24 DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas to Optimize Your Space

Having adequate and convenient storage in the bathroom can make a huge difference in its functionality and appearance. With a few DIY projects, you can maximize every inch of space for towels, toiletries, and other essentials. Getting creative with storage solutions will keep your bathroom clutter-free and organized.

Utilize Wall Space Above and Around the Toilet

The area above and around the toilet is often an overlooked spot for adding storage. Take advantage of this vacant space by installing shelving, cabinetry, or other storage solutions.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves mounted to the wall are a simple way to utilize the space above the toilet. Opt for sturdy wooden shelves in a finish that coordinates with your decor. Display folded towels, toilet paper rolls, small decorative items, or baskets. Just be sure to mount the shelves high enough so they do not interfere with the use of the toilet.

Narrow Cabinet

Consider placing a slim cabinet next to the toilet to store extra toilet paper rolls, air freshener, cleaning supplies, and other bathroom necessities. Choose a cabinet with doors to conceal the contents. Top the cabinet with a decorative basket or tray.

Corner Shelf

Take advantage of wasted corner space by installing a corner shelf above the toilet. This is the perfect spot to store small decorative plants, candles, or other accent pieces. Look for corner shelves with rails to prevent items from slipping off.

Add Storage Under the Sink

Maximize the space under your bathroom sink with storage caddies, cabinet organizers, or DIY solutions. This area is ideal for stashing extra toiletries, cleaning supplies, and first aid items.

Tiered Organizer

A tiered organizer instantly adds layers of storage under the sink. Look for one that matches the width of your sink cabinet. It can hold rolled towels, toilet paper, cleaning bottles, and more. Install drawer organizers inside cabinets for smaller items.

DIY Wood Crate

Wood crates are an easy, inexpensive DIY under sink storage solution. Measure the dimensions of your cabinet and use scrap wood to construct a crate that fits snugly inside. Sand and stain the wood to match your decor. Use the crate to corral towels, toiletries, and cleaning supplies.

Metal Shelf Organizer

Gain more space under the sink by installing a metal organizer shelf. Look for one with adjustable shelves to customize the storage. Use shelf dividers and bins to further organize toiletries and supplies.

Repurpose Ladders, Crates, and Baskets

Ladders, crates, and decorated baskets are go-to DIY storage solutions for a bathroom. Lean ladders against a wall, stack crates, or hang baskets from the wall to hold toilet paper, towels, bath accessories, plants, and more.

Leaning Ladder Shelf

Give an old wooden ladder new life as a bathroom storage shelf. Lean the ladder against a wall and use the rungs to hold rolled towels, toiletries, and decorative items. Paint or stain the ladder to match your style. Add hooks along the side rails for hanging washcloths or hand towels.

Stacked Crates

Wooden crates in varying sizes can be stacked on the floor next to the toilet or in a corner. Use the crates to store extra toilet paper, backup towels, magazines, or other bathroom necessities. Sand and stain the crates for a coordinated look. Label each crate using vinyl lettering or printable labels.

Macrame Hanging Baskets

Install a set of macrame plant hangers on the wall to hold small decorative baskets. Use the baskets to organize cotton balls, Q-tips, lotions, soaps, and more. Opt for baskets in natural fibers like rattan, bamboo, or seagrass. Add succulents or faux greenery to the macrame hangers.

Add Shelving Inside Cabinets

If your bathroom cabinets have a lot of wasted vertical space inside, install shelving to take advantage of every inch. This can double or triple your storage capacity.

DIY Cabinet Shelving

Customize your cabinet storage with DIY shelving using scrap boards and brackets. Measure the interior cabinet dimensions and cut boards to size. Stain the boards to match. Install with sturdy metal brackets. Add drawer dividers, small baskets, or bins to organize toiletries on the shelves.

Tension Pole Shelves

Tension pole shelves instantly add extra storage space inside bathroom cabinets. Cut the poles to fit the height of your cabinet. Slide adjustable shelves onto the poles to create tiers of storage. Use for folded towels and small toiletries.

Wall-Mounted Shelving

For a custom look, install wall-mounted shelving inside bathroom cabinets. Use boards cut to size and attach multiple floating shelves at various heights. Finish the shelves to blend with the cabinet interior. Use for toiletries, first aid supplies, cleaning products, and more.

Repurpose Cabinet Doors

Instead of discarding old cabinet doors during a bathroom remodel, repurpose them as handy storage solutions. Lean them against walls, hang them from the ceiling, or mount them to the wall for shelves or organizers.

Leaning Bath Organizer

Transform a cabinet door into a leaning bath organizer. Clean the door then paint or stain it. Mount hooks along the bottom to hang washcloths or hand towels. Lean the door against the wall near the tub or shower to hold shampoos, soaps, loofahs, and more.

Hanging Towel Rack

Cut a cabinet door down to size, paint or stain it, then hang it from the ceiling to make a towel rack. Install hooks along the bottom for hanging towels. Mount it above the tub or near the shower to have towels within easy reach.

Wall-Mounted Organizer

Screw repurposed cabinet doors onto the wall vertically to create a handy wall-mounted organizer. Use the cabinet door fronts as small shelves or cubbies to store towels, toilet paper, toiletries, and other bathroom necessities within easy reach.

