22 Power Tool Storage Ideas to Make DIYs Even Easier

Having a well-organized workspace with proper storage solutions for power tools and supplies can make DIY projects much smoother and easier. With the right storage ideas, you can keep your tools tidy, accessible and safe. Here are 22 excellent power tool storage solutions to make DIY projects more convenient.

Garage Ceiling Storage

Utilizing the overhead space in your garage is a great way to keep things off the floor and free up ground space for vehicles and work areas. There are several good options for overhead storage:

1. Garage Ceiling Racks

Installing sturdy garage ceiling racks gives you a place to store long items like ladders, PVC pipe, lumber and other supplies. Look for heavy-duty steel racks rated for ceilings and weight capacity. Bolt directly into ceiling framing. Easy access with hooks and hangers.

2. Pulley Systems

Pulley systems allow you to lift and lower stored items with ropes and pulleys. Great for stowing infrequently used or seasonal items like holiday decorations. Mount to ceiling joists. Ensure weight capacity meets your needs.

3. Overhead Garage Cabinets

Pre-made overhead metal cabinets provide enclosed storage. Hinged doors keep contents clean and hidden. Lockable for security. Available in different sizes. Can install lighting. Good for small parts, chemicals, paint and valuables.

Garage Wall Storage

Garage walls offer ample space to install specialized storage solutions. Here are some of the best garage wall storage ideas:

4. Wall-Mounted Pegboards

Pegboards with adjustable hooks allow customize storage for tools, extension cords, hoses, sports equipment, bicycles and more. Easy to rearrange. Promotes organization. Many pegboard options like slotted, solid, metal.

5. Wall Cabinets

Wall-mounted cabinets provide enclosed storage with shelves and/or drawers. Protect contents from dust and damage. Available in metal, wood or plastic. Different sizes for big or small storage needs. Great for hardware, parts, manuals and documents.

6. Wall Shelves

Open wall-mounted shelves allow easy access to stored items. Ideal for frequently used tools, paint cans, cleaning supplies and hobby materials. Adjustable shelves accommodate different sized items. Sturdy brackets or floating shelves.

Freestanding Workbenches

A dedicated workbench for projects provides a stable work surface as well as integrated storage for tools, parts and materials. Consider:

7. Workbench with Drawers

Benches with wide, full extension drawers keep all your essential tools organized yet easily accessible. Customize drawer contents. Lockable options for security. Butcher block or laminate tops. Industrial grade slides and heavy duty build.

8. Workbench with Pegboard

Pegboard panels on the back or sides of a workbench allow customized tool storage with hooks and holders right where you need them. Excellent for garage or shop use.

9. Workbench with Shelves

Benches with open or enclosed shelves allow storage of larger items like power tools, manuals, spray paints, adhesives and project materials. Great for organizing everything for the current project.

Mobile Carts and Cabinets

Rolling carts give you flexible, movable storage. Position wherever needed and easily transport tools and supplies. Options include:

10. Tool Chest Carts

Metal tool chests on lockable casters keep hand tools organized and secure yet mobile. Roll to project area for convenient access. Stackable chests expand storage. Locks prevent theft.

11. Rolling Cabinets

Upright rolling cabinets provide large-capacity enclosed storage with shelves and drawers. Available in metal or sturdy polymers. Optional locks. Great for safe chemical storage. Easy to move around garage or shop.

12. Utility Carts

Open metal utility carts are ideal for transporting large power tools like miter saws, as well as materials and supplies. Solid wheels roll over uneven garage floors. Customize with bins, hooks and more.

Mounted Wall Systems

Specialized wall-mounted panels allow customized placement and access to tools, hardware supplies and more. Options include:

13. Slatwall Panels

Slatwall panels have grooves for inserting hooks, baskets and shelves. Rearrange anytime. Keeps everything visible and within reach. Use for hand tools, spray paints, safety gear and more.

