25 Towel Display Ideas for Stylish Storage

Keeping towels organized and easily accessible in the bathroom can be a challenge. With limited storage space, it’s important to make the most of every inch. Choosing the right towel storage can make the bathroom feel more polished and put-together. Whether open shelving, cabinetry, hooks or creative solutions, there are many stylish ways to neatly store towels for any bathroom aesthetic.

Utilize Wall Space with Creative Towel Racks and Shelves

One of the best ways to maximize storage and style in the bathroom is to utilize vertical wall space. Installing floating shelves or towel racks is an easy way to neatly display towels while adding visual interest to blank walls.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are available in a variety of materials such as wood, metal or tempered glass. Opt for wider shelves to neatly fold towels or more narrow options to display rolled towels. Shelves can be mounted at varying heights for a visually appealing, asymmetrical look. For a cohesive aesthetic, choose shelves that complement the room’s color scheme and materials. Floating shelves are ideal for displaying guest towels or coordinating sets of towels.

Towel Racks and Towel Bars

Towel racks and bars allow you to hang towels for easy access. Choose from simple metal bars, rustic wood towel racks or sleek, modern designs. For ample hanging room, install a towel rack that extends the width of the wall. Multiple towel bars in different finishes can also provide designated space for each family member. Towel racks are perfect for daily use towels.

Ladder Towel Racks

Ladder-style towel racks provide plenty of bars for hanging multiple towels. The ladder design adds visual interest and a fun focal point. For easy access, mount a ladder rack on a wall near the shower or tub. Choose a size that fits the space and a material like wood, metal or bamboo. For a unified look, select a finish like matte black that complements other bathroom fixtures and hardware.

Stylish Storage Solutions for the Shower

The shower area provides a prime spot to keep towels within arm’s reach. With the steamy environment, proper storage is key to keeping towels dry and preventing mildew. These solutions keep towels handy while adding style to the shower itself.

Built-In Shower Niches

Recessed shower niches built into the tile or surround provide dedicated towel storage inside the shower. Integrating custom tile niches during a bathroom remodel is an easy way to add specialized storage nooks. Opt for wider niches to neatly fold bath towels or more narrow slots to store hand towels or washcloths. Choose locations conveniently within reach for easy access.

Suction Cup Shower Caddies

Adhesive shower caddies provide quick and affordable storage with removable suction cups. Choose over-the-showerhead options to maximize floor space or corner-mounted caddies. Select a shower caddy with multiple shelves or rods for optimal towel storage. Suction cup caddies allow you to easily change up the location.

Hanging Shower Caddies

Hanging shower caddies mount to the shower head or pipe to add storage without taking up floor space. Choose a compact caddy for a single shower towel or larger shelves that can hold multiple folded towels. Opt for a hanging caddy with hooks on the bottom for washcloths and razors. Wire mesh, canvas or stainless steel caddies resist moisture and provide quick drying.

Neatly Fold and Display Towels on Open Shelving

If the bathroom layout allows, open shelving can provide beautiful display space for neatly folded towels in the spa-like style of boutique hotels.

Wooden Ledges or Shelves

Wood shelves and ledges provide an earthy material that pairs well with ceramics and plant accents. Stain the wood in a light or dark finish to complement the vanity and other wood tones in the bathroom. Opt for a long ledge over the toilet to display guest towels or smaller shelves on the wall.

Metal Wire Shelving Units

The airiness of wire shelving creates an open, modern look when styled with neatly folded cotton towels. Metal finishes like matte black or brass can add some polish. Maintain a minimalist aesthetic by keeping the shelves sparingly styled. Wire shelves are easy to clean and resist moisture.

Clear Acrylic Shelves

Acrylic is a stunning material that creates see-through shelves perfect for displaying bright, colorful towels. The transparent acrylic maintains an airy, open look. LED lighting installed under acrylic shelving can create a cool, contemporary vibe. Acrylic is moisture-resistant and easy to wipe clean.

Creative Towel Storage for Small Spaces

In a compact bathroom, it can be challenging to find room for towels. Get creative with these storage solutions to maximize every inch of space.

Under-Sink Towel Cabinets

Many small bathrooms lack linen closets, so under-sink cabinets provide the perfect towel storage solution. Choose a sink base cabinet with plenty of depth and add roll-out trays, stackable bins or built-in compartments to neatly organize towels. Keep the space looking polished with concealed storage behind closed doors.

Over-the-Toilet Shelves

Over-the-toilet storage is an often overlooked space that can provide a dedicated spot for folded towels. Choose a shelf with a towel bar to maximize vertical storage. Opt for a shelf large enough to neatly fold bath towels without crowding. Close off the shelf with doors or curtains to conceal the contents.

Slim Rolling Carts

A rolling cart on casters can easily tuck beside the vanity or next to the shower for portable storage. Look for narrow carts less than 12 inches wide to fit in tight spots. Opt for a tall, multi-tiered cart to hold plenty of towels. Keep the cart looking neat with baskets or fabric bins for organization. Easily roll it out of sight into the corner when not in use.

