34 Shoe Storage Ideas That Will Look Great in Any Space

Shoe storage can be a challenge, especially if you have a large collection of footwear. However, with some clever solutions, you can create functional and aesthetically pleasing storage that will keep your shoes organized and make the most of the space you have available. In this article, we provide 34 shoe storage ideas to help inspire you and get those shoes off the floor.

Entryway Shoe Storage

The entryway is often the first place shoes accumulate after coming in from outside. This makes it a great spot for shoe storage since it keeps everything neat right when you walk in the door. Here are some entryway shoe storage ideas:

1. Built-In Bench with Cubbies

Install a bench with open cubby storage underneath. The cubbies are perfect for slipping shoes off into when you enter your home. Look for bench designs with lids that close to keep dust off shoes when not in use.

2. Coat Rack with Shoe Storage

Multitask and combine a coat rack with a shoe storage shelf or rack mounted below. This allows you to remove coats and shoes in one spot. Search for coat racks with a solid shelf or metal shoe rack bars.

3. Rolling Shoe Cart

A rolling shoe cart with tiers of open shelving easily moves around to place wherever you need extra storage. Use it in an entryway, mudroom, or even bedroom closet.

4. Wall-Mounted Rack

Wall-mounted racks keep shoes up and out of the way. Search for racks with angled levels to store shoes vertically and utilize space better.

5. Baskets or Cubbies

Baskets or fabric cubbies lining an entryway wall, bookshelf, or other space corral loose pairs. Use different sizes to separate types of shoes.

6. Boot Tray

A large boot tray can serve as a catchall for muddy or snowy shoes. Look for waterproof materials like metal, plastic, or rubber. Slide under benches or hang on a wall when not in use.

Hallway Shoe Storage

Make use of the space along a hallway by adding shoe storage. Try these ideas:

7. Built-In Cabinetry

Custom built-ins with doors keep shoes concealed but easily accessible in a hallway. Add pull-out trays inside for multiple levels of storage.

8. Under Stairs Shoe Shelving

Maximize wasted space under a set of stairs by building out shelving sized to hold shoes. Make sure to leave adequate clearance.

9. Over the Door Hanging Rack

An over-the-door shoe organizer instantly creates storage by hanging on any door. Choose vinyl, canvas, or mesh pockets based on your storage needs.

10. Freestanding Hall Tree

A hall tree parked along a wall corrals coats, hats, bags, and shoes in one organized spot with hooks, shelves, and bench storage.

11. Stackable Shoe Boxes

Clear stackable boxes tidy up shoes along a hall closet floor or shelf. Label fronts to identify shoe types or owners.

Bedroom and Closet Shoe Storage

Keep shoes stored in the closet tidy and out of the way with these clever ideas:

12. Built-In Shelving

Built-in shelving with cubbies sized for shoes and boots maximizes vertical storage along one wall of a closet. Consider including pull-out shelves.

13. Hanging Shoe Organizer

Like over-the-door options, hanging shoe organizers inside a closet provide a place to neatly tuck away shoes to save floor space.

14. Under Bed Storage

Slide shoe storage boxes and organizers under the bed to keep pairs hidden but within reach. Rotating and sliding styles allow easy access.

15. Racks on Closet Door

Installing racks that hang on a closet door provide vertical storage for shoes and doubles your space. Stagger heights for best use.

16. Stackable Storage Boxes

Clear bins let you see inside while neatly organizing shoes on shelves. Labeling helps identify contents.

17. Shoe Cabinet

A shoe cabinet fits in a closet or bedroom and provides enclosed storage to conceal shoes behind doors. Many include drawers and shelves for custom organization.

18. Carousel

A motorized carousel spins shoes for easy selection. Freestanding and corner units maximize space.

Mudroom Shoe Storage

Mudrooms are prime real estate for storing muddy or snowy shoes close to entries but out of main living areas. Ideas include:

19. Lockers

School-style lockers give each family member a personalized place for shoes and outdoor wear. Include hooks inside for bags.

