair while hiding clutter.

Organize Kitchen Cabinets

Unorganized cabinets crammed full of items are another common kitchen clutter culprit. Thankfully, it’s easy to organizing cabinets to hide their messy contents.

Start by taking everything out of cabinets and sorting items into categories. Get rid of any expired, unused items to pare down what you’re storing. Then install organizational solutions like lazy susans, tiered shelves, and drawer organizers tailored to the cabinet’s purpose.

For example, use a lazy susan in a corner cabinet for easier access to spices. Install pull-out shelves in upper cabinets to see items pushed to the back. Or add cutlery dividers and utensil trays to drawer organizers to neatly store these items.

Be sure to group like items together and label cabinets and drawers so everyone knows where to find and return items. Getting cabinets organized makes it much easier to keep them neat going forward.

Use Disguised Storage

For a clutter-free look, disguise storage spaces with hidden compartments and dual-purpose furniture.

For example, stash small appliances like a toaster or blender inside a rolling cabinet or hutch between uses. Use furniture like an island cart or baker’s rack to provide storage for cooking items behind cabinet doors.

Repurpose furniture like dressers and cabinets to function as kitchen storage. Just add new hardware and paint them to fit your kitchen’s style. The extra surface area and compartments are ideal for organizing cooking gadgets, dishes, or pantry items.

Get creative and identify unused spaces that can be converted into storage. Turn the back of cabinet doors into a place to hang utensils and towels using hooks. Or install pull-out vertical drawers in blind corner cabinets to take advantage of wasted space.

Declutter Kitchen Drawers

Overstuffed, disorganized drawers are magnets for kitchen clutter. Make decluttering your drawers a priority to eliminate this common problem.

Start by taking everything out of each drawer and getting rid of any unnecessary or duplicate items. Next, designate a purpose for each drawer such as utensils, linens, baking essentials, etc.

Install organizers like dividers, trays, and inserts to customize drawers to their new functions. This makes it easier to keep things tidy going forward. Avoid cramming drawers full or items will get jumbled again quickly.

Get in the habit of editing drawers seasonally. Remove gadgets and linens not used regularly to free up space. Keep like items together andlabels so everyone knows where things belong. With frequent decluttering, drawers stay organized and hide their contents.

Utilize Hidden Storage Solutions

Maximize every inch of space with clever hidden storage solutions to tuck away clutter. Take advantage of the often forgotten space behind cabinet doors by installing wire shelves. Mount spice racks inside cabinet doors to keep these essentials organized but out of sight.

Under-sink areas provide prime real estate for containing cleaning supplies, trash cans, and more. Install slide-out trays and caddies to neatly organize typically jumbled items. Door mounted towel bars instantly provide a home for dish towels.

Look for furniture designed with hidden storage like a kitchen island with interior shelves or a table with large drawers to stash serving ware. Even small spaces like the side of a cabinet or refrigerator can accommodate slim shelving units.

Get creative and identify unused nooks like the space between studs or under stairs to install storage solutions. Every inch of hidden storage helps eliminate kitchen clutter.

FAQs About Hiding Kitchen Clutter

How can I hide the clutter on my countertops?

  • Use lidded baskets or bins to corral loose items like mail, keys, and food boxes. Stylish woven baskets blend right in.
  • Install an organizer shelf or rail under upper cabinets to neatly store frequently used items.
  • Designate a landing zone like a tray or shelf near the entrance to drop keys, mail, etc.

What’s the best way to organize my chaotic cabinets?

  • Start by removing everything and only put back what you use and need. Donate or trash duplicates and expired items.
  • Install organizers like lazy susans, pull-out shelves, and tiered racks to maximize space.
  • Group like items together – mugs with mugs, spices with spices.
  • Label shelves and bins so everyone knows where items live.

How do I hide appliances and gadgets not in use?

  • Store bulky items like stand mixers and toasters in a rolling cart or hutch.
  • Designate a drawer or cabinet just for gadgets and appliances.
  • Use a furniture piece like an island or hutch to store items behind doors.
  • Create zones for specific appliances so all items have a handy home.

What are some good ways to declutter kitchen drawers?

  • Take everything out and get rid of unnecessary items and duplicates.
  • Assign each drawer a purpose like utensils, linens, baking pans.
  • Install dividers, trays, and other organizers to customize drawers.
  • Avoid overloading drawers. If it’s stuffed full, remove some items.
  • Do a seasonal declutter to remove items not used regularly.

Where are some hidden spaces I can use for extra storage?

  • Inside cabinet doors – install hooks, shelves, or spice racks.
  • Under the sink – install slide out trays and caddies.
  • Sides of cabinets and appliances – add slim shelving units.
  • Behind doors – use over the door racks and hangers.
  • Understairs – build out custom storage solutions.
  • Between studs – insert narrow shelving units in wall space.


A cluttered, disorganized kitchen can make preparing meals feel like a chore. By implementing just a few of these clever tips to conceal clutter, you can transform your kitchen into a clean, tidy space you love spending time in.

Use lidded baskets, organized cabinets, drawer organizers, and hidden storage solutions to keep clutter contained but out of sight. Getting organized doesn’t need to be complicated. Start small and focus on the high clutter zones first.

Before you know it, you’ll have a decluttered kitchen that looks and functions at its best. With an organized, streamlined kitchen, you can focus on enjoying cooking and mealtime with family instead of dealing with endless clutter. Which tips will you try first to banish kitchen clutter for good?