Create a Coordinate Towel Storage Station

Designing a dedicated towel station with coordinating pieces creates a stylish focal point in the bathroom. While providing storage, it also adds spa-like character.

Mounted Box Shelves

Combine a set of matching box shelves mounted asymmetrically on the wall to create tailored spaces for neatly rolling or folding towels. Choose sleek, modern designs or rustic crates for a casual vibe. Continue the aesthetic with accessories like ceramics, greenery, framed art or pendant lighting over the shelves.

Mix-and-Match Storage Ladder

A storage ladder adds a charming, industrial vibe while providing plenty of bar storage for hanging towels. Mount the ladder horizontally on the wall and combine with a wall shelf or two. Include different sizes and finishes of shelves, crates or medicine cabinets to create visual interest. Continue layering in towel accessories, greenery and wall art.

Furniture-Style Towel Rack

For a unique focal point, install a furniture-style towel rack, like those made from salvaged wood or antique-inspired metal. Pair it with a narrow console table underneath to create a furniture vignette for neatly folded towels. Include ceramic vessels, framed prints and potted succulents to coordinate with the rack.

Keep Stylish Cabinets Organized with Interior Storage Solutions

While closed cabinets keep towels concealed, the contents can easily turn into a jumbled mess inside. Include these storage solutions within cabinets for tidy and accessible towel storage.

Pull-Out Towel Rods

Install pull-out metal towel rods inside bathroom vanity cabinets to efficiently use the vertical space. Fold towels and slide them over the towel rods. The retractable rods give you easy access to towels without digging.

Rolling Shelves

Rolling shelves inside cabinets glide smoothly on integrated tracks, making it easy to access items in the back. Neatly arrange folded towels and toiletries on the shelves. When rolled out, the shelves provide a quick view of everything stored inside.

Divided Drawers

Opt for vanity drawers with built-in dividers to keep different-sized towels separated and organized. Designate divided cubbies for each family member or type of towel. The compartments keep the drawer looking orderly.

Tiered Storage Trays

Tiered trays are designed to hold a variety of items neatly in a stack. The divided plastic or rattan trays slide in and out of cabinets smoothly. Use them to store differently folded and rolled towels upright and separated. Stack the trays to maximize vertical cabinet space.

Display Towels in the Open with Wall-Mounted Ladder

A wall-mounted ladder adds unique industrial flair while providing open and easy-to-grab access to towels in the bathroom. For a unified look, choose a ladder style that coordinates with other bathroom finishes like matte black hardware or vintage wood tones.

Entryway-Style Towel Ladder

Extend a short ladder horizontally on the wall near the shower or tub for a convenient spot to toss damp towels after bathing. Opt for an entryway-style ladder with simple metal rungs. Fold towels and drape them over the rungs. Multiple family members can have designated rungs.

salvaged Wood Ladder

A rustic wood ladder adds natural character to the bath. Stain and seal the wood in a light or dark finish to coordinate with the vanity and other wood accents. Install it horizontally over the toilet or vertically on a side wall for rolling or folding towels over each rung.

Industrial Pipe Ladder

For an industrial look, an exposed-pipe ladder makes a cool statement. Opt for a matte black finish to match modern bath hardware and accessories. The pipe construction is great for wet areas. Roll or fold towels on each rung for an organized, yet artful display.

Decorate with Towel Origami

Folding towels into decorative shapes and designs adds a little artistry and whimsy to the bathroom. Displaying origami-style folded towels on open shelves or in baskets provides a pleasing focal point.

Simple Fan Fold

The classic fan fold is easy to master and looks great on display. Fold a rectangular towel in half lengthwise. Fold into thirds widthwise. Flip over and stand upright, spreading out the folds to form a fan shape.

Roll and Wrap

For another simple yet eye-catching fold, first tightly roll up the towel from long end to short end. Then bend into a U-shape, crossing the ends. Flip over and stand on the open end.

Pinwheel Fold

Fold a square towel into a triangle. Then fold into thirds lengthwise to make a long strip. Roll up from one short end. Wrap remaining fabric around the roll into a pinwheel coil.

Origami Cup Fold

Fold a square towel in half diagonally to make a triangle. Fold the corners down to meet the center point. Flip over and fold into thirds. Stand it up by separating the folds into a cup shape.

Pretty Ways to Display Rolled Towels

Rolling towels neatly and stacking them upright is an easy way to keep them organized and accessible. Placed in open containers, rolled towels look stylish and inviting.

Vertical Stand

Group rolled towels together vertically in a ceramic planter, metal bucket or woven basket. Choose a container wide enough to prevent the towels from falling over. Keep the presentation neat and unified.

Alternating Rolls

Stack rolled towels in an alternating pattern – 1 towel upright and 1 on its side. Place in a ceramic vase, velvet-lined box or wire basket. The alternating rolls create visual interest and are less prone to toppling.

Folded and Rolled

For a more polished look, neatly fold towels before rolling tightly and stacking upright together in an open bin or lidded hamper. The folded edges keep the rolls tidy and contained.

