20 Shower Storage Ideas for Any Bathroom

Maximizing storage in the bathroom can be a challenge, especially in the shower area. With the right storage solutions, you can take advantage of every inch and keep your shower essentials organized and within easy reach. Here are 20 clever shower storage ideas to help you declutter your shower and get your bathroom in order.

Utilize Corner Shelves

Corners offer prime real estate for extra storage space in the shower. Install corner shelves to hold shower products upright and prevent them from toppling over. Look for corner shelves in a variety of sizes and materials such as metal, plastic, or tempered glass. For a quick and easy option, use a tension corner shower caddy that fits right into the corner and features multiple shelves.

Add a Built-In Niche

Recessed niches built right into the shower wall provide both convenient storage and a streamlined look. Integrate the niche seamlessly by using the same tile or materials used on the shower walls. Build the niche tall enough to hold full-size bottles upright. For easy access, install the niche at an arm’s reach.

Use a Hanging Shower Caddy

Hanging shower caddies instantly increase your shower storage. Look for caddies with multiple shelves, hooks, and compartments to hold all your bath essentials. Suction-cup shower caddies easily adhere to tile walls and are removable. For a permanent option, use a caddy that mounts over the shower head. Store shower items in easy reach but out of direct water spray.

Install a Corner Shelf Rack

Corner shelf racks maximize vertical storage space in the shower. The shelves provide space for shower products while the rack posts can hold razors, loofahs, and washcloths. Look for rust-resistant racks made of materials like stainless steel. Mount the racks using strong waterproof adhesives or drill them into the tile.

Use Tension Pole Caddies

Tension pole caddies fit snugly between shower walls to create instant storage space. Look for caddies with adjustable width and height to work in any shower. Multiple shelves and baskets accommodate bottles, tubes, and other necessities. Tension poles won’t damage walls and are quick to install and remove.

Attach a Wall-Mounted Rack

Wall-mounted racks keep shower essentials neat and organized. Look for racks with shelves, hooks, and baskets in materials like stainless steel or plastic. Make sure any racks you install are moisture-resistant and designed for shower use. Place racks for easy access but away from direct water contact.

Install Recessed Shelves

For seamless shower storage, install recessed shelves built right into the tile. This custom look allows shelves to blend perfectly into the wall. Tile the shelves with the same materials used on the shower walls for a cohesive look. Build shelves tall enough to accommodate bottles and other shower items.

Use Over-the-Shower Racks

Racks that mount onto the shower head or shower arm place storage front and center. Look for stainless steel racks with rubberized grips that won’t slip. Make sure the racks you choose are rust resistant and capable of holding multiple bottles, razors, and other necessities up and away from the direct water stream.

Add a Shower Bench with Storage

A shower bench serves double duty by providing both seating and storage solutions. Look for waterproof teak or bamboo benches that withstand shower steam and moisture. Seek out storage benches with lift-up seats hiding compartments underneath. Use the bench compartments to store larger shower items or extra toiletries.

Install In-Wall Shelves

In-wall shelves tucked into the shower walls keep items out of sight but within arm’s reach. Seamlessly integrate shelves by using the same tile or materials on the shower walls. Build shelves tall enough to accommodate standing bottles. Make sure any recessed materials can tolerate shower moisture and humidity.

Use Ledge Shelves

Ledge shelves mounted directly onto the tile create an instant narrow shelf for shower storage. Look for ledges crafted from materials like natural wood, bamboo, or stainless steel that stand up to shower humidity. Double up ledges one above the other to multiply your storage space.

Try a Plastic Storage Cart

A plastic shower cart on wheels makes it easy to transport toiletries in and out of the shower. Look for lightweight carts with multiple shelves and storage baskets to hold all your necessities. Waterproof the cart by lining interior surfaces with water-resistant adhesive shelf liner.

Add Corner Storage Baskets

Baskets designed specifically for shower corners allow you to stow bottles while utilizing that often overlooked space. Seek out corner baskets with breathable mesh that allows water drainage and ventilation. Sturdy materials like stainless steel and solid plastic resist mold and mildew.

Install Wall-Mounted Baskets

Simple wall-mounted baskets give you space to organize shower items right on the tile. Look for baskets made of bamboo, rattan, or stainless steel in a variety of sizes. Use baskets with drainage holes to prevent standing water. Make sure any wall attachments are moisture resistant.

Use a Hanging Shower Bag

A hanging shower bag utilizes vertical wall space to create storage. Look for lightweight nylon or quick-drying mesh bags that won’t get waterlogged. Seek out a bag with external pockets to keep toiletries separate. Use shower hooks or over-the-door hangers to easily mount the bag.

Try Over-the-Door Storage

Over-the-door storage offers a space-saving solution by utilizing the back of the bathroom door. Look for water-resistant over-the-door units with adjustable shelves, bins, and hooks to hold shower supplies. Seek out breathable mesh or well-ventilated plastic to prevent mold and mildew.

Go Vertical with a Bathroom Ladder

A compact bathroom ladder adds storage while taking up minimal floor space. Look for rust-resistant ladders crafted from materials like aluminum, bamboo, or stainless steel. Seek out ladders with adjustable shelves and built-in hooks for razor and loofah storage. Store shower items on the ladder for easy access.

