5 Bedroom Remodel Ideas That Pay Off

Remodeling a home can be an exciting yet daunting task, especially when undertaking a whole house renovation involving multiple bedrooms. Investing time and money into improvements that enhance functionality, aesthetics and home value is key. When revamping a 5 bedroom abode, it’s important to think through what upgrades will yield the greatest return on investment while also aligning with your lifestyle needs and budget. We share our top tips for renovating 5 bedrooms in ways that truly pay off.

Modernize the Master Suite

The master bedroom and bath is one of the best places to devote remodeling dollars in a 5 bedroom home. This private sanctuary should reflect your personal style and support restful sleep and efficient morning routines. Consider the following upgrades for maximizing your master suite:

Spa-Like Bathroom

A luxurious bathroom oasis adds value and enjoyment to any home. Invest in a large walk-in shower with multiple shower heads, comfortable benches and trendy tile design. Soaking tubs are coming back in style too. Upgrade to dual vanities for sharing the space efficiently. Swap outdated lighting for sleek fixtures and pot lights. Don’t forget about radiant heated floors and towel warmers for chilly mornings. Install a sound system to play spa music as you get ready for the day.

Closet Built-Ins

Walk-in closets with custom built-ins allow you to neatly organize all your wardrobe items and accessories. Opt for modular closets systems that allow you to fully customize the space. Get creative with drawers, shelves, racks, cabinets and bins to hold everything in its place. Good lighting and a mirror are musts for getting dressed.

Five-Star Bedding

Splurge on a plush king size mattress with temperature regulating technology and high thread count sheets for the ultimate hotel-style sleeping experience. Layer on plenty of pillows and a cozy duvet. Add adjustable lighting, blackout curtains and a sound machine if desired. Treat yourself to luxurious bed linens in your favorite textures and patterns.

Mini Fridge & Coffee Bar

Make your morning routine seamless by adding a hidden mini fridge to your bedroom along with a Nespresso machine, kettle and mugs so you can enjoy your coffee, tea or cold beverages without leaving the master suite. Stock your mini fridge with healthy snacks, drinks and cream for coffee so everything you need is within reach.

Modernize Bathrooms

Bathrooms are one of the top areas that homeowners want renovated. With 5 bedrooms, you likely have at least 3 baths if not more. Make sure they are all stylish and functional. Swap out dated features and add modern touches like:

  • Seamless glass shower enclosures
  • Rainfall showerheads
  • Heated floors
  • Touch sensor faucets
  • Floating vanities
  • Sleek hardware and fixtures
  • Recessed niches and shelves
  • Cool tile designs
  • Adequate lighting at vanities

Pay attention to good ventilation. Add exhaust fans and windows if bathrooms lack proper airflow. Proper ventilation prevents mold/mildew buildup.

Refresh Bedrooms

It’s amazing what a few tweaks can do to entirely transform a bedroom’s look and feel. Even smaller changes like paint, window treatments, lighting and furniture makeovers can modernize the space. Some easy upgrades for refreshing bedrooms include:

Paint Colors

Paint is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to instantly change the look of a room. Neutral shades like greige, tan and gray make ideal backdrop colors. Or choose bold accent walls in vibrant shades. Painting ceiling, trims and doors bright white makes the space feel clean and fresh.

Window Treatments

Invest in some beautiful new drapery panels, roman shades or blinds. Choose drapes in soft, luxurious fabrics like velvet or linen. Opt for blackout shades in bedrooms to ensure darkness for sound sleep. Add stylish accent valances or trim for extra pop.

Statement Lighting

Swap outdated flushmount lights and ceiling fans for modern statement pieces that enhance decor. Try black drum pendant lights over the bed or sleek oversized chandeliers. Sconces flanking the bed provide great ambient lighting. Add accent lighting like table lamps for reading nooks.

Furniture Facelifts

Refinishing or repainting existing bedroom furniture saves big on costs. Sand and restain wood pieces for updated color. Paint outdated dressers, side tables, headboards and bed frames fresh white or on-trend colors like navy. Add new hardware like bronze knobs or black pulls for extra style.

Cozy Bedding

Invest in plush mattresses and premium bedding to create a heavenly sleep retreat. Play with textures like velvet shams, linen duvets and plush pillows. Choose patterns and colors that complement your decor. The right bedding transforms the entire feel of a bedroom.

