22 Brilliant Kitchen Storage Ideas to Control Your Clutter

Kitchen clutter can quickly get out of control and make your cooking space feel small and disorganized. Implementing clever storage solutions can help maximize every inch of real estate and keep your kitchen tidy. Here are 22 brilliant ideas to help you control kitchen clutter.

Utilize Wall Space

The walls offer prime real estate for storage that often goes overlooked. Taking advantage of vertical space with wall-mounted accessories can remove clutter from countertops and create a more streamlined look.

Wall-Mounted Pot Racks

Hanging pots and pans from wall-mounted racks clears up cabinet space and keeps them within easy reach while cooking. Opt for a rack with S-hooks to slide pots on and off effortlessly. Position it above an island or cooktop to take advantage of the empty area.

Spice Racks

Keep spices organized but accessible by mounting racks on the wall. Opt for ones with angled tiers to view everything easily. Install near the cooking area so spices are close at hand when needed.

Knife Strips

Clear off the counter by storing knives on wall-mounted magnetic strips or in-cabinet knife blocks. Choose strips with powerful magnets to keep blades securely in place. Position them close to prep areas for quick access.


Take advantage of awkward empty spaces like the area between cabinets and ceilings. Install shelving to hold appliances, cookbooks or decor. Just be sure to measure carefully so tall items fit.

Organize Interiors

The insides of cabinets provide plenty of storage possibilities. Tailor the interior design to make the most of the space for an organized kitchen that has a place for everything.

Shelf Organizers

Maximize cabinet vertical storage with adjustable shelving. Upgrade to shelf inserts with a lip to prevent items from falling off. Or try organizing bins that stack neatly on shelves.

Drawer Dividers

Insert dividers into drawers to create compartments for organizing utensils, cutlery and other items. Choose custom configurations to suit the drawer’s contents. Consider dividers with non-slip lining to prevent sliding.

Tiered Storage

Make the most of deep cabinet spaces with pull-out tiered storage. The stepped design creates defined areas for large and small items while keeping everything visible and reachable.

Lazy Susans

Maximize corner cabinet spaces with lazy susans. The spinning shelves bring items from the back forward for easy access. Consider multi-tiered versions to double storage capacity.

Rethink Countertops

Countertops tend to accumulate clutter easily. Dedicate specific areas to contain the clutter and keep other spots clear.

Utensil Crocks

Keep cooking utensils neatly together in crock containers instead of strewn about. Place near the cooktop for convenient access. Opt for wide-mouthed crocks that are easy to grab items from.

Knife Blocks

Clear knives off the counters by storing them in specialized knife blocks. They keep blades secure and organized in one space, while providing quick access. Choose versions that accommodate the knife collection.

Appliance Garages

Hide small appliances like the toaster and coffee maker in pop-up cabinets or slides when not in use. Close the door to reclaim the counter space in one motion. Just be sure to measure appliance height.

Charging Stations

Corral electronic clutter in one spot with charging stations. Built-in power outlets allow you to plug in devices in a contained area to keep other counters tech-free.

Optimize Space

Look at the existing layout to identify wasted spaces that could be better utilized for storage solutions. Even small tweaks can make a big difference in controlling clutter.

Cabinet End Panels

Take advantage of the empty interior sides of cabinet ends. Screw on metal panels to hold mugs, utensils and other items using hooks and rods. Great for narrow spaces between cabinets.

Blind Corner Pull-Outs

Make use of tricky blind corner cabinets with pull-out storage units on wheels. Custom designs maximize every inch of wasted interior space. Some feature multiple removable bins for organizing items.

Under Cabinet Storage

Don’t waste the area under cabinets and sinks. Add drawer organizers, shelf racks or even wine glass racks. For a quick budget solution, install pegboard to hang utensils using hooks.

Pantry Pull-Outs

Maximize pantry storage with pull-out cabinets on wheels. Full extension drawer slides allow you to access items at the back easily. Some feature adjustable dividers to customize storage.

Creative Cabinet Updates

Give existing cabinets a storage makeover with easy DIY upgrades. Little tweaks can make cabinets more functional for curbing kitchen clutter.

Pull-Out Towel Bars

Replace a standard cabinet handle with a pull-out towel bar to create instant space for dish towels. Close the door when not in use for a clutter-free look.

Tiered Drawer Dividers

Fashion drawer organizers from wooden dowels to create tiered storage. Use different dowel heights to accommodate small and large items. Secure with hot glue and mounting putty.

Under-Cabinet Hooks

Screw S-hooks underneath upper cabinets to hang mugs, utensils and towels. Look for strong cup hooks designed to support heavier items like cast iron pans.

