32 Smart and Pretty Towel Storage Ideas

Towels are a bathroom essential, but they can easily pile up and create clutter if not stored properly. With some smart storage solutions, you can keep your towels organized and accessible while also adding style to your bathroom decor. Here are 32 clever and attractive ideas for towel storage that go beyond the basic towel bar.

Use Ladders for a Rustic Look

A wooden towel ladder placed in a corner or near the shower lends a rustic vibe while neatly displaying towels for easy grabbing. Opt for a tall ladder to have enough rungs for multiple towels or a short one that holds just a few. Wood ladders complement farmhouse, cottage, or cabin bathrooms well.

Display with Basic Wall Shelves

Wall-mounted shelves give you simple open storage to neatly fold towels and place them on display. Opt for shelves in materials like wood or metal that fit your bathroom’s style. Place them at arm’s height for easy access. Stagger towels for a layered look.

Try Under-Sink Towel Storage

Maximize the space under your sink by adding a towel rack or shelving unit there. Choose one with a slide-out design to easily access the towels. Closed storage is great for a clutter-free look. Just be sure to regularly launder stored towels.

Use Ladder-Style Shelves

Ladder-style shelving leans against the wall in a zig-zag shape to hold towels. Choose a shelf depth that allows you to fold towels over the rungs. Place it near the shower or tub for convenience. Match the material to your decor, like wood for farmhouse style.

Opt for a Freestanding Towel Rack

A freestanding towel rack on wheels can be moved wherever needed. Choose one with arms on both sides to hold multiple towels within easy reach. Move it near the shower when in use and back against a wall when not needed.

Hang Towels on Hooks

For quick grabbing, hang towels on hooks on the back of the door or on the wall. Stagger them vertically for a layered look. Opt for coated hooks to allow towels to slide on and off easily. Use hooks in the shower area for wet towels.

Fold Over Ladder Towel Racks

Ladder-style towel racks with rungs are perfect for neatly folding towels. Have enough rungs for all your towels. Place it near the shower or tub for easy access. Match towel colors to the rack finish.

Try Hanging with Rings

Use large rings hanging from hooks, rods, or the shower curtain rod to hold towels. Loop towels through the rings. Rings can slide side to side to access towels easily. Stick with plain metal rings to suit any style.

Use Wall-Mounted Pockets

Install wall-mounted woven pockets to serve as towel storage that looks stylish. Choose an attractive natural fiber like seagrass or abaca for the pockets. Fold towels neatly inside. Use adhesive hooks to hang pockets.

Opt for Under Sink Storage

Make use of the space under the bathroom sink by installing a towel storage unit. Opt for one with cabinets to conceal the towels or open shelves for easy grabbing. Having towels within arm’s reach of the sink is super convenient.

Display on a Standalone Ladder

A vintage-style or rustic wooden ladder placed in a corner adds charm to a bathroom. Drape towels over the rungs in a cascading look. Opt for a taller ladder to have space for more towels. This works well in farmhouse or cottage baths.

Stow in Decorative Bins

Woven bins are an attractive way to stash towels while keeping them tidy. Opt for bins made of natural materials like rattan or bamboo in colors like brown or tan. Place them on shelves or in a cabinet near the towels’ point of use.

Use Anthropologie-Style Hooks

Add visual interest with sculptural towel hooks like ornate resin or carved wood. Opt for hooks with character that complement your bath’s style, like vintage-style ones for traditional decor. Arrange them creatively on the wall.

Incorporate Towel Rings

Towel rings add modern flair while holding towels neatly. Look for sculptural rings in materials like marble, natural stone, or concrete. Affix them at different heights on the wall for visual interest. They can hold folded or rolled towels.

Hang with Rustic Dowels

Wooden dowels attached horizontally to the wall hold towels with rustic simplicity. Stain them in colors like walnut or cherry to coordinate with your decor. Leave space between dowels for neatly folding towels.

Display on Industrial Pipes

Exposed piping makes a cool urban-style towel rack. Use actual plumbing pipes attached securely to the wall or faux ones made of metal. Leave space between horizontal pipes to neatly fold towels.

