20 Makeup Organizer Ideas for All Your Beauty Supplies

Keeping your makeup and beauty supplies organized can seem like an impossible task. Between eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, skincare products, brushes, and more, our vanities can easily become chaotic cluttered messes. However, with the right storage solutions, you can neatly arrange all your cosmetics and accessories – and even display some of your prettiest items!

In this article, we’ll share 20 makeup organizer ideas to help you get control of your collection. From drawers inserts to hanging wall racks, these storage solutions will keep your beauty stash tidy and easy to access. Let’s get organized!

Clear Acrylic Organizers

Acrylic organizers are ideal for displaying your makeup in a neat and visible way. The clear acrylic allows you to easily see all your products, so you won’t lose anything in the depths of a jumbled drawer. Here are some great acrylic organizer options:

  • Multi-Drawer Units: Acrylic drawers come in stackable units, so you can customize the height. Use larger drawers for palettes and bulky items and smaller drawers for lipsticks, eyeliners etc. Having everything visible makes it easy to grab what you need!
  • Acrylic Riser Displays: These tiered displays create gorgeous vertical storage. Place lipsticks and small items on graduated risers so you can see everything at a glance. Rotating acrylic cosmetic organizers are also great for creating easy access.
  • Makeup Brush Holders: Acrylic brush holders neatly store all your eye, face and lip brushes upright so they air dry quickly. Bonus – they look so pretty on your vanity!

Drawer Organizers and Inserts

Dedicate a dresser drawer (or two!) to housing all your makeup, skincare and hair products with these handy organizers:

  • Bamboo Drawer Inserts: Bamboo is an eco-friendly option for keeping makeup drawers organized. The moveable dividers allow you to customize spaces for different products.
  • Foam Inserts: Compatible with standard-sized drawers, foam inserts have pre-cut sections to hold makeup brushes, lip products, skincare and more. They compress when you close the drawer.
  • Adjustable Drawer Dividers: These slim dividers can be configured in different ways to create the exact compartment sizes you need in drawers. Easily adjust them as needed.
  • Interlocking Drawer Organizers: Like building blocks, the pieces connect together so you can make your own organizer layout. Modular storage is endlessly adaptable.

Hanging Wall Storage

If counter space is limited, hanging your makeup storage on the wall saves precious real estate. Plus, you can access products so easily!

  • Metal Rack with Clear Bags: Hang a metal rack on the wall and then organize makeup, brushes etc in resealable clear plastic bags. Label them for quick ID.
  • Wall-Mounted Makeup Organizer: Wall mounts with shelves or drawers provide dedicated spaces for palettes, lipstick collections and more. Great for small bathrooms!
  • Over-the-Door Hanging Racks: Hang an organizer over the bathroom or closet door to maximize unused space. Store products in mesh pouches or clear acrylic bins.
  • Floating Wall Shelves: Defy gravity with floating glass or acrylic shelves! Anchor sleek wall shelves with hidden brackets to display pretty palettes.

Makeup Storage on Your Vanity

Maximize every inch of your vanity or bathroom countertop with these space-saving storage ideas:

  • Rotating Makeup Organizer: A rotating acrylic organizer is a vanity must-have! Spin it to easily access all your products.
  • Clear Cosmetic Trays: Square or rectangular trays corral all those little products like lip gloss tubes, mascaras etc. Stack trays vertically to save space.
  • Organizer Drawers: Some organizer sets combine drawers for concealed storage and open shelves for display. Get the best of both worlds!
  • Freestanding Storage Tower: A slim storage tower with shelves and drawers by your vanity provides extra storage. Pick a height that fits.
  • Undershelf Baskets: Make use of the underside of your countertop by attaching wire baskets. Toss in extra products or tools.

Makeup and Skincare Fridges

Prolong the life of your expensive serums, creams and beauty products with storage inside a cosmetics mini fridge!

  • Portable Makeup Fridges: Cute customizable mini fridges store skincare, face masks and perishable beauty products. Some even have mirrors on the door!
  • Wine Cooler Fridges: Repurpose a small wine or beverage cooler as a makeup and skincare fridge. Keep products chilled at optimal temps.
  • Fridge Organizers: Acrylic or mesh organizer drawers neatly store products inside the fridge. Label them for easy identification.

Travel Makeup Bags and Cases

Stay organized on the go with practical and pretty makeup bags for all your away-from-home needs:

  • Clear Cosmetic Bags: Clear plastic pouches make it easy to see what’s inside your makeup bag. Bonus – TSA compliant!
  • Hanging Travel Cases: Hang these pods or pouches on bathroom hooks or towel bars for easy access. Keep essentials at your fingertips.
  • Train Cases with Sections: Classic hard train cases have secure sections to store palettes, brushes, tools etc. Very protective.
  • Roll-Up Travel Kits: Roll up adjustable compartments and secure with ties. Great for jam-packing a suitcase and customizing compartments.

