30 Dining Room Storage Ideas You’ll Wish You Saw Sooner

A dining room serves as more than just a place to eat. It’s where you gather with family and friends to connect over meals and conversation. But dining rooms tend to accumulate clutter, which can make them feel chaotic and cramped.

Clever storage solutions can help maximize your dining space by keeping essentials organized and out of sight. With a little creativity, you can transform your dining room into an inviting area that’s functional, tidy and aesthetically pleasing.

We’ve rounded up 30 smart dining room storage ideas to help you declutter your space and keep it neat. From built-ins like hutches and sideboards to freestanding solutions like cabinets and shelves, there are plenty of options to suit your style and storage needs.

Utilize the Wall Space Above Your Dining Table

The space above your dining table is prime real estate for storing and displaying dining room essentials. Here are some ways to take advantage of this often underutilized area:

1. Mount Shelving

Installing floating shelves or wall-mounted shelving above the dining table is a space-savvy way to store and display decor items, serving ware, and other dining essentials. Stagger shelves at different heights for visual interest. Glass-fronted cabinetry also works beautifully to keep items dust-free while still showing them off.

2. Hang a Grid Gallery

An art grid gallery wall above the dining table is a great way to exhibit treasured items like decorative plates, framed photos, and art prints. Mix up the sizes and frames for lots of visual texture.

3. Use a Hanging Wine Glass Rack

Free up cabinet space by storing wine glasses or other drinkware in a hanging rack installed above the dining table. Opt for a rack with a simple design to complement your decor.

4. Add Sconces for Ambient Lighting

Install stylish sconces or pendant lights above the dining table to provide soft, ambient lighting for meals. Go for whimsical, sculptural fixtures to double as eye-catching decorative elements.

Incorporate Hutches for Display and Storage

The cabinetry and shelving of a hutch provide ample storage and display space. Place a hutch against the dining room wall or behind the table.

5. Built-In China Hutch

For a custom look, opt for a hutch that’s built directly into the dining room wall. Outfit with glass door cabinetry to show off china, glassware and serving pieces. Add interior lighting for drama.

6. Vintage Sideboard Hutch

A repurposed vintage sideboard buffet with hutch cabinets on top makes a great dining room storage piece. The mix of materials like wood, glass and metal lend rustic character.

7. Modern Glass-Front Hutch

Hutches with sleek glass-front cabinets and polished metal hardware have a contemporary vibe. Use one to store dining linens, silverware and accent decor.

8. Rustic Wood Hutch

A reclaimed wood hutch offers cottage charm. The open shelving keeps everyday dinnerware within reach. Add baskets for a casual feel.

Use Dining Room Cabinets

Cabinets provide concealed storage to tuck away dining room clutter. Place cabinetry along the walls or incorporate it into buffets.

9. Built-In Cabinetry with Wine Storage

Custom built-in cabinetry with designated wine storage is a luxe dining room addition. Include glass-front cabinet doors to showcase barware and stemware.

10. China Cabinet

A dedicated china cabinet with interior lighting is ideal for protecting breakable serveware like china and crystal. Glass doors allow the contents to shine.

11. Dining Buffet with Storage

A long, low buffet placed against the wall makes a perfect spot to store linens, silverware and extra serving pieces within cabinetry and drawers.

12. Antique Cabinet Display

Turn an antique cabinet like an apothecary chest into a unique dining room storage piece. Use it to display collectibles and accent decor.

Use Sideboards for Serving and Storage

Sideboards are designed for both storage and serving food, making them a dining room essential. Place one with cabinets to hold tableware and entertaining supplies.

13. Modern Low Sideboard

The long horizontal lines of a low, modern sideboard are perfect for placing behind a sofa or under a window to double as a console table when not being used for dining.

14. Mid-Century Sideboard

A wood sideboard in earth tones with metal tapered legs has chic retro style. Use it to store barware, linens and extra dishware.

15. Mirrored Sideboard

A vintage-inspired sideboard with inset mirrored panels has retro glamour. The reflection gives the illusion of more space.

16. Rustic Farmhouse Sideboard

Distressed wood sideboards with an antique white finish and visible wood grain have casual farmhouse appeal. Style with baskets and neutral dinnerware.

Use Dining Room Shelving

Open shelving is great for displaying decor in the dining area. Mix wall-mounted and freestanding shelving for lots of storage potential.