14. Pegboard Panels

Perforated pegboards accept a wide array of pegboard hooks, holders, baskets and racks for specialized tool storage. Keep essentials right at the workspace. Easily reconfigure.

15. Wall-Mounted Shop Cabinets

Modular wall cabinets with clear doors provide sealed dust-free storage for small parts while keeping contents visible. Mount above workbench for handiest access. Link cabinets for expanded storage.

Floor Storage & Racks

utilized vertical floor space to store long items and get tools up off the floor. Options include:

16. Floor Racks for Long Items

Specialized racks securely store awkward items like ladders, lumber, trim, pipes, poles and more. Custom sizing. Frees up wall space. Pipes racks hold round items neatly. Prevents floor damage and tripping.

17. Jobsite Toolboxes

Heavy duty toolboxes designed for work sites keep tools protected yet accessible. Stackable toolboxes save floor space. Removable trays organize contents. Lockable for security. Transport tools between job sites.

18. Floor Cabinets & Lockers

Freestanding floor cabinets provide enclosed storage for power tools, chemicals, cleaners and valuables. Locking cabinets prevent unauthorized access and theft. Ventilated options for fumes. Elevate on caster wheels for mobility.

Tool Organization & Storage

Keep all your hand and power tools tidy and protected with specialized tool storage solutions like:

19. Tool Chests & Cases

Portable tool storage chests and cases keep tools organized and secure. Custom foam inserts hold tools tightly. May include trays, drawers and pockets. Ideal for transporting tools safely. Protective hard shells. Stackable.

20. Wall-Mounted Tool Holders

Specialized racks and holders mount on walls or work benches to neatly store tools like hammers, wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers and more. Keeps tools accessible and prevents loss. Outline tool shapes help identify missing tools.

21. Tool Drawer Organizers

Customizable drawer organizers with compartments and dividers allow precise tool and hardware placement. Labels identify contents. Keeps drawers orderly. Movable dividers accommodate changing needs.

22. Tool Backpacks & Pouches

Portable tool bags like backpacks and pouches allow easy transport of hand tools. Padded protection. Multiple pockets and slots for organization. Straps for convenient carrying. Frees up hands for climbing ladders.


Having a well-designed space for storing tools, equipment, parts and materials can make DIY projects far more efficient. The key is choosing storage systems that keep everything organized and accessible. Garages and workshops benefit from utilizing overhead space, wall space, workbenches, rollaway storage and racks to get contents up and out of the way. Tools themselves need customized storage like chests, cases, organizers and bags to enable portability and prevent loss. Investing in proper power tool and supply storage solutions will make DIY tasks much smoother.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about power tool storage ideas:

What are some good storage ideas for small power tools?

For small power tools like drill/drivers, rotary tools, jigsaws and more, use tool chests, wall-mounted panels with hooks or shelves, rollaway tool carts and tool boxes with custom foam inserts to neatly organize the tools and keep them secure yet accessible.

How can I store long or awkward items in my garage?

Use floor racks and ceiling racks to safely store long items like ladders, PVC pipes, lumber and trim vertically and up off the floor. This saves floor space while preventing damage and trip hazards.

Where should I store harmful chemicals in my garage?

Designated locked floor cabinets or wall cabinets with ventilation are ideal for safely storing chemicals, paints, solvents and automotive products to prevent unauthorized access and contain fumes. Use unbreakable cabinets anchored securely.

What’s the most space-efficient way to store power tools?

Look for storage solutions that allow you to utilize all available space in the garage, including the floor, walls and ceiling area. Overhead racks, wall-mounted panels, vertical racks and mobile storage carts maximize footage. Arrange workflow from least-used spaces to most-used.

How can I prevent my power tools from getting damaged in storage?

Use heavy duty tool chests, cases or bags with padded protection and custom inserts to securely hold tools in place during transport and storage. Wall-mounted panels or rollout cabinets also keep tools protected. Avoid humidity, temperature extremes and unauthorized access.