34 Painted Brick Fireplace Ideas for a Fresh Look

The fireplace is often the focal point of a room, especially during the cozier fall and winter months. If your brick fireplace is looking drab or dated, a fresh coat of paint can give it an instant facelift. Painted brick fireplaces are a easy, budget-friendly way to update the look and feel of your living room, family room or bedroom.

When considering painted brick fireplace ideas, think about the overall style and color scheme of the space. Do you want your fireplace to blend seamlessly into the background or make a bold decorative statement? Should it coordinate with existing furniture and accents or provide contrast? Answering these questions will help guide your design decisions.

Here are 34 inspiring painted brick fireplace ideas to give your hearth a fresh new look:

White Painted Brick Fireplaces

White painted brick is a timeless, classic choice that creates a clean, airy look. Crisp white painted brick complements both traditional and contemporary home decor styles.

Soft White Brick Fireplace

A fireplace coated in a warm, soft white or very light gray tone feels soothing and inviting. This versatile off-white pairs well with colors throughout the home. Try Benjamin Moore’s White Dove or Classic Gray for this look.

Bright White Brick Fireplace

For a striking pop of contrast, go for a vivid bright white brick fireplace. This high-gloss white painted brick makes the fireplace the focal point. Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace is a popular choice.

Distressed White Brick Fireplace

A distressed white brick fireplace with some of the original red brick peeking through gives a cottage feel. Try a white wash technique using watered down paint for a muted, worn look.

White Washed Brick Fireplace

White washing produces a faded, antique white finish on brick. Multiple coats of thinned down white paint lets some of the brick’s natural patina show through for texture.

Colorful Painted Brick Fireplaces

Why limit yourself to white? From bold and vibrant hues to deeper, moody shades, painted brick fireplaces offer limitless color options to match your style.

Navy Blue Brick Fireplace

A navy blue painted brick fireplace provides an eye-catching dose of drama. Navy plays well with other popular house colors like gray, tan and white.

Forest Green Brick Fireplace

Deep forest or emerald greens give off an earthy, organic vibe. Green brick fireplaces complement homes with lots of natural wood, potted plants and other greens.

Charcoal Grey Brick Fireplace

For an edgy yet elegant look, charcoal grey brick painted in a semi-gloss finish is a sophisticated choice. Try Farrow & Ball’s Hague Blue for a similar rich grey.

Red Brick Fireplace

Believe it or not, plain old red painted brick remains a great option for accentuating traditional architecture. Match existing red brick walls or go a shade darker.

Light Blue Brick Fireplace

Soft powdery blues like Benjamin Moore’s Palladian Blue lighten up a room. A light blue fireplace creates a relaxing ambiance.

Yellow Brick Fireplace

Cheerful shades of yellow like buttercream or daisy bring warmth and optimism. For impact, paint built-in bookshelves and trim the same hue.

Teal Brick Fireplace

For a playful pop of color, try a vivid teal or aqua painted brick fireplace. Pull out secondary teal accents in nearby pillows, rug and artwork.

Rose Pink Brick Fireplace

Feminine pink painted brick gives a modern twist to a traditional fireplace. Include other blush pink touches for a cohesive look.

Purple Brick Fireplace

Make a bold color statement with a rich purple or eggplant fireplace. Deep purple is ideal for accentuating ornate carved mantels.

Two-Tone Painted Brick Fireplaces

Why pick only one color when you can combine two? Two-tone painted brick fireplaces feature one color on the surround and a different hue on the hearth for extra dimension.

White Brick Fireplace With Charcoal Hearth

A white surround and charcoal hearth offers high contrast for a contemporary vibe. Swap out the colors for traditional charcoal brick and a crisp white hearth.

Navy Blue Brick With White Hearth and Mantel

For a nautical coastal feel, try navy surround brick with bright clean white on the hearth and mantel for definition.

Light Grey Brick With Dark Grey Hearth

Soft, neutral light grey brick and trim with a darker grey hearth is subtly elegant. Include grey and white ceramics and furnishings.

Green Surround With Terra Cotta Hearth

Deep green surrounding brick paired with rich terra cotta on the hearth and mantel creates an earthy aesthetic.

White Surround and Navy Blue Hearth

Reverse the color placement for a white surround and navy blue hearth. The lighter color draws the eye upwards.

Teal Surround and Gold Hearth

For an eclectic pop of color and sparkle, painting the surround brick teal and the recessed hearth a metallic champagne gold is fun.

Specialty Paint Finishes for Brick Fireplaces

Plain old flat paint is just one of many finish options. Consider some of these specialty finishing techniques to give your fireplace extra style:

Distressed Painted Brick

A distressed painted brick fireplace features areas of intentionally cracked and chipped paint to expose some of the original brick surface underneath. A white painted fireplace with red brick peeking through has vintage appeal.

Stenciled Brick Fireplace

Add handpainted stencil designs over your painted brick for artistic flair. French script, geometric shapes or floral motifs work well. DIY stencil kits make this achievable.