Try Inside-Cabinet Towel Bars

Install towel bars inside bathroom vanity cabinets to utilize hidden space for storage. Position them near the door for easy access. Cabinet towel bars keep towels tidy but out of sight.

Incorporate Towel Trees

Towel “trees” save space while creatively displaying towels. Choose corner-style trees or ones that affix to the wall. Opt for a height that suits your towel quantity. Metal or wood designs fit most decor styles.

Use Wall-Mounted Towel Racks

Wall-mounted towel racks or bars give you flexible storage options. Place them near the shower or tub for convenience. Opt for racks with shelves above to hold toiletries too. Pick a finish to match your decor.

Fold Over Towel Rods

Install shelf rods specifically meant for towel storage. Position them about hip to shoulder height. Look for rods with a lip to support the towels as you neatly fold or roll them over the bar. Aim for rod lengths that fit your space.

Stash Unused Towels in Baskets

Baskets are a simple way to contain extra folded towels so they’re organized but out of the way. Choose baskets in finishes and colors that coordinate with your bathroom style. Use lidded baskets to fully conceal the contents.

Hang Unused Towels on Back of Door

Use the back of the bathroom door to store spare folded towels. Install one or two sturdy over-door hooks on the inside. Neatly arrange folded towels on the hooks. Close the door to keep them out of sight.

Roll and Store in Divided Tray

Keep hand towels neatly contained but accessible with a divided tray. Place it on a shelf or countertop. Roll towels and stand them up in the divided sections. Match the tray finish to your decor.

Use Wall-Mounted Shelves

Mount shelves on the wall to display rolled or folded towels attractively. Place them near the shower or tub for convenient access. Use decorative brackets or floating shelves to add style. Stagger towels for a layered look.

Incorporate Towel Valets

Towel valets or vertical towel racks take up little space while neatly storing towels. Choose a height to match your bath. Valets often have a towel bar, hooks, and shelf area for convenient access to all towel types.

Store Folded on Tiered Shelves

Tiered shelves are great for neatly arranging folded towels in a compact footprint. Install them near the tub or shower. Choose shelving with 2-4 tiers and a depth suited for folded towels. Stagger the towels attractively.

Neatly Fold in Baskets

Wicker, rattan, or bamboo baskets keep towels organized and add natural texture. Place lined baskets on shelves, in cabinets, or under counters. Neatly fold towels inside in a standing or stacked orientation. Choose different sized baskets for each towel type.

Use Ladder Towel Storage Carts

A movable ladder-style cart is excellent for towel storage. Choose one with rungs or mesh shelves to neatly arrange towels. Add wheels to easily move it for cleaning. Use it to hold stacked towels in a small space.

Stow Folded Towels in Drawers

Take advantage of unused vanity drawers by storing folded towels inside. This keeps them accessible but concealed. Use drawer organizers to neatly separate different towel types. Just be sure to launder them regularly.

Hang Towels on Shower Curtain Hooks

Already have hooks inside your shower? Use them to hang towels for convenience. Attach them along the height of the shower curtain rod. Opt for hooks that glide smoothly so towels pull off easily.

Stow Unused Towels Inside Cabinets

Conceal spare towels inside bathroom vanity cabinets or shelving units. Neatly fold them and stack horizontally or vertically. Use shelf dividers or bins to separate types. Close the doors to reduce visual clutter.

Display with Industrial Wire

Running sections of wire horizontally along the wall creates cool industrial-style towel storage. Space the wiring to allow for folded towels. Adhere securely to the wall with heavy-duty hardware. Match any exposed hanging hardware to the wiring.

Use Over-Door Towel Racks

Over-door towel racks maximize back-of-door space for storage. Choose one with multiple hooks to hold towels. Look for a towel rack width suited to your door. Close the door when not accessing towels.

Incorporate Floating Shelves

Floating shelves provide customizable towel storage that looks sleek. Arrange floating shelves at different heights on the wall near the shower. Fold or roll towels attractively on the shelves. Match shelf finish to hardware.