Create Flexible Guest Rooms

With 5 bedrooms, chances are high you have dedicated space for overnight guests. When renovating guest quarters, look for ways to design the space to be flexible based on visiting friends and family. Ideas include:

Murphy Beds

Murphy beds easily fold up into the wall, transforming the room into a home office, playroom or lounge area when not in use for guests. Customize the wall unit with desk space, shelving, cabinets or television console. Add a comfortable sofa that converts into a bed for extra sleeping space as needed.

Multifunctional Furniture

Invest in convertible furniture like ottomans that open into guest beds or storage coffee tables with pull-out mattresses. Look for dressers and nightstands equipped with drop-down desks, shelves and drawers to serve various needs.

Neutral Decor

Stick with neutral guest room decor like crisp white walls, light wood furnishings and taupe textiles. This clean, minimalist look appeals to a wide range of visitors. Keep additional decor simple and versatile. Add colorful interest with interchangeable vibrant art, throw pillows, blankets and area rugs.

Adaptable Storage

Built-in shelving and closet systems with adjustable components allow you to modify the space for differing guests’ storage needs. Baskets, stacking bins and cloth cubes also keep things tidy. Have plug-in storage options like clothing racks and folding luggage stands ready to deploy as needed.

Build Open Family Spaces

Large families benefit from communal living areas where everyone can congregate and spend quality time together. Knocking down walls and opting for open concept main floor plans unifies kitchens, dining rooms and family rooms into one interconnected entertainment hub ideal for large families.

Kitchen Opens to Family Room

Remove walls dividing the kitchen and family room to improve traffic flow and conversation between the spaces. Create a wide pass-through or peninsula counter. Add barstools for casual dining. Install a long kitchen island for homework and casual meals. Open shelving displays dishes while allowing views and light to penetrate.

Dining Room Blends into Living Room

Eliminate the wall separating dining and living rooms. Define spaces with area rugs in lieu of walls. Float the dining table near the adjoining living room. Add a buffet console table behind the sofa for serving between spaces. Create a coffee zone with accent chairs near the dining table.

Maximized Sightlines

Take advantage of open concepts by aligning entryways, arches and hallway openings to create visual connection between rooms. Remove cumbersome hallway doors. Install oversized trifold or sliding doors to allow views through when closed. Keep furnishings low profile and layouts spacious and streamlined.

Multi-Purpose Islands

When kitchens open to family rooms, the island becomes a bridge between spaces. Size islands generously to allow for dining, homework, hobbies, board games and standing conservations. Include storage, electrical outlets and pendant lighting overhead. Add stools on both sides for flexibility.

Create Defined Homework Stations

Finding enough desks and study space for multiple kids to work can be challenging. Look for creative ways to carve out defined homework nooks throughout the home.

Kitchen Peninsulas

Kitchen islands are ideal shared workstations when configured with outlets, lighting and barstools. Open counter peninsulas adjoining a family room also work well for studying. Add a second sink for easy cleanup of school supplies and snacks.

Designated Desk Spaces

Segment basements into individual work pods or homework cubbies. Set up desk areas in playrooms, bonus rooms and open lofts overlooking family areas. Use shelving units or room dividers to delineate study zones.

Multi-Purpose Furniture

Look for dual-purpose furnishings like storage ottomans that flip into desks or dining tables that drop down into study consoles. Convertible coffee tables allow for lifting tops to reveal a work surface. Murphy beds with desks maximize bedrooms for studying too.

Standing Desks

Incorporate standing desks or height-adjustable workstations to allow kids to stand and move while completing homework. Sit-stand desks promote mobility and good posture compared to sedentary sitting. They work nicely in open concept areas.

Basement media rooms

Finishing basements into fun recreational spaces gives both kids and adults private getaways within the home. Turning a basement into a media room, lounge or game room offers flexibility to suit all interests.

Comfortable Seating

Choose a variety of comfortable seating options like sofa sectionals, benches, ottomans, beanbag chairs and floor cushions. Position chairs facing the television and perimeter seating around coffee tables for conversation areas. Add barstools at the wet bar counter.

Movie Theater Style

Install a large projector screen and surround sound system. Add theater seating with cupholders, power outlets and USB charging ports. Include side tables and ottomans for resting feet. Dim theatrical lighting sets the mood. Acoustic treatments absorb sound.

Game Zone

Add a pool table, foosball or air hockey for game play. Have a card table and chairs ready for family game nights and puzzles. Display board games on shelving for easy access. Set up gaming consoles like Xbox with extra wireless controllers.

