21 Driveway Paving Ideas to Up Your Curb Appeal

Your driveway is often the first thing people notice when they come to your home, so investing some time and thought into your driveway’s design is one of the best ways to increase curb appeal. With the right paving materials, patterns, colors and textures, you can transform your driveway from drab to fab. Here are 21 driveway ideas to inspire you.

Choosing Driveway Paving Materials

The paving material you choose for your driveway sets the tone for your home’s curb appeal. Consider these popular paving options and their unique benefits:


Asphalt is a budget-friendly option. It comes in various colors and can be stamped or stenciled to mimic patterns of more expensive paving materials. Asphalt is also low maintenance. However, it does require sealing every few years.


Concrete is durable, low maintenance and cost-effective. It’s available in multiple colors and finishes, ranging from a smooth look to exposed aggregate with stones visible. Concrete can also be stamped or stenciled.


Pavers come in an endless array of styles, shapes, colors and textures. Options include brick, natural stone, concrete, porcelain and recycled composite pavers. Patterns are also limitless. Pavers have a classic, upscale look but the installation cost is higher.


For a cottage vibe, gravel is an affordable and low-maintenance option. It provides good drainage too. Drawbacks are that gravel scatters and requires regular raking. Large stones enhance the look.


Cobblestones lend historic charm and visual interest. Their organic shapes create a timeworn look. Installation can be tedious but the results are worth it.


Brick pavers have similar benefits to cobblestones but with a more uniform, traditional style. Colors range from classic red to unique hues like purple or blue. Patterns can create visual flair.

Mixing Materials

Don’t feel that your driveway needs to be a single paving material. Mixing textures and colors can make for an eye-catching result. Some options:

  • Combine brick and concrete for a geometric, modern look
  • Blend gravel and pavers, letting the gravel fill in between pavers
  • Use one material for the borders, another for the interior
  • Create bands of color or texture across the width of your driveway

Thoughtfully mixing materials creates visual interest and adds personality!

Choosing a Color Palette

Your home’s color scheme and architecture should inform the paving colors you select. Some tips:

  • Match driveway color to your home’s other hardscapes like patios
  • Complement the colors found on your home’s exterior
  • Contrast with surrounding greenery for impact
  • Use warm earth tones for a soothing vibe or bold colors for drama
  • Go monochromatic for a luxe look by using shades of one color
  • Add “artwork” with inlaid designs in a contrasting color

Pattern Ideas

Creative patterns take your driveway from basic to beautiful. Consider these dazzling designs:

Horizontal stripes

Wide horizontal stripes of alternating colors or materials add movement. Make stripes wider as they approach the house.

Diagonal designs

Run pavers on the diagonal for a modern flair. Curve lines for extra style points.


This interlocking brick pattern provides both texture and flow. Extend the pattern to a front walkway for continuity.

Fan or chevron

Use pavers or scoring lines fanned out in a semi-circle. Chevron patterns have a similar look but in a zigzag.


The woven look of a basketweave pattern adds organic charm to a driveway. Use contrasting colors for the over-under effect.

Inlaid designs

Make a visual statement by inlaying patterns, borders, geometric shapes or even a house number into a concrete driveway.

Get creative and mix patterns for your own unique driveway style!

Specialty Pavers

For serious wow-factor, consider these specialty pavers:

  • Cobbles: Natural stone pavers with an aged, timeworn look
  • Setts: Granite cubes traditionally used for roads and sidewalks
  • Belgian blocks: Granite pavers with indented sides for an antique look
  • Mosaic tiles: Tiny tiles that form colorful mosaic designs
  • Recycled glass aggregates: Crushed glass that sparkles in the sunlight
  • Pebbles: Small rounded stones embedded in concrete for texture
  • Sea glass: Recycled glass polished smooth by the sea for an ocean vibe

Specialty pavers give your driveway major curb appeal power!

Creative Borders and Edging

Defining the edges of your driveway draws attention and lends polish. Border options:

  • Use a contrasting paver color or material
  • Add landscape edging between driveway and lawn
  • Line with bricks set on end or small boulders
  • Include planting beds alongside the driveway
  • Extend paver pattern into a decorative border

Finishing driveway edges makes a big visual impact with little effort!

Driveway Approach Ideas

Your driveway’s approach—where it meets the street—is worth some pizzazz too. Some options:

  • Flare out the width at the entrance for a sense of arrival
  • Use a contrasting paver color/texture to define the approach
  • Add columns or planters at the driveway opening
  • Install a driveway gate for a grand entrance
  • Curve the approach line rather than a harsh angle

Dressing up your driveway entrance welcomes visitors in style!