Ombre Painted Brick Fireplace

Ombre (graduated color) offers another creative twist on painted brick. Fade your chosen color from darker tones at the base to lighter hues at the top.

Metallic Painted Brick

For serious glam, metallic paint like copper, silver or gold transforms a basic brick fireplace. Try a metallic hearth with traditional white surround brick.

Faux Finished Brick

Paint brick using faux finishing techniques to mimic other high-end materials like marble, stone or concrete for the look without the cost.

Painted Brick Fireplace Ideas by Room

Painted brick fireplaces can complement many design styles. Here are recommended colors for frequently painted fireplace feature walls in various rooms:

Living Room Brick Fireplaces

  • Soft greys or blues
  • Muted greens
  • Warm taupes
  • Crisp white

Family Room Brick Fireplaces

  • Navy blue
  • Forest green
  • Red brick
  • Charcoal

Bedroom Brick Fireplaces

  • Light blues
  • Soft pinks
  • Lavender purple
  • Creamy off-whites

Kitchen Brick Fireplaces

  • White
  • Light grey
  • Avocado green
  • Sunny yellow

Dining Room Brick Fireplaces

  • Dark inky blues
  • Wine reds
  • Deep greens
  • Soft ochre

Design Considerations for Painted Brick Fireplaces

Here are a few key things to keep in mind as you brainstorm your painted brick fireplace design:

Prep Brick Properly Before Painting

  • Clean surface thoroughly and repair any damaged areas
  • Remove any existing glossy paint or sealer if repainting
  • Lightly sand surface to roughen and remove contaminants
  • Prime using a high-quality primer made for masonry

Choose Appropriate Paint Finish and Sheen

  • Flat or matte finish hides imperfections in masonry
  • Satin, eggshell or semi-gloss add subtle sheen and are wipeable
  • High-gloss gives a slick, shiny look but shows more flaws

Paint Entire Surround For a Cohesive Look

  • Don’t just paint the brick face, paint the side surrounds and header fully
  • Use painter’s tape for clean edges where fireplace meets walls or ceiling

Extend Paint Color to Nearby Trim and Built-Ins

  • Painting built-in shelves, baseboards and crown molding can tie everything together
  • Use the same wall color or pick out one accent color from fireplace

Consider Heat and Safety Factors

  • Use high-quality, non-combustible paint approved for use around fireplaces
  • Avoid dark glossy colors that could potentially retain heat; light matte finishes are safest

FAQs About Painted Brick Fireplaces

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about painting brick fireplaces:

Is it okay to paint over brick?

Yes, it is perfectly acceptable to paint original or faux brick as long as proper preparation and paint suited for masonry is used. Painting brick does not damage it; it can always be stripped and returned to its natural state later if desired.

What type of paint should be used on brick?

High-quality latex or enamel paints designed for use on masonry and concrete should be used on brick fireplaces. Avoid standard wall paints which may not bind well or withstand heat. Always check the manufacturer’s recommendations.

How do you prepare brick for painting?

Brick should be cleaned thoroughly before painting to remove soot, dirt and grease residue. Repair any damaged or missing mortar. Lightly sanding smoothes the surface. Always apply a masonry-specific primer before painting.

Should you paint just the surround or the entire fireplace?

For the most cohesive, integrated look, it is best to paint the entire fireplace unit including the surround bricks as well as the header and any trim or built-in shelving.

What sheen of paint works best on brick fireplaces?

Matte or flat finishes generally look best for hiding any imperfections in the brickwork. Satin or eggshell sheens add subtle shine while still covering flaws. Semi-gloss or high-gloss accentuate any unevenness in the brick surface.

How do you paint a two-tone fireplace?

Prime the entire unit with masonry primer first. Then use painter’s tape to mask off sections and paint the surround and hearth/interior different colors. Remove tape immediately after painting each section.

Can you use a white wash technique on brick fireplaces?

Yes! Thinned down whitewash paint lets some of the brick color show through for a timeworn look. Multiple coats yield a muted faded white effect. Lightly sand between coats to distress it.

Achieve a Fresh New Look for Your Brick Fireplace

Refreshing the look of a dated or worn brick fireplace is a simple and affordable project that can completely transform the ambiance of your living space. With the right preparation, paint and color selection, you can give new life to your existing fireplace with a coat of paint. From brilliant white to bold blues, muted earth tones to sophisticated greys, the possibilities are endless.

Any of these 34 painted brick fireplace ideas can turn your fireplace into a stunning decorative focal point and revitalize the style of your room. Painting the brick draws the eye in and modernizes the space for a contemporary up-to-date feel.

With just a small investment of time and money, you can treat your brick fireplace to a fresh makeover. So pick a color scheme or finish that sparks inspiration, prep your brick properly, and apply a transformative coat of paint to create the focal point fireplace you’ve always wanted. Your “new” fireplace will upgrade your living space and become a striking design feature you’ll enjoy for years to come.