5 Reasons to Hire an Electrician

Hiring a professional electrician for electrical work in your home is highly recommended for safety, legal compliance, and quality results. Here are 5 compelling reasons to hire a licensed electrician rather than trying to do it yourself:

They Have Extensive Training and Experience

Electricians go through years of training and on-the-job experience before becoming fully licensed. They understand the National Electrical Code and local building codes and are trained in best practices for all types of electrical installation, repair, and maintenance. DIY electrical work often does not meet code requirements, which can put your home insurance at risk if there are ever electrical fires or accidents.

They Have the Right Tools and Testing Equipment

Licensed electricians have high-quality tools designed specifically for electrical work, like conduit benders, fish tapes, cable pullers, voltmeters, etc. They also have access to thermal imaging cameras and other testing equipment to identify electrical faults that a homeowner wouldn’t be able to find. You simply don’t have the thousands of dollars worth of professional tools and safety gear that a qualified electrician uses on every job.

They Can Accurately Assess Electrical Problems

An experienced electrician can quickly and accurately assess wiring problems, trace out circuits, and detect hidden issues behind walls and ceilings that a homeowner wouldn’t be able to identify. They have the knowledge to thoroughly diagnose electrical faults and issues so they can be repaired correctly and safely. Improper electrical diagnoses often lead to dangerous mistakes.

They Know How to Do the Job Safely

Electricians are extensively trained in safety protocols for locking out power, wearing protective gear, using tools properly, and working with live electrical wiring safely. They know how to protect themselves and your home from electrical fire and shock hazards. Safety should be the number one concern for any electrical job, and electricians have the proper training to handle it.

They Save You Time, Money and Frustration

Attempting dangerous electrical work without proper training will likely result in costly mistakes, damaged wiring and equipment, waste of time and supplies, and incomplete or faulty end results. Hiring a professional ensures the job will be done right the first time, with much less aggravation and no safety risks. The cost of hiring an electrician is far outweighed by the benefits of quality work and peace of mind.

Questions Homeowners Frequently Ask About Hiring an Electrician:

How do I find a qualified, licensed electrician in my area?

Check websites like the Electrical Contractors Association, Angie’s List, or the Better Business Bureau and read reviews. Ask friends and neighbors for referrals. Be sure they have a valid state electrical license and check that it’s in good standing.

Should I get multiple quotes for an electrical project?

Yes, it’s wise to contact 2-3 highly reviewed local electricians to provide quotes for your specific electrical project so you can compare pricing and services. But don’t just choose the cheapest quote – make sure they are fully qualified, experienced, and insured.

When should I call an emergency electrician vs. a regular electrician?

Call an emergency electrician immediately if you have a suspected electrical fire hazard, exposed live wires, major appliance or wiring damage, or a full outage. Only use an emergency electrician for urgent electrical danger – otherwise contact a standard electrician during normal business hours for other electrical issues.

How can I reduce the costs of hiring an electrician?

Get multiple quotes, avoid after-hours or weekend calls which have premium rates, combine multiple electrical tasks into one visit, and provide any supplies/materials you already have available. Be sure to get a clear estimate of labor costs before work begins.

Are there electrical jobs I should always hire a pro for?

Yes, you should always hire a licensed electrician for main service panel upgrades, new circuits and wiring, swimming pool or spa wiring, emergency/faulty wiring repairs, and any major electrical appliances like HVAC units. Better to be safe than risk injury or property damage.


Hiring a trained electrical professional is strongly advised over trying dangerous DIY electrical work. The safety risks, technical skills required, time involved, tools needed, and legal compliance considerations make electrical work best left to seasoned experts. Protect your home, family, and possessions by investing in a qualified electrician.