30 Ideas for Patios With Fire Pits For a Cozy Backyard

A backyard patio with a fire pit is the perfect way to extend the enjoyment of your outdoor living space. Gathering around a cozy fire with friends and family is a time-honored tradition that brings people together. The crackling of the fire along with its warmth and mesmerizing flames create an inviting ambiance.

Adding a fire pit to your patio can take it from being merely an outdoor living area to an engaging entertainment space. With the right design, location, and features, your fire pit patio can become a backyard oasis that gets used for relaxing, socializing, and creating lasting memories.

There are many options when it comes to designing a patio with a fire pit. Important considerations include the type of fire pit, placement, seating arrangement, and decorative features. Paying attention to these details will ensure your fire pit patio becomes a backyard retreat you’ll enjoy for years to come.

We’ve gathered 30 inspiring ideas for patios with fire pits to help spark your creativity. From rustic to contemporary styles, these designs showcase inventive ways to incorporate a fire pit into your landscape. Use these examples to start envisioning the perfect patio and fire pit combo for your backyard.

Types of Fire Pits

The centerpiece of your patio will be the fire pit. There are several types to choose from, each with their own look and functionality. Consider which kind will best match your needs and aesthetic preferences.

Classic In-Ground Fire Pit

This traditional style fire pit is built directly into the ground, creating a permanent focal point in your patio. It’s surrounded by paving bricks, concrete, or stone. Building a custom in-ground fire pit allows you to personalize the shape and size. They are more expensive to install but create a clean, seamless look.

Pre-Fab Fire Pit

Pre-fabricated fire pits offer a fast and easy way to add a fire feature to your yard. Many designs are portable so they can be relocated or removed at any time. Most pre-fab fire pits are wood burning and use a steel or copper bowl set upon a stand. For convenience, some models run on gas.

Tabletop Fire Bowls

Self-contained fire pits are a practical option for small patios. Tabletop fire bowls sit above ground so they don’t require permanent installation. Look for lightweight concrete, metal, or glass bowls set on short pedestals. Most tabletop models use gel fuel canisters or propane for the flame.

Fire Urns

For a decorative look, choose a Mediterranean-style clay fire urn. The urn shape looks attractive even when not in use. Fire urns run on gel fuel or propane, making them easy to move around your patio. The compact size is ideal for keeping groups warm without taking up too much space.


Bring a taste of Mexico to your backyard with a chiminea fire pit. Traditionally made from terracotta, these arched fireplaces allow the smoke to escape through the top. Contemporary chiminea designs are made from steel and finished with high-heat paint. The built-in chimney circulation makes them efficient wood burners.

Fire Pit Placement

The layout of your patio will determine the best spot to install your fire pit. Assess the space as well as how the area will be used to decide on the optimal placement.

Near the House

For easy access, position the fire pit near the home’s exterior. Placing it close to the patio doors allows you to enjoy the fire’s ambiance whether you’re inside or outside. It also makes tending the fire more convenient.

In a Seating Area

Centering the fire pit within a dedicated conversation area creates an intimate setting for social gatherings. Arrange chairs and benches around it to encourage interaction while enjoying the fire’s glow. This traditional setup promotes a relaxing vibe.

As a Room Divider

Use your fire feature to divide a large patio into separate zones. For example, you can have a fire pit in a lounging section and a dining table in another area. The fire acts as a natural barrier between the distinct spaces.

Near Dining Table

For alfresco meals, position a fire pit near your patio dining table. The flickering light sets a beautiful mood for dining under the stars. It also keeps you and your guests warm during chilly weather.

In a Sunken Sitting Area

Design a recessed sitting area in your patio and install a fire pit in the center. Dropping the floor level down a few inches creates a room-like feel. Deep bench seating around the sunken space makes it feel extra cozy.

On Patio’s Edge

Placing a fire pit along the perimeter of your patio can help expand your usable area into the yard. The fire’s radiating heat warms up the adjacent patio space, making it more comfortable for lingering outdoors.

Complementary Seating

An inviting seating arrangement around your fire pit encourages people to gather around its warmth and light. Depending on your space, you can configure your furniture in different setups.

Patio Chairs

For casual comfort, array patio armchairs around the fire pit. The back support and armrests make lounging for hours pleasant. Mix colors and styles for laid-back flair. Include a few side tables for holding drinks and snacks.

Built-In Benches

Bench seating constructed from pavers, stone, or concrete make for cozy seating. Sectionals wrapped around the fire pit maximize space for groups. Add padded cushions to the permanent benches for an accommodating feel.

Log Benches

Handcrafted log benches exude natural rustic charm. The raw wood pairs nicely with stone or brick fire pits. For a comfortable seat, top the horizontal log bench with a foam cushion covered in weather-resistant fabric.

Outdoor Sofa

An outdoor sofa offers cushy seating for many guests. Position it across from the fire pit so multiple people can bask in its glow. Oversized outdoor sofas with deep seats or chaises are perfect for relaxing fireside.

