30 Cabinet Storage Ideas to Refresh Your Kitchen

A clean, organized kitchen is the dream for many homeowners. But over time, cabinets can become cluttered and chaotict. Implementing some smart storage solutions can make a world of difference in creating a tidy and refreshed kitchen space. Here are 30 clever cabinet organization ideas to help maximize your kitchen’s storage potential.

Evaluate Your Storage Needs

Before implementing any new organization systems, take stock of your existing cabinet space and storage needs. Consider the following:

  • What are the problem areas? Identify cabinets or drawers that are cluttered, overstuffed or difficult to access.
  • What types of items do you need to store? Bakeware, dishes, food staples, small appliances and more will impact your storage requirements.
  • How much space do you have to work with? Measure shelves, cabinet depths, drawer dimensions and overall kitchen layout.

Knowing what needs to be stored and the confines of your existing cabinet footprint will inform your organization plan. Edit ruthlessly and decide what can be donated, repurposed or removed to create more space.

Pantry Storage Ideas

The pantry is a major kitchen storage zone. Keep it clean and tidy with these tips:

Install pull-out drawers

Swapping out existing pantry shelves for pull-out drawers creates easy access to items in the back that normally get buried. Opt for drawers with sturdy full-extension slides and dividers to customize compartments.

Use slide-out bins

Slide-out plastic bins are great for keeping food staples separated and neatly organized. Label the fronts so you can easily see contents.

Utilize vertical space

Install floor-to-ceiling shelving or add a second shelf above eye level to take advantage of vertical storage space in pantries. Turntables or multi-tiered storage can multiply usable area.

Add hooks for utensils

Use hooks on the backs of doors or sides of shelves to hang utensils like spatulas, whisks and ladles. This clears out drawer space and keeps tools visible and within reach.

Cabinet Organizers for Plates and Bowls

Stacking plates, bowls and saucers in cabinets often leads to scratches, chips and general disarray. Here are handy solutions:

  • Plate racks or slots allow you to neatly stand plates upright, taking up less space.
  • Plate dividers or inserts stack plates tidily while keeping them safely separated.
  • Tiered plate stands double your vertical storage – great for oversized platters and bowls.
  • Plate hanging racks installed on cabinet doors maximize space and provide easy access.

Smart Kitchen Drawer Organizers

Drawers crammed with a jumbled mess of tools and cooking gear are frustrating. Sort contents into smart organizers:

  • Cutlery dividers have slots or compartments for neatly arranging silverware.
  • Utensil organizers with sections for spatulas, serving spoons and more will transform chaotic tool drawers.
  • Use drawer inserts to add smaller subdivisions perfect for storing herbs and spices, foil, etc.
  • Expandable bamboo drawer dividers are adjustable to fit your needs.

Pull-Out Cabinet Storage Solutions

Cabinets that house dishes, pots and pans often end up stacked in a precarious, hard-to-reach jumble. Install pull-outs:

  • Full extension drawer glides allow you to access items at the back of deep cabinets with ease.
  • Tiered pull out shelves double your usable storage space for large cookware and bakeware.
  • Corner cabinet lazy susans create functional storage for awkward diagonal cabinet spaces.
  • Pull-out cabinet racks allow you to view and access all those dishes and glasses neatly stacked upright.

Clever Under-Cabinet Storage Ideas

Use the empty space under cabinets for extra storage:

  • Mount a tension rod horizontally under a cabinet to hang utensils, baking pans, cutting boards, etc.
  • Adhesive hooks or racks stick onto the underside of cabinets to hang mugs, cleaning bottles or hand towels.
  • Install pull-out vertical drawers in blind corner spaces for spices, packets and other small goods.
  • An under-cabinet paper towel holder frees up space elsewhere while keeping paper towels handy.

Kitchen Cabinet Door Storage Solutions

Take advantage of cabinet door storage opportunities:

  • Use adhesive or clip-on bins inside cabinet doors to hold packages and bottles vertically.
  • Install hooks or racks on the backs of doors to hang coffee mugs, pots and pans.
  • Try self-adhesive mesh pockets to store cleaning supplies, scrub brushes, sponges and more.
  • Shelves or baskets that hang over cabinet doors create perfect storage for spices, oils and other kitchen items.

Storage Ideas for Pots and Pans

Keep pots, pans and lids organized with these solutions:

  • Vertical pan racks mounted inside cabinet doors allow you to store pans of different sizes neatly while clearing cabinet shelf space.
  • Pull-out metal pan organizers with tiered racks keep cookware accessible and organized even in deep cabinets.
  • Magnetic pan racks installed on walls or inside cabinet sides allow for pots, lids and utensils to be stored together.
  • Hanging pot racks free up cabinet space and provide easy access to essential cookware.

Smart Storage for Spices and Dry Goods

Bring order to the chaos of spice bottles, dried goods and other small kitchen items. Consider:

  • Mini tension rods stretched across cabinet shelves create mid-shelf space for smaller bottles and jars.
  • Wall-mounted or freestanding spice racks keep spices visible and within reach while clearing drawer space.
  • Turntables and multi-tiered shelves double storage real estate for small goods.
  • Slide-out trays and tilt-out bins make items otherwise buried in back accessible.
  • Arrange spices and other items alphabetically so they are easy to find.

Clever Uses for Dead Cabinet Space

Take advantage of the odd gaps and spaces in your cabinets:

  • Install small trays, baskets or shelves to hold items like tea bags, protein bars and other non-perishables.
  • Stick storage bins vertically into narrow gaps to hold oil bottles, cleaning supplies, etc.
  • Use a tension rod with clips across a dead space for cutting boards, cookie sheets or other flat items.
  • Shelves mounted to the insides of cabinet doors become perfect storage for small jars, hand towels, etc.