Upgrade Doors with Storage Organizers

Turn the back of cabinet or closet doors into storage space. Install over-the-door organizers, hanging shelves, and more to take advantage of this often overlooked space.

Over-the-Door Organizer

An over-the-door organizer is a smart way to add storage behind a door. Look for ones made of mesh, canvas, or other breathable material so towels air dry. Use it to hang folded towels, pajamas, bathrobes, and other bathroom linens.

Hanging Shelves

Install hanging shelves on the back of a door to utilize all that vacant space. Opt for shelves large enough to hold toiletries, extra TP rolls, cleaning supplies, or folded linens. Attach hooks along the bottom of shelves to hang towels or bathrobes.

Door Caddy

Smaller items can be organized in a hanging door caddy. Look for one with multiple pockets to hold toiletries, brushes, makeup, medications, first aid supplies, and more. Hang it from a hook on the back of the door for easy access.

Optimize Vanity Storage

From drawers to organizers, optimize every inch of storage space available in and around your bathroom vanity. Neatly organize all your toiletries for a clutter-free vanity top.

Drawer Dividers

Maximize vanity drawers with dividers. Look for divider sets made specifically for drawers. Use them to neatly section off areas for makeup, skincare, hair supplies, medications, and more. Labels help identify each section.

Multi-Tier Organizers

Stackable acrylic organizers are perfect for creating defined spaces for small toiletries inside vanity drawers. Get a set of two to five drawers tall and customize as needed. Some slide onto vanity drawer racks.

Hanging Organizer

Hang a multi-pocket organizer inside the vanity cabinet door to utilize the back of the door. Use it to store makeup, brushes, skincare products, hair ties, Q-tips, and other small necessities. Keep essentials at your fingertips.

Undershelf Baskets

Install a shelf above the vanity then place small baskets on top to hold toiletries. Arrange by category, like hair care or dental products. The baskets can easily be removed as needed while keeping items neatly stored.

Repurpose Lids and Trays

Before tossing old food storage container lids and baking pans, consider repurposing them as crafty bathroom storage solutions. With a little creativity, these household items get new life as DIY organizers.

Lid Organizer

Plastic food container lids screwed onto a piece of scrap wood or board make an instant organizer for small bathroom items. Arrange lids by size and use them to neatly store Q-tips, cotton balls, hair ties, bobby pins, and more.

Shower Tray Caddy

An aluminum baking tray can be transformed into a shower caddy. Use strong adhesive to attach a handle. Decorate the interior with adhesive liner or tiles. Use it to hold shampoos, conditioner, soap, and other shower essentials. Hang from a shower rod or place on a corner ledge.

Tiered Lid Shelves

A vertical row of plastic lids screwed onto a board creates handy wall-mounted storage for small items. Stagger lids by size and use the DIY shelving to neatly organize cotton swabs, cotton balls, single-use dental flossers, and more.

Take Advantage of Wall Space

From wall-mounted shelving to hanging organizers, make use of vertical wall space to create storage. Optimize the empty walls in your bathroom with these DIY ideas.

Ladder Shelf

A wooden ladder shelf leaned against the wall adds industrial style while providing open storage. Use it to display rolled towels, tissue boxes, plants, candles, and decor. Paint or stain the ladder to match your aesthetic. Add railings for safety.

Floating Box Shelves

Construct floating box shelves from pine boards and dowels then mount them on the wall. Stain or paint the shelves to match. The open shelves are perfect for storing neatly folded towels, toilet paper, extra hand soaps, small decorative items, and more.

Wall-Mounted Baskets

Hang small woven baskets on the wall using decorative hooks. Use them to organize cotton balls, swabs, lotions, soaps, toothbrush holders, and other small necessities. Stagger at different heights for a visually appealing and functional display.

Repurpose Everyday Items

Give new life to common household items by transforming them into bathroom storage and organization solutions. Get creative with the materials you already have on hand.

Bottle Caddy from Wire Rack

Transform an old wire cooling rack into a wall-mounted bottle caddy. Hang it using heavy duty hooks then slide in upright bottles of shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, and more. Place near the shower or tub for easy access.

Canister Organizers from Jars

Wash and dry out any glass food jars with lids. Arrange them on a bathroom shelf to hold Q-tips, cotton balls, etc. Spray paint lids a contrasting color for a cute organizer set. The jars can be easily cleaned as needed.

Mason Jar Organizer

Mason jars are perfect for bathroom storage. Mount a board horizontally on the wall with a row of jars screwed in place to make an instant organizer. Use jars to store cotton swabs, cotton balls, single use flossers, bobby pins, etc. Add chalkboard labels.

Get Creative with Unconventional Storage

Think outside the box and utilize unexpected items as innovative storage solutions for your bathroom. From a desk organizer to ice cube trays, these unique ideas maximize space.

Desk Organizer Drawers

Install a used office desk organizer vertically on the wall. The small drawers are ideal for holding nail clippers, tweezers, makeup brushes, cotton swabs, and more. Label each drawer for easy organization.