Display Folded Towels in Floor Stand

A freestanding floor stand or rack neatly shows off towels in a small footprint. Choose a height that suits your space. Opt for an open metal design to allow towels to dry fully. Place near shower or sink area.

Use Vertical Towel Organizers

Vertical towel organizers provide storage and display in one. Choose a height to suit your bath and number of towels. Look for slotted, mesh, or bar designs to neatly contain towels. Place in a corner out of the way.

Hang Towels on Wall Hooks

Simple wall hooks allow you to hang towels just about anywhere. Use them on the wall, the back of doors, in the shower, or inside cabinets. Opt for hooks specifically made for towels that have smooth, rounded edges.

Display Folded Towels in A Caddy

A rectangular wire caddy hanging on the wall neatly corrals rolled or folded towels. Choose one with divided sections to organize different towel types. Place it near the tub or shower for easy access. Closed back keeps towels dust-free.

Conceal Towels in A Cabinet

Keep towels organized and out of sight by storing them in a bathroom cabinet. Use shelves, drawers, and racks inside the cabinet to neatly store all your towels. Close the doors to reduce visual clutter.

Arrange by Color

If your towels match, arrange them by color on open shelves or ladder racks for a visual impact. Go from light to dark or vice versa. A color-coordinated towel display adds style to your storage solution.

Roll Towels Inside Cubbies

Wall-mounted cubbies with multiple openings provide neat concealed storage for rolled towels. Install cubbies near the tub or shower for convenience. Label towel types using letter stickers on the inside if needed.

Maximize Space Under Floating Vanity

Many floating bathroom vanities have space underneath that’s perfect for tucking away towels. Install hooks, shelves, or storage baskets under there. Just be sure to regularly launder stored towels.

Use Tension Poles for Quick Storage

Tension shower curtain poles that press against walls create quick towel storage in unused spaces like corners. Drape towels over the pole or hang from rings. Move it wherever you need extra towel hanging space.

Incorporate Towel Warmers

Towel warmers mounted on the wall or free standing serve a dual purpose – neatly storing towels while keeping them warm. Choose electric or hydronic models. Time them to have warm towels ready when needed.

Frequently Asked Questions about Towel Storage Ideas

What are some small bathroom towel storage ideas?

For small bathrooms, opt for space-saving solutions like over-door hooks, wall-mounted shelves or ladders, towel rods inside cabinets, fold-down towel racks, and under-sink storage baskets or roll-out trays.

Vertical towel organizers, hanging wall caddies, tension rods, and towel trees also provide compact storage. Using the back of the door is ideal for cramped bathrooms too.

Where should you put towel storage in a small bathroom?

Focus on placing towel storage near where towels will be used, like right beside the shower or bathtub. Wall space adjacent to sinks or toilets works for hand towels. For unused towels, use storage out of the way like inside cabinets, on the back of the door, or under floating vanities.

What are the best materials for bathroom towel storage?

Look for towel storage and hardware made from moisture-resistant materials that will withstand steam and splashes. Good options include metal, enamel, powder-coated wire, stainless steel, anodized aluminum, plastic, wood laminate, and solid wood made from moisture-resistant species like teak.

How do I add rustic towel storage in my bathroom?

For rustic style, look for towel ladders, wall-mounted shelves, or dowels made from unfinished, reclaimed, or distressed wood. Wire storage caddies with a vintage bent shape also have a nice rustic vibe. Woven wicker, rattan, or seagrass baskets complement the look too.

Where should you store spare towels?

Extra towels not in daily use can be stored out of sight in enclosed areas like vanity cabinets and drawers, lidded baskets on shelves, or under floating sinks. The back of cabinet doors is another great spot. Just be diligent about regularly laundering those spare towels before use.


With so many creative options, it’s easy to find towel storage that fits your bathroom’s style and needs. Take measurements first to ensure any wall mounts, racks, or shelves will fit your space. Opt for moisture-resistant materials that will hold up in damp bathroom conditions. Place storage conveniently near showers or tubs for everyday towels to minimize steps and clutter. For lesser used towels, take advantage of concealed storage like cabinets and baskets. With a well-planned towel storage solution, you can create an organized bath that looks as good as it functions.