Add a Rotating Corner Carousel

A corner carousel spins to bring shower products right to your fingertips. Look for carousels sized to fit tight shower corners. Multi-tiered shelves provide space for bottles while allowing water drainage. Ball bearings allow smooth rotation as you retrieve toiletries.

Use Suction Shower Holders

Suction-cup shower holders provide grab-and-go storage for shower accessories. Look for holders with stainless steel baskets or hooks to securely hold razors, loofahs, brushes and more. Suction power adheres the holders to tile without drilling or hardware. Remove and reposition holders whenever needed.

Take Advantage of Shower Curves

Shower curtains, caddies, rods, and hooks that install on curved shower rods utilize the curvature for storage space. Look for adjustable tension rods and curtain hooks that conform to any shower. Curved rods offer more storage than straight ones without impeding access.

Incorporate Storage into Seating

Shower seats with built-in storage offer the perfect perch while keeping necessities within arm’s reach. Look for corner seats with compartments to stash bottles and toiletries inside. Waterproof the seat with moisture-resistant materials like bamboo, teak, or polyethylene.

Utilize Shower Panels

Shower panels allow you to customize your shower storage solutions. Start with a base panel and add accessories like shelves, hooks, handles and more. Place frequently used items like shampoo and soap near the top for convenience. Use lower hooks to hang razors and loofahs within easy reach.


Getting and staying organized in the shower is easy with the right storage solutions. Corner shelves, hanging caddies, wall-mounted racks, recessed niches and in-wall shelves are just a few options for keeping bathroom essentials neat and accessible. Choose moisture-resistant materials designed to handle the warm, humid shower environment. Take advantage of all available space by making use of corners, curves and the back of the door. With a little creativity, you can build the perfect shower storage setup regardless of the size or layout of your bathroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some good shower storage solutions for small bathrooms?

For small bathrooms, make use of vertical space with over-the-shower racks, hanging shower caddies, tension pole shelves and wall-mounted racks. Corner shelves and shower niches keep items neat while taking up minimal footprint space. Opt for narrow shelving and multi-tiered racks.

How do I choose shower storage that won’t rust?

Look for shower storage options made from rust-resistant materials like stainless steel, anodized aluminum, silicone, plastic, bamboo and solid teak wood. Avoid non-coated iron, steel or wire racks and shelves which can corrode and rust. Also check that any fastening hardware is also rust-proof.

Where is the best place to put a shower caddy?

The optimal placement for a shower caddy is within easy arm’s reach but not directly under the water stream. Install caddies 6 to 12 inches above the shower floor and at least 4 inches away from shower heads. Position corner-mounted caddies diagonally opposite the shower head.

Should I get a shower caddy that sticks on with suction cups?

Suction cup shower caddies provide a quick, easy storage solution without hardware or drilling. Look for caddies with strong suction grips that adhere tightly to smooth tile or glass shower walls. Be aware suction caddies can loosen over time. Check the suction daily and clean off residue buildup on the cups to maximize adhesion.

What should I avoid storing in my shower?

Avoid storing any bath products directly on the shower floor, as they can get waterlogged. Also keep electronics, anything sharp or rust prone out of the shower storage area to prevent damage. Minimize use of wire racks or shelves that can develop hard-to-clean soap scum build up over time.

How often should I clean shower storage?

Clean shower storage at least once a week along with your regular shower cleaning regimen. Use a bathroom cleaner or disinfectant spray to sanitize shelves, baskets and caddies. For suction cup accessories, rub the suction grips gently with rubbing alcohol to remove residue and maintain adhesion.

What kind of shelving material works best in a shower niche?

For built-in shower niches, use materials that match your shower wall tile, such as ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone. Glass, metal, wood or plastic shelving can also work as long as the material can withstand prolonged moisture exposure. Make sure shelving has appropriate drainage to prevent standing water.

Should I treat or seal shower storage made from natural wood?

Unfinished woods like bamboo, teak or cedar should be properly treated and sealed before installing in the warm, humid shower environment. Use a clear wood sealant made for wet areas. Reapply sealer regularly to maintain water resistance and prevent warping, cracking or mold growth.

What should I look for when buying an over-the-door shower caddy?

Look for over-the-door shower caddies made of breathable quick-drying materials like mesh or well-ventilated plastic to allow airflow and drainage. Seek out adjustable or expandable caddies to fit various door thicknesses. Check that hanging hardware can support a fully loaded caddy without pulling off the door.

How can I add customized storage to my shower?

For a fully custom look, work with a bathroom contractor to build in shelving, niches, benches and other storage options tailored to your specific space. Another option is to start with an all-in-one shower panel system and add the accessories you want like shelves, soap dishes, handles and more.

20 Shower Storage Ideas for Any Bathroom

Keeping the shower area organized can be challenging in any bathroom. With the right storage solutions, you can successfully corral all those bottles, tubes, razors, and loo fahs. This article outlines 20 clever and creative shower storage ideas to maximize your space, from corner shelves and hanging caddies to built-in niches and recessed shelving. Discover options to accommodate showers of any size and style.

Getting and staying organized in the shower is easy with the right storage solutions. Corner shelves, hanging caddies, wall-mounted racks, recessed niches and in-wall shelves are just a few options for keeping bathroom essentials neat and accessible. Choose moisture-resistant materials designed to handle the warm, humid shower environment. Take advantage of all available space by making use of corners, curves and the back of the door. With a little creativity, you can build the perfect shower storage setup regardless of the size or layout of your bathroom.