Inner Door Storage

Maximize cabinet door storage space with mesh pockets, racks ormagnetized sheets. Great for organizing recipe cards, cutting boards, plastic wrap and other slim items.

Repurpose Household Items

Before buying storage solutions, look at common household items in a different light. A little creativity can transform them into customized storage that reduces kitchen clutter.

Plate Racks

Old wine crates make charming wall-mounted plate racks. Cut an opening at the bottom of one side to slide plates in. Add hooks along the top to hang mugs. Give it a coat of paint for character.

Can Risers

Create instant shelf risers by stacking cans covered in adhesive shelf liner or contact paper. Use them in cabinets to double stack plates and bowls vertically. Make different heights for organization.

Hanging Baskets

Recycle old wire basket-style muffin tins into hanging storage. Screw S-hooks into the cabinet bottom and hang upside-down to use as holders for linens, packets and other loose items.

Ladder Bookcases

Give old wooden ladders new life as bookcases mounted horizontally on the wall. They provide plenty of ledges, shelves and hooks for cookbooks, utensils and decor. Lean against a wall or hang from ceiling mounts.

Declutter Entryways

As the transition point between outside and the kitchen, entry areas tend to collect incoming clutter. Solutions here can stop clutter at the source.

Back-Door Storage Benches

Place a bench with built-in storage cubbies near the back or side door to corral items like shoes, leashes, reusable grocery bags and recyclables. Add baskets or trays to hide contents.

Mudroom Lockers

Incorporate personalized coat lockers into the mudroom design. Hooks above each locker allow you to hang jackets, hats and bags. Bench seating below makes it easy to remove shoes and boots.

Drop Zones

Create designated landing spots like countertops, cabinets or tables near entryways to drop daily items as soon as you enter. Providing a place for everything prevents a clutter pileup.

Mail Sorters

Prevent mail from accumulating on counters by mounting sorters on walls or placing freestanding ones on entry tables. Sort mail immediately and move things where they belong.

Maintain the System

Establishing functional storage systems is half the battle. Maintaining organization requires diligence to keep your kitchen tidy long-term.

Label It

Label shelves, bins, baskets and other storage to designate a home for specific items. This encourages everyone to put things back where they belong after using them.

One In, One Out

Before bringing something new into the kitchen, eliminate an existing item to avoid clutter buildup. Donate unneeded dishes, gadgets and linens to open space for new additions.

Daily Tidy Ritual

Do a quick straighten of the kitchen before going to bed each night. Put away leftovers, unload the dishwasher, wipe down counters and sweep the floor to reset the space.

Regular Purges

Set reminders to sort through cabinets, drawers and pantries every couple of months. Toss expired food, donate unused dishes and reorganize to maintain an effective storage system.

Frequently Asked Questions About Controlling Kitchen Clutter

How do I create more kitchen storage?

Some easy ways to add storage include installing wall-mounted pot racks, shelves or spice racks. Also, add organizational products inside existing cabinets like drawer dividers, tiered shelves and lazy susans.

What are the best storage solutions for small kitchens?

Make the most of small kitchens with space-saving solutions like corner lazy susans, pull-out cabinet organizers and multi-tiered shelving. Also utilize vertical storage on walls, cabinets and doors with racks, hooks and hanging baskets.

Where should I put everyday kitchen items?

Keep items you use often within easy reach on countertops, open shelves or in wall-mounted racks. Dedicate one area for utensils, knives and appliances for quick access when cooking. Store lesser-used items in cabinets farther away.

How do I organize my pots and pans?

Install wall-mounted pot racks above islands and cooktops to hang pots visibly and within easy reach. For cabinet storage, use vertical dividers and tiered racks that minimize space while keeping pans accessible.

What kitchen items should be stored off the counter?

Anything not used daily like small appliances, bulk ingredients and dishware should be stored out of sight in cabinets. Only keep everyday essentials on the counters like knives, cooking utensils, oils and spices.

How often should I clean out the pantry?

Ideally, the pantry should be sorted through every 2-3 months. Toss expired items, inventory current food and reorganize shelves to ensure the storage system is still working efficiently. An annual deep clean is a good idea too.


A cluttered kitchen leads to frustration while cooking and makes the space feel smaller. But implementing smart storage solutions tailored to your needs helps conquer the chaos. Makeover cabinets by adding functional interior organizers and racks that maximize existing storage. Repurpose household items for budget-friendly solutions. Establish specific homes for everything and diligently put items away to maintain organization long-term. With a bit of creativity and commitment, these clutter-busting ideas can transform any kitchen into a tidy, efficient workspace.