25 Best Dresser Alternatives for a Stylish Bedroom

A dresser is a must-have for any bedroom. It provides essential storage for clothing, accessories, and more. However, dressers can also take up a lot of visual space. If you’re looking to open up your bedroom while still having ample storage, it’s worth exploring alternatives to a traditional dresser.

There are many creative options that provide hidden storage, take up less space, or have a sleeker, more modern aesthetic. With a little creativity, you can find pieces that still function as clothing storage but also elevate the style of your bedroom. Here are 25 of the best dresser alternatives for a stylish bedroom.

Stylish Clothing Racks

Clothing racks are one of the most direct dresser alternatives. They function similarly by holding clothing, but have a lighter footprint and more open visual design.

1. Industrial Pipe Clothing Rack

Industrial pipe clothing racks have a rustic, urban look from their black metal pipes. They’re available in different heights, widths, and configurations to work in your space. A pipe rack keeps clothes neat and visible while taking up less bedroom real estate than a dresser.

2. Modern Chrome Rack

For a sleeker look, try a clothing rack in shiny chrome. The metal bars have an airy feel that doesn’t crowd your space. Chrome gives racks a lighter, contemporary aesthetic. Position one in your bedroom or walk-in closet for easy outfit access.

3. Wooden Rack with Shelf

Racks with a built-in shelf add storage space above for folded garments. Wooden materials like bamboo or teak give a warm, organic look. The shelf means you can stack sweaters or other items on top of hanging clothes. A shelf rack combines a dresser’s folded storage with a rack’s lower footprint.

Clever Hidden Storage

Don’t want to see clutter but still need clothing storage? Hidden dresser alternatives keep necessities out of sight but still accessible.

4. Storage Ottoman

An upholstered ottoman with interior storage gives you a foot rest or extra seating that also holds clothing essentials. Look for ottomans with removable lids and large hollow insides. Position at the foot of your bed or with other living room furniture to conceal its clothing storage function.

5. Underbed Pull-Out Drawers

Another way to hide clothing storage is with pull-out underbed drawers. These large rolling drawers fit below your bed frame and come on casters for easy access. Keep pajamas, accessories, or off-season clothes organized under your bed and out of sight.

6. In-Closet Drawers

For walk-in closets, install custom drawers inside the closet itself. Built-ins can maximize every inch of available space. Opt for soft-closing drawers that slide neatly into cabinets flush with the closet walls. This hidden away storage keeps your bedroom less cluttered.

Freestanding Furniture Alternatives

These unconventional freestanding pieces give you dresser capabilities in a stylish package.

7. Entryway Console

Use an entryway console table for clothing storage in bedrooms. The long narrow design fits well against a wall or beside a bed. Console tables add style with metal legs, glass tops, or mirrored surfaces. Pick one with small drawers or shelves underneath for folded items.

8. Kitchen Cart

Kitchen carts aren’t just for cooking. These portable carts rolled into a bedroom offer removable baskets for laundry, wardrobe accessories, or more. The kitchen-inspired design with butcher block or stainless steel tops lends industrial flair. Carts move easily for rearranging rooms.

9. Armoires or Wardrobes

For substantial clothing storage, armoires or wardrobes act as full furniture pieces. Large wooden armoires have doors that hide shelves, drawers, and hanging space inside. The appealing exterior disguises major storage capacity for all your clothing.

10. Ladder Shelf

Ladder-style shelving leans elegantly against walls, holding folded clothing or accessories across its wooden steps. This lightweight furniture alternative has an airy, minimalist look. Match a ladder shelf’s warm wood tone to other bedroom pieces for a cohesive style.

Clever Built-Ins

Take advantage of unused nooks and crannies by customizing with these built-in storage ideas.

11. Closet Niche Shelves

Deep closets sometimes have an empty space above the hanging bar. Build customized shelving in this void, adding storage potential. Stack sweaters, jeans, or shoes on shelves sized to fill the niche. Make the space work for you.

12. Under-Window Storage Bench

Use the space under a window for clothing storage. Build a long bench with removable seat cushions on top. Inside, add drawers or cubbies to organize accessories. An under-window bench looks neat while also hiding storage.

13. Raised Bed Frame Drawers

Some bed frames have built-in drawers underneath the mattress base. Look for models with smooth-gliding drawers that telescope out for full use of the space. Built-in drawers keep bedroom items nearby but out of sight.

14. Recessed Wall Units

Recess shelving and cabinets directly into walls to gain square footage. This custom built-in look makes the most of unused areas. Integrate drawer stacks, shelves, and hardware for a functional storage wall.

Maximized Bedroom Storage

Make more of your existing bedroom storage with these savvy tips.