Makeup Brush Holders

Don’t let dirty brushes clutter up your space – keep them stored in easy access brush holders:

  • Rotating Brush Carousels: Spinning metal carousels neatly store brushes with the handles up for quick selection.
  • Acrylic Standing Holders: Clear upright acrylic trays with holes or slots let you see all your brushes. Angled designs save space.
  • Magnetic Brush Bars: Adhere magnetic sheets under a metal knife strip or magnetic strip to hold brushes horizontally.
  • Ceramic Brush Crocks: Brush crocks neatly corral brushes on your counter. Choose cylindical or geometric shaped ceramics.

Lipstick Holders

Give your lipstick, gloss and balm collection the storage it deserves with these innovative ideas:

  • Acrylic Lipstick Organizers: Clear acrylic lipstick organizers neatly store tubes upright so you can see every color. Get stackable sizes!
  • Rotating Lipstick Carousels: Spinning carousels let you access all your lip colors in seconds. Organize by brand or color family.
  • Wall-Mounted Displays: Rail-mounted acrylic lipstick displays are great for small spaces. Show off your pretties!
  • Lipstick Drawer Organizers: Designate a drawer just for lip products! Use sectioned dividers, trays and holders for upright storage.

Eyeshadow and Palette Organizers

Prevent messy spills and cracked powders by storing palettes properly in these solutions:

  • Acrylic Standing Organizers: Vertical open-shelf acrylic organizers display palettes attractively. Easily grab what you need.
  • Stackable Organizer Drawers: Designate drawers just for all those palettes! Stackable clear acrylic drawers keep them tidy but visible.
  • Wall-Mounted Rails: Adhere rail-mounted acrylic shelves to the wall to neatly store palettes and smaller shadow quads.
  • DIY Magnetic Palette Boards: Adhere magnetic sheets to a board, metal fridge or filing cabinet. Secure palettes magnetically!

Makeup Tools Storage

Hair clips, lash curlers, sponges – keep all those tools organized with these ideas:

  • Acrylic Standing Tool Holder: Place all your go-to tools in one tall standing acrylic holder. Keep by your workspace.
  • Rotating Tool Caddy: A spinning acrylic desktop caddy puts tools right at your fingertips! Rotate to access what you need.
  • Hanging Tool Organizer: Use pouches or mesh pockets to hold tools on an over-the-door hanger. Grab stuff easily!
  • Magnetic Tool Bars: Secure metal baking sheets to the wall or mirror. Adhere magnets to tools to store them.

Makeup Mirror Storage

Incorporate storage right into your makeup mirror for the ultimate organizational solution:

  • Lighted Mirror with Drawers: Illuminated mirrors with built-in drawers store makeup right alongside your workspace. Genius!
  • Desk Mirror with Side Storage: A desktop mirror with side compartments keeps products hidden but easily accessible.
  • Over-the-Door Mirror Organizer: Full-length door mirrors with overhanging storage provide shelves or pouches for makeup.
  • Acrylic Organizers on Mirror: Adhere acrylic organizers to the sides of a wall mirror for seamless storage.

Under-Sink Bathroom Storage

Utilize the unused space under your bathroom sink with these storage solutions:

  • Slide-Out Drawer Units: Mounted metal units with slide-out drawers fully maximize under-sink real estate. Get different size drawers.
  • Drop-Down Shelves: Side-mounted chrome racks allow shelving to flip down when you need access. Flip up to conceal.
  • Tension Pole Shelving: Adjustable-height tension rods and acrylic shelves add storage shelves you can customize to your space.
  • Hanging Wall Baskets: Hang wire storage baskets on the interior sink walls for extra storage. Great for bulky hair tools!

Drawer Dividers for Makeup

Use these handy accessories to neatly organize the contents of your makeup drawers:

  • Adjustable Metal Dividers: Slide these thin metal dividers to create custom compartments for different products.
  • Acrylic Organizer Trays: Small stackable trays help compartmentalize items within drawers. Use for brushes, lipsticks etc.
  • Foam Inserts: Available for standard drawer sizes, foam inserts have pre-cut sections for organizing specific makeup items.
  • Interlocking Drawer Organizers: Modular plastic dividers snap together so you can make your own compartments.

Other Makeup Storage Ideas:

  • Store everyday products on a rotating makeup organizer or carousel for quick access.
  • Keep palettes looking pretty on acrylic open shelves or a wall-mounted rail system.
  • Use the back of a closet door to hang a full-length mirror and over-the-door storage pouches.
  • Designate a set of stackable drawers for all makeup, hair and skin products.
  • Hang a metal tool organizer or mesh pouches inside a cabinet door for easy-access.
  • Keep your space clean and hygienic with brush cleaning mats and daily disinfecting spray.


With so many makeup and beauty tools competing for space, it’s essential to implement storage solutions that keep everything visible and within reach. Hopefully these makeup organization ideas have sparked some inspiration for tackling your collection!

The key is finding functional and stylish storage that suits your personal needs. Acrylic drawers, hanging wall units, speciality lipstick or brush holders – incorporate organizers that make sense for your space and makeup habits.

And don’t forget to keep everything clean! Daily cleaning of brushes and tools prevents buildup of dirt and bacteria.

Organized makeup storage helps cut down on clutter, makes your mornings more efficient, and provides a soothing sense of order. Find a system that works for your lifestyle and enjoy the convenience of a vanity where everything has a place – with room to grow your collection!