17. Built-In Wall Niche with Shelving

Inset shelving in a dining room wall niche provides display space. Style with decorative bowls, framed art and candles. Add small rope lights for a cozy glow.

18. Ladder Shelf Bookcase

A slim wooden ladder shelf placed against the wall makes an excellent bookcase. It can also be used to show off glassware, ceramics and other treasures.

19. Window Box Shelves

Mount wooden window boxes below dining room windows to create narrow floating shelves. They’re perfect for displaying small potted plants and votives.

20. Metal & Wood Étagère

An artful iron and wood étagère stacked with decorative plates, vases and glassware brings visual texture to bare walls. Opt for one with wheels for easy rearranging.

Make Use of Small Dining Room Wall Spaces

Take advantage of the narrow spaces between windows, doorways and corners with these clever small storage ideas:

21. Wall-Mounted Utensil Rack

Keep cooking utensils at the ready by mounting a wall rack near the dining space. Opt for an open metal design so utensils are easily accessible.

22. Wall-Mounted Spice Rack

Install wall-mounted spice racks for handy seasoning storage while cooking and prepping meals in the dining area. Place near the prep zone.

23. Floating Corner Shelves

Take advantage of wasted corner space by installing floating corner shelves. Use them to stash condiments, cookbooks or decor.

24. Narrow Table Behind Doorway

Tuck a narrow console table or shelving unit behind a doorway or at room openings. Top with table lamps, plants and accent pieces.

Embrace Freestanding Dining Room Storage

Freestanding storage furnishings help divide open floor plans and provide storage wherever it’s needed most.

25. Breakfast Bar Cart

A wheeled bar cart tucked beside the dining table keeps coffee, wine, glassware and other essentials at your fingertips. It’s easy to roll out of the way when not in use.

26. Compact Dining Room Cabinet

Small dining rooms benefit from compact storage cabinets on casters. Stash serving essentials inside, then roll into a corner or closet when dinner is done.

27. Dining Room Curio Cabinet

A glass-front curio cabinet allows you to elegantly display treasured dishware and accent decor. Place one near the table for easy access.

28. Rattan Storage Trunk

A woven rattan storage trunk with a lift-up lid adds natural texture. Use it to stow extra dining linens and seasonal serving pieces.

Get Creative with Dining Room Wall Storage

Take dining storage up the wall with these unique storage designs:

29. Plate Wall Display

Make use of wall space by mounting decorative plates and platters in a creative arrangement. Add plates gradually for a collected look.

30. Wall-Mounted Wine Rack

Keep wine stored properly with a wall-mounted rack installed near the dining area. Opt for one with a contemporary design that complements your decor.

Dining Room Storage FAQs

What are some good items to store in a dining room hutch?

Hutches are great for storing china, glassware, linens, silverware and serving platters. The enclosed cabinets keep these dining essentials protected from dust and spills.

Where should I place a sideboard in my dining room?

Position a sideboard against a wall near the dining space, floating behind a table or in an adjacent open concept room. Sideboards look attractive placed under artwork or windows.

What should I store in a dining room buffet?

Buffets are ideal for storing large serving platters, extra dinner plates, glassware, wine bottles, linens, silverware and seasonal dining items like candlesticks and table decor.

What can I use to decorate wall space around the dining table?

Wall space around a dining table is perfect for mounting shelving, wall art, floating cabinets, sconces, wine glass racks, plate displays and spice racks.

How can I incorporate dining storage in a small space?

Opt for narrow shelving units, compact cabinets with hidden storage, a rolling bar cart, or wall-mounted racks and shelves to maximize storage in a small dining room.


Clever storage is key to keeping dining rooms organized and clutter-free. With inventive shelving systems, cabinetry, sideboards and other furnishings, you can maximize every inch of available space. Use the ideas in this guide to find dining storage solutions that complement your decor and keep daily dining essentials at your fingertips.

Incorporating functional storage into your dining room allows you to tidy up clutter while showcasing beautiful dinnerware, serveware and accents. Turn to storage solutions like hutches, sideboards and wall shelving to create a dining space that’s just as lovely as the meals enjoyed there. With a well-organized, optimized dining room, you’ll wish you discovered these helpful storage ideas sooner!