Storage Strategies for Baking Supplies

Specialized storage is a must for the avid baker:

  • Acrylic or metal baking sheet organizers stand sheets upright and divider rods keep them neatly separated.
  • Open metal bakeware racks allow air circulation and visibility for all those pans.
  • Vertical formed plastic cookie sheet organizers protect sheets from scratches.
  • A freestanding rack on the counter provides handy access to most-used pans and trays.
  • Configure a pull-out pantry cabinet just for baking staples like flour, sugar, chocolate chips, etc.

Clever Cabinet Storage for Food Storage Containers

Plastic food containers can be a jumbled mess in cabinets. Organize them neatly with these tips:

  • Group containers by size and store them stacked vertically using risers or small trays if necessary.
  • Designate one or more shallow drawers just for lids, so you can easily find the right one.
  • Use sturdy drawer dividers to neatly separate and stand containers upright.
  • Acrylic vertical holders store container lids tidily while maximizing space.
  • Slide-out cabinet trays allow you to easily pull out stacks of containers.

Optimizing Cabinet Space for Appliances

Safely stowing small appliances while keeping them accessible can be tricky. Strategize with:

  • A rolling multi-tiered cart to store appliances like the mixer, blender and toaster oven. Roll it out when needed.
  • Pull-out cabinet trays allow you to smoothly access that heavy food processor or bulky panini press stashed in back.
  • Incorporate vertical storage space with wall-mounted racks for appliances like the coffee maker or stand mixer.
  • Store appliances inside cabinets fitted with full extension drawer glides for easy access.

Extra Storage Solutions for Dishes and Glassware

Large dish collections often require creative storage solutions:

  • Vertical plate racks double your dish storage capacity.
  • Glass-front cabinets fitted with LED lighting transform dishes into decorative displays.
  • Plate hooks installed under wall cabinets or shelves create bonus storage space.
  • For beautiful glassware, open shelving or glass-door cabinets show it off while keeping it dust free.
  • Make use of high spaces with raised dish racks over cabinets or shelving.

Maximizing Kitchen Corner Storage

Take advantage of wasted corner space with:

  • A blind corner turntable provides full access to items stashed in hard-to-reach cabinet corners.
  • Multi-tiered corner shelves double usable space in tight corners.
  • Corner cabinet lazy susans spin food, dishes or cookware within easy reach.
  • Diagonal corner shelving transforms useless space into display and storage real estate.

Optimizing Storage for a Small Kitchen

When dealing with limited space, storage strategy is key. Useful tips include:

  • Use wall-mounted magnetic strips and vertical holders for knives, utensils and other metal tools to clear out drawers.
  • Install ceiling-height narrow shelving units for glassware and dishes to double storage space.
  • Take advantage of under-cabinet storage potential with hanging racks and bins.
  • Multipurpose carts like a microwave cart with storage cubbies increase storage flexibility.
  • Edit ruthlessly and limit dish sets, appliances and other space hogs to only essentials.

Best Practices for Organized Cabinets

To make your refreshed kitchen cabinets look AND stay organized:

  • Label everything clearly so family members can put things back properly.
  • Group like items together – dishes, pans, food staples, etc.
  • Store by category rather than by size or shape when possible.
  • Frequently purge unused or unneeded items to avoid clutter.
  • If you stack items, use risers or dividers to neatly separate them.
  • Pull out cabinets and give them a wipe down regularly to keep fresh.


Implementing some of these organizational solutions can help transform wasted and cluttered cabinet space into smart, accessible and tidy storage. Evaluating your needs, editing useless items and incorporating specialized storage systems allows you to make the most of your existing cabinet footprint for a refreshed, decluttered kitchen. Which of these storage ideas are you excited to try in your own kitchen?

Frequently Asked Questions about Cabinet Storage Ideas to Refresh Your Kitchen

Here are some common questions about refreshing and organizing kitchen cabinet storage:

What are some basic tips for organizing kitchen cabinets?

Some basic tips include: decluttering unused items, grouping like items together, labeling contents clearly, using organizational tools like trays and dividers, purging items you don’t use regularly, and cleaning cabinets out frequently.

How do I add more usable storage space to my existing cabinets?

Adding pull-out shelves, extra shelves or racks, door racks, spinning lazy susans, and vertical storage solutions are great ways to add substantial space without replacing cabinets.

What are some good storage ideas for dishes and glassware?

Using vertical dish racks, installing extra shelving, plate racks or hooks, displaying glassware in glass-front cabinets with lighting, and designating upper cabinets for dishes and glassware are great ideas.

How can I better organize my pots, pans and lids?

Vertical pan racks, mounted magnetic racks, pull-out pan organizers, pot racks, and lid racks can help keep cookware organized and accessible. Store pans nested with lids nearby.

What are some ways to maximize corner cabinet storage?

Lazy susans, turntables, multi-tiered shelving, diagonal shelves, and corner cabinets with specialized storage systems help maximize tricky corner spaces.

What are some smart ideas for storing spice bottles and dry goods?

Using mini tension rods on shelves, mounted or counter spice racks, turntables, alphabetical organization, slide-out trays, tilt-out bins and multi-tiered storage help keep small goods tidy.

How can I make better use of under-cabinet and cabinet door storage?

Adhesive hooks, racks and bins, door shelves, hanging racks or baskets, and vertical drawer storage let you utilize previously empty hidden spaces.

What are your best tips for a small kitchen?

Focus on multi-purpose furniture like rolling carts, maximize vertical storage with tall narrow units, utilize under-cabinet potential, limit dish sets and avoid bulky appliances. Edit non-essentials.

I hope these cabinet storage ideas and tips help you tackle your kitchen organization project! Let me know if you have any other questions.


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