Sunken Seating Area

For an immersive experience, install a fire pit in a recessed seating zone. Adding L-shaped built-in bench seating around a sunken fire pit creates a living room vibe outdoors. Pile the benches with cozy blankets and pillows.

Rocking Chairs

The soothing motion of rocking chairs complements the meditative flicker of the flames. Cluster two to four rocking chairs around your fire pit for a relaxing vignette. Add a small side table between chairs for convenience.

Design and Decor

Proper design and décor will elevate your simple fire pit into an eye-catching garden focal point. Use these methods to embellish the space around your fire feature.

Paver Surround

Enclosing your fire pit with pavers, bricks, or stone creates a polished look. Lay the masonry units in a square, circle, or custom shape pattern. In-ground fire pits usually have a permanent masonry surround.

Gravel Pit

For drainage, fill the area around a sunken or in-ground fire bowl with pea gravel or crushed stones. The loose material also serves as a rustic, low-maintenance ground cover to complement the fire pit.

Mow Band

A mowed lawn border provides contrast to the patio and neatly frames the fire pit area. Mow a 2- to 4-foot grass band around the outer edge of the paved seating zone. Keep the band slightly lower than the paving for a clean look.

Plantings and Trees

Strategically placed containers and planted beds help segment the fire pit lounge from the rest of the patio. Evergreen trees or tall shrubs can provide privacy or a wind block. Avoid planting flammable plants right next to the fire.


Ambiance lighting elevates an evening fire pit gathering. Place lanterns on side tables or use spotlights to illuminate pathways. You can also add low-voltage LEDs to highlight landscaping features.

Flame Effects

For visual interest, adorn your fire pit with crushed glass or lava rock topping. As the flames flicker, they’ll reflect off the colorful and shiny accents. Logs stacks and rock surrounds also make appealing additions.

Inspiring Fire Pit Patio Ideas

Looking for design inspiration for your perfect fire pit patio? The following examples illustrate a variety of clever layouts and creative features to spark ideas.

1. Simple Stone Circle

This easy patio layout has a round bluestone fire pit bordered by matching stone ledges for seating. The gravel yard and potted evergreens allow the charming fire feature to shine.

2. Sunken Limestone Pit

This sunken fire pit sits a few inches below the paved patio surface. Natural limestone boulders in an organic shape give the simple pit a contemporary edge.

3. Corner Fire Pit Privacy Wall

Strategically placed planters and an L-shaped lounging section give this patio an intimate feel. The built-in corner fire pit is edged with a stone privacy wall for seclusion.

4. Fire and Water Feature

A round fire bowl placed near a recirculating water feature creates a soothing zen vibe on this Asian-inspired patio. Bonzai trees in stone planters reinforce the serene ambiance.

5. Open Hearth Fire Ring

An open fire ring made from irregular cut limestone bricks has a free-form, organic shape. The surrounding bench provides casual seating for enjoying flickering flames.

6. Stone Fire Pit with Grill

This three-in-one masonry structure has a wood-burning fire pit, built-in grill, and side prep area for ultimate convenience. The curved shape allows conversation to flow easily.

7. Circular Seating around Rectangular Fire Pit

This clever layout features a rectangular tiled fire pit bordered by a curved paver patio with seating. The shape provides plenty of legroom and optimal fire views.

8. Conversation Pit with Bench Seating

Encircling a round fire bowl with benches creates comfortable seating for groups. Sunken pits like this also help contain messy ashes from wood fires.

9. Intimate Sofa Setup

An outdoor sofa and two swivel chairs diagonally face each other across a long fire table to encourage conversation. The cozy furniture grouping provides comfort fireside.

10. Poolside Fire Pit

This sunken fire bowl in a pool patio provides warmth and ambiance during chilly swims. The surrounding ledge offers casual seating for relaxing poolside after dark.

11. Belgian Block Fire Ring

Laid in a running bond pattern, flamed Belgian blocks form a classy border around this fire pit. The coordinating pavers tie the elegant fire ring together nicely.

12. Fire Pit Lighting

Illuminate your fire pit area with low-voltage LED deck lights. Recessed lights along the steps provide a safe path. Uplighting on the trees creates dramatic ambiance.

13. Geometric Setting

The square fire pit bordered by log benches adds geometric interest to this patio’s angular paver pattern and rectilinear pool. The clean lines result in a modern look.

14. Fire Pit Privacy Fence

A cedar fence provides privacy for this sunken fire lounge located right off the deck. Built-in bench seating around a cobblestone pit makes a cozy hangout spot steps from the house.

15. Circular Paver Arrangement

The pavers around this fire pit are laid in concentric circles emanating from the center. It creates a focal point on the patio and frames the fire elegantly from all angles.

16. Covered Fire Pit Patio

A wooden pergola provides weather protection over this patio lounge with a centered fire column. The stone seating walls allow the fire’s warmth and light to reflect underneath.

17. Fire Pit Privacy Screen

Portable bamboo screens give this patio an exotic feel while blocking views and wind. The panels tie back to provide an open feel when desired around the circular fire pit area.