Circular Driveway Designs

A circular or horseshoe driveway provides ample opportunities to wow. Design tips:

  • Use curved lines rather than sharp angles
  • Include green space in the center island
  • Pave the center island to match the drive
  • Make the inner and outer drives contrasting colors
  • Add focal points like statues or fountains to the island

With thoughtful design, circular driveways can be gorgeous!

Permeable Paver Options

Permeable pavers allow water to filter through small spaces between them. Benefits include:

  • Reduced runoff that causes erosion and flooding
  • Replenishes groundwater supplies
  • Can reduce your drainage system needs
  • Allows grass to grow between pavers

Some great permeable paver options:

  • Gravel: Provides excellent drainage
  • Open-jointed pavers: Spacing between allows water flow
  • Plastic grid systems: Can hold gravel or grass as filler
  • Porous concrete and asphalt: Made with reduced fine materials

Permeable pavers are an eco-friendly choice!

Driveway Paving Patterns: Design Inspiration

Need some visual inspiration for your driveway design? Here are a few stunning patterns and textures to stir your creativity:

Herringbone brick paver driveway

This classic herringbone pattern in brick brings timeless sophistication. Extending the bricks to the garden edges finishes the look.

Modern concrete and gravel driveway

The contrasting textures of concrete and gravel give this driveway an ultra-modern, minimalist look. Clean lines enhance the appeal.

Stamped concrete driveway with brick accents

Brick borders and bands of slate stamped concrete dress up this driveway. The coloring picks up on the home’s palette beautifully.

Inspiring Driveway Design Ideas

For even more inspiration, check out these creative driveway designs:

Woven brick patterns

Interwoven bricks create texture and interest. The imperfection of the hand-laid pattern adds organic charm.

Woven brick driveway

Geometric concrete design

This circular driveway features precision-laid brick and slate stamped concrete in a striking geometric pattern befitting the modern home.

Geometric concrete driveway

Color-bordered asphalt

Wide color-blocked borders in hues that pop against the charcoal asphalt give this driveway an artistic, lively look.

Asphalt driveway with colored borders

Cobblestone courtyard driveway

The faded elegance of moss-filled cobblestones creates a driveway with Old World charm ideal for a cottage or farmhouse.

Cobblestone driveway

Driveway Landscaping Tips

Well-designed landscaping alongside or around your driveway completes the look. Ideas:

  • Plant low hedges or shrub borders along the sides
  • Use trees to give the drive a shaded canopy effect
  • Add container plants or pots at the entrance
  • Extend garden beds to partially envelop the driveway
  • Include focal points like statues, fountains or flower beds

With the right plantings, you can take your driveway design to the next level!


What is the most inexpensive driveway paving option?

Gravel is the most budget-friendly driveway material, followed by asphalt. Both provide an affordable, low-maintenance option.

What is the best paving material for wet climates?

Permeable pavers drain well in wet conditions. Concrete also holds up better than asphalt when exposed to moisture. Avoid gravel, which can scatter and rut.

Should my driveway color match my home?

Not necessarily – contrasting colors can make for an eye-catching combo too. But for a cohesive look, match your home trim or siding color.

What’s better for the environment: asphalt, concrete or pavers?

Permeable options like open-jointed pavers or porous asphalt and concrete allow water to filter through, preventing runoff. This makes them the most eco-friendly.

How can I make my long driveway look more interesting?

Add borders, medallions or bands of color/texture down the length. Curving lines add interest. Use focal points like statues or spotlights. Plant trees to give a canopy effect overhead.

What should I avoid when designing my driveway?

Steer clear of large, uninterrupted expanses of paving material. Break it up with borders, patterns and textures instead. Don’t completely pave over green space—incorporate planting beds.

How can I boost sustainability with my driveway design?

Choose permeable pavers, redirect drainage to garden beds, use native plants, and reduce paved surface area. Solar pathway lighting and recycled materials help too.

Get Your Driveway Paving Project Started

Ready to pave over that tired, cracked driveway with an exciting new design? First, assess your needs – elements like driveway size, traffic, weather conditions and costs will inform the right paving choice. Think about the big picture too – how your driveway design fits in with your home’s architecture and landscaping for maximum appeal. With some thoughtful planning up front and the right contractor, you can create a show-stopping driveway that makes a terrific first impression. So go ahead – start paving the way to curb appeal!