Pegboard Tool Organizer

A section of pegboard transforms into a handy organizer. Adhere small shelves, hooks, and baskets from a hardware store pegboard display to hold toiletries. Mount on the wall or inside a cabinet door.

Plastic Ice Cube Trays

Reuse old plastic ice cube trays to organize small items like bobby pins, hair elastics, rings, earrings, and more. Stack multiple trays together or place them in a drawer divider. They can also hang from hooks.

Display Decoratively with Bookcases

Incorporate extra storage into your bathroom decor with a bookcase. Style open shelves with neatly folded linens, decorative baskets, and coordinating accessories for a functional and fashionable storage solution.

Ladder Bookcase

Lean a short ladder bookcase against the wall for open storage and display. Fold cotton washcloths and arrange them standing upright on the shelves. Place decorative baskets or bins on the shelves for a coordinated look.

Floating Corner Shelves

Install floating corner shelves to utilize awkward empty space. Fold towels and line them along the shelves. Incorporate framed artwork and greenery for a decorative accent. The corner shelves keep necessities within reach.

Industrial Pipe Shelves

A shelving unit made from industrial piping and wood adds contemporary rustic style. Arrange neatly rolled towels on the open shelves alongside potted succulents, framed prints, or candles for spa-like decor.

Organize with Style Using Bins and Baskets

Bathrooms short on space can benefit from the addition of bins, baskets, and other decorative holders to keep necessities organized and out of sight. Choose bins to coordinate with your decor.

Woven Baskets Under Sink

Slide woven baskets under the bathroom sink to hide toiletries and supplies. Choose baskets in natural fibers like seagrass, bamboo, or rattan. Use baskets in varying sizes to hold items upright. Label the fronts if needed.

Soft Fabric Bins

Keep spare towels organized in stacks of fabric covered bins. Choose bins with handles in soft, washable fabrics like cotton, linen, or microfiber. Store them out of sight in cabinets or closets and pull them out when needed.

Slim Metal Bins

Mount metal bins to the wall to hold toilet paper rolls, tissues, and other bathroom necessities. Opt for slim, open bins to maximize storage while keeping items visible. Label the front of each bin using vinyl lettering.

Maximize Small Spaces Creatively

Make the most of tight bathroom spaces with these clever storage ideas. From narrow shelving to adjustable organizers, these options cater to the smallest bathrooms.

Slim Rolling Cart

A narrow cart on wheels fits perfectly in tight spaces like beside the toilet or next to the shower. Find one with two or three tiered shelves to hold toiletries, extra TP, hand towels, and other necessities. Easily roll it out of the way when needed.

Wall-Mounted Cabinet

Optimize vertical real estate with a wall-mounted cabinet. Look for a slim, rectangular cabinet to mount vertically. Use it to store backup toilet paper, first aid supplies, extra toiletries, and similar items. Keep the contents organized with cabinet organizers.

Adjustable Shelving Unit

An adjustable shelving unit with slides is ideal for small bathrooms. Install it in a narrow vacant space then move and rearrange the shelves as needed. Use slide-out trays and baskets to hold items.

Frequently Asked Questions About DIY Bathroom Storage

Bathroom organization can be tricky. Get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about maximizing bathroom storage space with these helpful tips.

What are some good storage solutions for a bathroom with no cabinets?

In a bathroom without cabinetry, utilize baskets, freestanding shelving units, rolling caddies, and wall-mounted racks. Prioritize vertical storage space by mounting shelves and wall cabinets. An over-the-toilet shelf is also very useful.

How can I add more bathroom storage without remodeling?

Try removable organizational products like hanging shelves, over-the-door storage, drawer organizers, racks, and baskets. Repurpose household items for DIY storage like crates, jars, and trays. Install tension rod shelves inside cabinets. Use everyday items creatively, like ice cube trays or desk organizers.

Where should I store bathroom linens?

Neatly fold bath towels and smaller linens, then store them close to point of use for convenience. Stash towels in cabinets or bins near the shower or bathtub. Store hand towels and washcloths in a hanging organizer, wall shelf, or countertop basket near the sink area.

What are quick tips for a clutter-free bathroom?

Declutter surfaces and get items off the floor by utilizing baskets, bins, and closed storage like cabinets whenever possible. Designate areas for personal items only used by some family members to keep shared spaces neat. Purge expired products and donate unused items. Create a designated space for cleaning supplies.

How can I add storage to a small bathroom?

Carefully measure the room and find creative ways to use every inch of space efficiently. Install slim, wall-mounted cabinets, shelving, and organizers. Use adjustable, customizable products. Opt for narrow freestanding storage furniture and rolling caddies. Prioritize vertical storage over horizontal surfaces.


With some clever storage solutions, it is possible to optimize even the smallest bathroom spaces. Use a combination of open shelving, decorative bins, hanging organizers, and cabinet storage to keep the space both organized and visually pleasing. Repurposing common household items is an inexpensive way to maximize space. Make the most of vertical wall space and underutilized areas through inventive DIY projects. Keeping your bathroom tidy and clutter-free will make it a much more enjoyable space for getting ready each day.