18. Fire Pit with Pizza Oven

For the ultimate outdoor cooking and entertainment space, install a wood-fired pizza oven adjacent to your masonry fire pit. You’ll have the ambiance of an open fire along with a functional cooking space.

19. Boulder Fire Ring

Large moss rock boulders arranged in a loose circle make a sculptural fire ring. The organic shape and natural stone complement the woodland setting beautifully.

20. Pit in Pea Gravel Yard

A square tile-capped fire column sits in the pea gravel covered yard adjacent to the paved patio. The neutral colorsblend while still defining each space.

21. Wood-Planked Ceiling

The wood ceiling over this covered patio creates a cozy, cabin-like feel. The crackling fire pit placed under the planked roof completes the rustic vibe.

22. Fire Pit Coffee Table

Enjoy fireside cocktails in lounge chairs facing the contemporary chiminea coffee table. The versatile piece allows you to enjoy flickering flames from all sides.

23. Custom Concrete Pit

This smooth concrete fire table has an integrated drain for easy cleaning. The simple slim silhouette blends seamlessly into the patio’s modern aesthetic.

24. Gas Fire Column and Kitchen

A sleek stainless steel gas fire column separates the sunken lounge from the outdoor kitchen. The double-sided column provides warmth while allowing conversation to flow.

25. Rustic Metal Fire Pit

This boho-chic patio gains warmth from a rustic recycled metal basin filled with lava rock and topped with a grilling grate. The Indsutrail vibe pairs perfectly with the mix of worn furnishings.

26. Oval Fire Pit Layout

This clever patio positions a narrow ovular fire pit parallel to the sectional seating. Everyone enjoys a direct view of the flickering flames from the built-in benches.

27. Square Fire and Fountain

A concrete pad makes an easy base for this masonry fire and water feature. The shallow pool catches recirculating water from the square pillar fountain.

28. In-ground Natural Gas Fire Pit

This sunken gas fire bowl’s blue flame is easily visible day or night. Round natural flagstones laid in a herringbone pattern contrast nicely with the crisp fire feature.

29. Stone Fire Pit Kiva

Mimicking traditional kiva architecture, stacked stone walls circle around this sunken rectangular fire pit. The cave-like enclosure amplifies warmth from the fire.

30. Fire Pit Built Into Retaining Wall

This clever design incorporates a long fire pit into a patio retaining wall. The elevated vantage point enables fire enjoyment without taking up usable patio square footage.


Transforming your backyard patio with the addition of a fire pit creates an inviting space to gather with friends or enjoy peaceful solitude. With so many options from material and shape to placement and décor, you’re sure to find a design that complements your landscape and lifestyle. Use these inspirational photos and ideas to plan your ideal fire pit patio. Just add family and friends for backyard fun that will spark lasting memories. With a fire pit patio, every day can feel like a vacation at home.

FAQs about Fire Pit Patios

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about adding a fire pit to your backyard patio:

What is the most popular fire pit shape?

  • Round fire pits are the most popular shape as they emit heat and light evenly in all directions. Circular builds also simplify constructing a surround.

What is the safest fire pit fuel source?

  • Gas fire pits are the safest fuel type choice if you have small children or pets, as they don’t emit hot embers. Propane and natural gas produce less smoke than wood fires.

What distance should a fire pit be from a house?

  • It’s recommended to place a fire pit at least 10 feet away from any building, fence, trees, furniture, or other combustible items. Check your local codes for required distances.

How much patio space does a fire pit need?

  • Plan for a fire pit area of at least 15 feet in diameter to allow ample room for seating and circulation around it. Size it proportionately to your overall patio footprint.

What patio materials work best around fire?

  • Fire-resistant materials like stone, concrete, brick, and porcelain pavers make ideal surfaces around fire pits. Avoid flammable deck boards, patio rugs, and wood surfaces.

Can a fire pit go on a wood deck?

  • No, we don’t recommend placing any type of fire pit directly on a wood deck or balcony. Heat and embers pose a fire hazard.

What permits are needed for a patio fire pit?

  • If you live within city limits, check with your local codes department to see if any permits are required before installing a new fire feature in your yard.

Does a fire pit need a chimney?

  • Fire pits that are wood or gel burning do not require a chimney. Only permanent gas fire pit installations need ventilation per code. Adding a chimney to a wood-burning fire pit can help control smoke.

How much seating should surround a fire pit?

  • Plan for seating at least 6 to 10 people comfortably around your fire pit. Curved bench seating can maximize capacity. Place chairs across from each other to encourage conversation.

What can I use instead of a fire pit?

  • If open fires are prohibited in your area, outdoor heat lamps and patio heaters offer heating alternatives to enjoy cooler evenings outdoors.

I hope these inspiring ideas have sparked creativity for designing your ideal patio fire pit! Let these examples help guide your layout, fire pit selection, and decorative touches as you create an enticing backyard retreat perfect for making happy memories.


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