20. Bench with Shoe Storage

Benches with lift-up lids or slide-out drawers stow shoes out of sight but within reach for easy on and off.

21. Wall-Mounted Drying Rack

Wet shoes and gloves dry out on a wall-mounted rack. Position it near a heat vent to speed drying.

22. Freestanding Coat Rack

A tall freestanding coat rack works double duty for drying coats and storing shoes on the bottom shelf. Choose wood or metal materials.

23. Boot Tray

A large waterproof boot tray catches drips from snowy and muddy shoes. Slide under benches when not in use.

24. Storage Ottoman

A storage ottoman provides extra seating and hidden storage for shoes. Lift the lid to reveal the interior.

Small Space Shoe Storage

If space is limited, get creative with shoe storage using these tips:

25. Over the Door Clear Pockets

Plastic pockets hang over a door and provide visible storage to separate shoe pairs in tight quarters.

26. Tiered Hanging Shoe Shelves

Tiered canvas shelves hang from a rod to vertically store multiple pairs in tight closet corners.

27. Under Shelf Hanging Bars

Install hanger rods under existing shelving to hang shoes upright and out of the way.

28. Over the Door Mirror Shoe Organizer

A mirror mounted to an over-the-door shoe organizer adds storage without taking up wall space. The mirror helps open up small rooms.

29. Multi-use Furniture

Repurpose furniture like storage ottomans, benches, and coffee tables with shelving to hold shoes.

30. DIY Cinder Block Shelves

Paint cinder blocks to coordinate with decor then stack into custom shelves suitable for holding shoes. Sturdy and inexpensive.

Shoe Storage Materials

Choose shoe storage materials suited to your space:

  • Wood – Attractive for built-ins but prone to scuffs. Best for adult shoes.
  • Plastic – Durable and affordable. Easy to wipe clean. Risk of cracking or fading over time.
  • Wire – Allows airflow and visibility. Metal can rust.
  • Canvas – Breathable and machine washable. May rip or stain. Best for casual shoes.
  • Wicker – Natural look. Provides ventilation but not sturdy.
  • Vinyl – Waterproof and durable. Wipe clean. Can look cheap.

Style Your Shoe Storage

Beyond function, use these tips to incorporate shoe storage with your decor:

  • Match colors to your existing scheme or palette
  • Conceal in cabinetry or containers
  • Use baskets and open shelves in casual rooms
  • Choose enclosed storage for formal spaces
  • Incorporate natural textures like wood or wicker
  • Paint or wallpaper backings as an accent
  • Label with style using vinyl designs, chalkboard paint, or monograms
  • Light up dark closets with battery operated lights

Shoe Storage Tips

Keep your storage solutions looking and functioning their best with these maintenance tips:

  • Edit Often: Donate or toss unworn shoes annually to avoid clutter
  • Use Deodorizers: Baking soda, charcoal bags, or cedar blocks help absorb odors
  • Disinfect: Use disinfecting wipes or spray to kill bacteria and germs
  • Protect Leather: Condition regularly to avoid cracks. Store away from direct light or heat.
  • Stuff Shoes: Tissue paper or shoe trees help shoes keep their shape
  • Clean Shelves: Dust and vacuum storage frequently
  • Check Fit: Try shoes on each season to ensure good fit as feet change

Storing shoes no longer has to be a source of frustration. With this wide range of storage options, you can find the perfect solution to organize your footwear and keep your space looking its best. Which of these ideas will you try first? Let us know in the comments below!


With some creativity and smart storage solutions, even the largest shoe collection can be neatly organized in any size space. Use the 34 ideas provided to find inspiration for entryways, mudrooms, closets, tight spaces and more. Consider your personal needs, aesthetic, and budget to create functional and stylish shoe storage. Choose from built-ins, racks, shelves, hanging organizers, storage furniture, stackable systems and containers in materials like wood, plastic, canvas, wire and more. Editing your collection regularly and maintaining organizers will keep your shoes in top shape. With an organized shoe storage solution, you can easily find, access and maintain your footwear.