15. Organizers and Dividers

Insert stacking drawers or slide-out organizers inside dresser drawers to optimize the space. Use standing dividers, shelves and cubbies to categorize clothes, bags, socks and more. Maximizers keep your current storage neat.

16. Undergarment Organizers

Use hanging or hook-style organizers inside closets just for undergarments. Mounted wood or acrylic dividers keep lingerie, socks, and accessories separated within the small space. Utilize closet corners this way.

17. Clear Storage Containers

Keep dresser drawers tidy with clear plastic containers of various sizes. Label containers to quickly spot contents. Transparent bins let you see inside but corral small items.

18. Vacuum Storage Bags

Vacuum storage bags compress off-season clothing to save space. Use the vacuum seal on these bags to shrink sweaters, jackets, and clothes not in current rotation. This condenses their storage footprint.

19. Scarf/Accessory Hangers

Hang multiple scarves, belts, or ties from one hanger to get them off the dresser. Try clips, hooks, or rungs designed just for suspending these accessories in the closet. Grouped items take up less space.

20. Slim Hangers

Wide hangers mean clothes encroach on each other in the closet. Switch to slim velvet or wood hangers sized for shirts and dresses. Slim hangers let clothing hang straight and keep closets organized.

Creative Dresser Cover-Ups

If your current dresser is in good shape, use these styling tips to make it feel fresh and new.

21. Removable Wallpaper

Give dresser fronts a quick style update with peel-and-stick wallpaper. Choose patterns like faux wood grain, funky florals, or chic metallics. When you redecorate, this temporary paper removes easily.

22. Chalkboard Paint

Paint your dresser with chalkboard paint for a changeable look. The chalkboard finish lets you draw decorations, write notes, or tally clothing items. When you want a change, just erase the surface.

23. Wallpaper Inside

Dress up the inside of drawers using adhesive wallpaper or contact paper. Lining drawers transforms each one into a pretty surprise. Try a vivid print or color to brighten your dresser’s interior.

24. Drawer Knobs/Handles

Refresh dressers by switching out dated hardware for modern drawer knobs or handles. Update to crystal, chrome, brass or other on-trend materials. Make sure new handles have the same hole placement.

25. Wrap Dresser in Painted Plywood

For a colorful, smooth finish, wrap plywood around the dresser box. Apply coats of paint or lacquer to the wood before installing for a professional look. The framed plywood gives a built-in feel.

FAQs About Dresser Alternatives

What are some good alternatives to a traditional dresser for clothing storage?

Some excellent alternatives include clothing racks, ottomans, underbed drawers, in-closet built-ins, ladder shelves, kitchen carts, console tables, and customized shelving. These options provide creative storage while taking up less visual space than a standard dresser.

How can I add more storage to my bedroom without a dresser?

Maximize every bit of existing storage with dividers, organizers, slim hangers, and stacking bins. Install customized shelving in unused nooks and crannies. Use wall-mounted hooks creatively for bags, hats, belts and scarves. Take advantage of under-bed space with drawers.

What are easy ways to hide clothing storage in my bedroom?

For hidden clothing storage, use storage ottomans, underbed pull-out drawers on casters, built-in drawers inside closets, and window benches with lids. These concealed storage pieces keep clutter out of sight.

How do I make a dresser blend in better in my small bedroom?

To minimize a dresser visually, stick removable wallpaper on the front for camouflage. Paint the dresser the same color as walls for it to fade in. Cover the top with a table runner and decorative items. Propping art above the dresser also masks its bulk.

What are good dresser alternatives for small spaces?

Vertical options work well in small bedrooms, like hanging clothing racks, wooden ladder shelves, and narrow console tables. Storage beds and under-bed drawers also maximize unused space. Built-ins make use of awkward areas and allow customization.

Should I replace or refurbish my existing bedroom dresser?

If your dresser is high quality and structurally sound, a stylish refurbishing might be all you need. Sand and paint or stain the wood, replace hardware, line drawers, or decoupage the fronts for an updated look. Built-in storage could supplement it.


Dressers help keep bedrooms organized but can dominate decor. Luckily, there are now endless innovative storage solutions that provide lots of practical space while looking stylish. Use these dresser alternatives to give your bedroom just what you need in the footprint you have.

With options like concealed storage ottomans, space-saving racks, and customized built-ins, you can find the right storage approach for your room’s size and style. Think vertically with ladder shelves, utilize under-bed real estate, and take advantage of closet nooks. The possibilities are endless for keeping necessities handy while prevent a cluttered look.

Get creative with storage and transform how you use every inch of bedroom space. With the right combination of dresser alternatives, your room can feel just as functional yet look more spacious, neat and stylish. Experiment with these ideas and find the storage solution that really suits your space and needs.