Wet Bar

Build out a wet bar with counter seating, mini fridge, sink, cabinets and glassware. This allows for self-serving snacks and drinks without running upstairs. Add fun embellishments like neon lighting. Use barstools on one side for extra seating.

Eco-Friendly Improvements

With rising energy costs and changing weather patterns, incorporating eco-friendly improvements into a 5 bedroom whole home remodel helps lower utility bills and reduces environmental impact.

Energy Efficient Appliances

Swap out old, inefficient appliances for new ENERGY STAR rated models. Look for refrigerators, dishwashers, clothes washers and dryers touting the latest energy and water saving technologies. Induction cooktops also use less electricity.

Smart Thermostats

Install programmable thermostats that optimize heating and cooling usage based on occupancy and schedules. Smart models learn patterns and help override energy waste. Zone control optimizes temperature for unused areas like guest rooms.

Insulation Upgrades

Improve insulation in exterior walls, attics crawl spaces and basements. This enhances the thermal envelope for better efficiency. Seal air leaks around windows, doors, pipes and wiring penetrations. Stop drafts.

Water Saving Plumbing

Install aerators on faucets and showerheads to reduce water usage while still maintaining pressure. Swap out old toilets for new low-flow dual flush models. Look for bathroom sinks with sensors, low-flow valves and auto shut-off.

Solar Power

Adding solar panels harnesses the sun’s energy to generate electricity, offsetting household energy consumption. Extra energy produced can even be sold back to utility companies. Roof arrays are common but also consider carports, awnings and ground mounts based on sun exposure.

FAQs About 5 Bedroom Remodels

What are the most important things to update in a 5 bedroom home?

Focus first on renovating the kitchen, bathrooms and master suite as these spaces see heavy use and offer the highest return on investment. Also create open concept gathering areas for family time and defined homework spaces.

How much does it cost to remodel a 5 bedroom home?

Costs vary based on project scope but plan on spending $150-$300 per sq foot. A 3000 sq foot home would run $450,000-$900,000. Kitchen and bathroom renovations start around $25,000 each.

Should I remodel room by room or all at once?

It’s usually best to tackle renovations by project for efficiency rather than room by room. All at once is optimal but requires temporary displacement. A phased approach lets you live in unaffected areas as work progresses.

What renovations help a 5 bedroom home sell faster?

Updated kitchens, baths and lighting immediately catch buyers’ eyes. Staging helps buyers visualize space usage. Curb appeal projects like landscaping and a fresh front door color sell the exterior.

Should we expand our 5 bedroom house?

Consider bumping out to add space only if your current floorplan lacks the amenities your family desires. Expanding often costs more than remodeling existing space. Focus on making better use of unused zones like basements first.

How do I stay within budget on my 5 bedroom remodel?

Set a realistic budget upfront and build in contingencies for cost overruns. Get quotes from several contractors and suppliers. Use the design-build approach for cohesion. Stick with your must-haves and scale back on lower priority wishes.

Should we tackle a 5 bedroom remodel ourselves?

Only take on DIY projects within your skill range like paint, trimwork, flooring and minor upgrades. Leave extensive electrical, plumbing, HVAC and structural projects to the professionals. Know when to call in the experts.

How long will it take to remodel our 5 bedroom home?

Kitchen or bathroom overhauls take 4-8 weeks. Whole home renovations often take 4-6 months with families living elsewhere temporarily. Have realistic expectations for timelines and setbacks when budgeting your project.

What should I do first when starting a 5 bedroom remodel?

Start by planning the desired layout and uses for each space. Then develop a budget and hire an architect to create a detailed plan. Line up contractors and get required permits before starting demolition.

How do I prepare my family for a major 5 bedroom remodel?

Discuss the goals, steps and timelines so everyone knows what to expect. Have a plan for temporary living arrangements like staying with relatives or renting a nearby furnished home. Address concerns together and agree on decor selections.


Revamping a 5 bedroom residence is an ambitious undertaking yet rewarding when thoughtfully executed. Focusing remodeling efforts on the spaces used most, like master suites, kitchens and bathrooms, ensures the best payoff on investment. Look for ways to open up main living areas while still addressing private needs like homework nocks. Take time to make interior design selections that merge style with livable function. Pay attention to eco-friendly improvements that benefit both your home and the planet. With adequate planning and realistic budgets, your 5 bedroom whole home remodel can successfully transform into your family’s dream home.