Stacked in a Caddy

A metal wire shower caddy with built-in shelves or rods provides a perfect place to neatly store rolled towels on display in the bathroom. Let each shelf hold a set of coordinating towels.

Conceal Towels with Style Using Furniture-Like Cabinets

For a clutter-free aesthetic, concealed towel storage keeps necessities like backup towels out of sight but easily accessible. Furniture-style cabinets with doors add style and polish.

Antique Armoires

Curvy, ornamental antique-inspired armoires offer ample storage for neatly folded and rolled towels. The solid wood construction and full-length doors keep contents hidden behind beautiful cabinetry. Opt for painted, distressed or wood grain finishes.

Modern Tower Cabinets

Tower cabinets provide vertical storage perfect for rolling and stacking towels or using pull-out organizers and trays inside the cabinet. Choose sleek, contemporary designs in materials like lacquered wood or glossy thermofoil.

Bathroom Wall Cabinets

Wall-mounted single and double door cabinets mount above the toilet for accessible storage. Opt for shallow depth cabinets to hold folded towels. Install coordinating pulls in metal finishes like matte black for a unified look. Keep the interior neatly organized with canvas bins.

Repurpose Furniture as Stylish Towel Storage

Give dated furniture new purpose with these creative ideas for one-of-a-kind towel storage that adds personality to the bath.

Vintage Dresser

Refinish and repurpose a vintage dresser into a bath-worthy storage piece. Use the dresser drawers to organize towels by type or family member. Style the dresser top with bath accessories. Place beside the vanity or shower.

Salvaged Crates

Line up a series of weathered wooden crates mounted vertically or horizontally on the wall to store rolled or folded towels. Choose crates in similar sizes with charm like old fruit or coffee crates. Keep them coordinated yet mismatched.

Retro Luggage Racks

Old vintage suitcases and luggage racks add a playful touch. Arrange them on the floor or wall to hold rolled or folded towels. Seek out retro favorites like steamer trunks, hat boxes and duffle bags.

Upcycled Kitchen Cart

Give an old kitchen baker’s rack, island cart or utility cart new life for towel storage. Use the shelves, racks and countertop to neatly fold and display towels. Addlocking casters to easily move it.

Neatly Store Towels Within Reach Using Hooks

Hooks provide a simple solution for keeping towels readily available in the bath. Hang hooks just about anywhere towels are needed. Coordinate finishes for a put together look.

Wall Hook Strips

Adhesive hooks instantly stick to the wall in arrangements such as vertical strips, creating plenty of space for hanging multiple towels in a tidy formation. Opt for large, strong hooks to hold the weight of wet towels.

Over-the-Door Hooks

Utilize the back of doors for hanging extra towels using removable over-the-door hooks. Choose a double hook style to hang bath towels and hand towels from a single unit. Close the door to keep the towels hidden from view.

Robe Hooks

Traditional round metal robe hooks conveniently allow towels to be hung on the wall or back of doors near the shower or bath. Opt for satin nickel, black or brass finishes to complement existing bathroom hardware.

Questions and Answers

What are some recommended materials for maintaining stylish and functional towel storage in moist bathroom environments?

Water-resistant materials are recommended for maintaining stylish towel storage that stands up to bathroom moisture. Metal finishes like brass, nickel, and stainless steel resist rust and corrosion. Durable options like bamboo, plastic, and coated wire shelving are great for open storage, while wood finishes like teak can be used for closed storage cabinets.

Where should you not store towels in the bathroom?

It’s best to avoid storing towels anywhere that allows prolonged direct exposure to moisture. This includes directly on top of radiators, inside showers, or underneath sinks and leaky plumbing. These extra damp areas can promote mildew growth in towels.

What are some tips for neatly folding towels for organized and aesthetic storage?

Fold towels using crisp, square folds for a tidy presentation. Maintain folded stacks with the folded edges facing out. Store sets of same-colored towels together. Alternate direction of hanging towels for easy access and visual appeal. Roll hand towels and washcloths tightly.

How do you add stylish yet functional towel storage to a bathroom with limited space?

For small bathrooms, make the most of vertical space with wall-mounted shelves, racks, and cabinets. Under-sink and over-toilet storage are also great options. Use slim rolling carts and furniture risers or plumbing pipe towel racks to provide floor space for rolled towels. Hooks on the walls or doors maximize hanging room.

What are some quick ways to incorporate stylish decorative towels into a bathroom?

Decorative towels can add a stylish touch rolled or folded atop floating shelves, folded on ladder rungs, or artfully displayed in ceramic vases. Origami-style folded towels and rolled towels in coordinating hues look pretty on open shelves. Use decorative towels in place of art above a decor-style wall towel rack or cabinet.


There are endless stylish options for keeping towels organized and out of sight in the bathroom. Take advantage of wall space with creative shelves, racks, and cabinets for accessible storage. Use furniture pieces and open containers to neatly display towels as decor. Keep small spaces tidy with specialized storage furniture and hooks. With the right combination of practical storage solutions and decorative display towels, it’s easy to maintain a beautiful, clutter-free bathroom.