20 Bathroom Cabinet Organizing Ideas to Conceal All Clutter

Keeping your bathroom cabinets organized can be a challenge, but it’s worth the effort. Cluttered cabinets create frustration when you can’t find what you need. With some thoughtful organization, you can keep your bathroom essentials tidy and convenient. Here are 20 clever ideas to organize your bathroom cabinets and conceal the clutter.

Utilize Baskets and Bins

Baskets and bins are versatile options to corral common bathroom items. Consider using:

  • Wire baskets for storing extra towels or toilet paper rolls. The open design allows towels to dry and air out to prevent mildew.
  • Stacking bins for medicine, first aid supplies, toiletries, and cosmetics. Labeling the front makes it easy to identify the contents.
  • Under-sink bins to neatly sort cleaning supplies like sponges, brushes, and spray bottles. Mount them on the cabinet wall to maximize vertical storage.
  • Woven baskets to hold hair styling tools and accessories, such as brushes, clips, and hair ties.

Install Pull-Out Shelving

Maximize vertical space and access with pull-out shelves and drawers. Mount them under sinks or in existing cabinets. Pull-out systems are great for storing items that get lost in cabinets, like hair dryers, curling irons, and cleaning products.

Use Tension Rods for Extra Shelving

Tension rods and wire shelves quickly add storage space between existing shelves. Slide baskets or bins onto the shelves to hold small items like makeup, lotions, medications, and toiletries. Tension rods can be adjusted to fit tight spaces.

Organize Medications and Toiletries

Pill organizers, makeup cases, and trays help keep medications and toiletries neatly arranged. Store everyday items on easy-access shelves or trays. Reserve cabinets for occasional-use items or supplies bought in bulk.

File Away Infrequently Used Items

File hangers and folders store slim items vertically to save space. Use them for nail files, nail polish, hair ties, headbands, and other items you don’t need daily access to. File folders also neatly store instruction manuals and product information.

Use Hanging Shelves for Extra Storage

Hanging wire shelves mount on walls to take advantage of vertical storage areas. They’re great for holding spray bottles, extra toilet paper, and baskets. Install them on the wall, the back of cabinet doors, or under sinks.

Store Cleaning and Paper Supplies

Mount paper towel holders, toilet paper rolls, and cleaning supplies inside cabinets to keep them out of sight. Hang a paper towel holder and trash bag dispenser on the back of a cabinet door for quick access while keeping counters clutter-free.

Organize Plastic Food Storage Containers by Size

Stacking similar-sized food containers helps save space. Use adjustable dividers if needed to keep stacks from toppling over. Store lids together in a separate bin or drawer divider.

Use Apothecary Jars for Cotton Swabs and Bandages

Apothecary jars are ideal for storing cotton balls, cotton swabs, bandages, and other first-aid essentials. Their classic style adds a decorative touch. Keep first aid jars on an easy-to-reach shelf.

Use Interlocking Stacking Bins

Interlocking stacking bins provide vertical storage for small supplies. Their modular design makes them easy to customize to fit your space. Label each bin clearly so you can quickly find what you need.

Install a Paper Towel Holder Shelf

Sturdy shelves specially designed to hold paper towel rolls keep them readily available without taking up counter space. Mount to walls or inside cabinets. Opt for horizontal holders to prevent the rolls from unraveling.

Add a Slide-Out Spice Rack

Install a slide-out spice rack inside a cabinet to neatly arrange small bottles and jars. They’re perfect for cotton balls, Q-tips, makeup brushes, and bathroom essential oils. Opt for stackable containers to maximize vertical storage.

Use Tiered Shelving and Risers

Multi-level shelving doubles your storage space. Tiered shelving and risers allow you to stack items while keeping everything visible and accessible. Great for medicine, cosmetics, extra toilet paper, and cleaning supplies.

Hang a Towel Bar Inside Cabinets

Install a towel bar or rail vertically in a cabinet to hang spray bottles, extra hand towels, and washcloths. Use spring-loaded bars to avoid drilling holes.

Add Cabinet Door Hooks

Adhesive hooks on the inside of cabinet doors offer vertical storage for small items. Use them to hang scissors, nail files, combs, headbands, and razors. Close the door to conceal the clutter.

Use a Caddy for Portable Storage

Caddies corral small essentials to transport or store together. Try a hair styling caddy to gather all your styling tools and products. Or use a caddy for medical supplies, makeup, or bathroom cleaning tools.

Get Creative with Repurposed Items

Give everyday items new purpose, like storing supplies in repurposed jars, baskets, or storage containers. Clean food jars work great for cotton balls and swabs. Use drink trays to organize makeup and brushes.

Establish Zones for Different Items

Designate areas of your cabinets for different types of items. Keep medications and first aid supplies together, toiletries and cosmetics in another area, cleaning products in one zone, etc.

Label Everything

Use labels and dividers to clearly identify where items belong. This makes it easy for everyone in your household to put things away properly. Editable labels allow you to reorganize as needed.

With some clever solutions, you can contain all your bathroom clutter in organized cabinets. This creates a tidy space to start and end your day. Evaluate your storage needs and access patterns to choose ideas that will work best for your bathroom.

Frequently Asked Questions About Organizing Bathroom Cabinets

How do I organize a small bathroom cabinet?

Focus on vertical storage with pull-out shelves and stacking bins. Mount bins or baskets on walls and the back of doors. Use caddies for portable storage. Add hooks inside cabinets and utilize hanging shelves.

What are the best bathroom cabinet organizers?

Baskets, bins, tension rods, pull-out shelves, hanging shelves, and slide-out racks are excellent for organizing bathroom cabinets. Labels and dividers help identify contents. Caddies neatly transport items.

How do I organize under the bathroom sink?

Install pull-out cabinets or slide-out trays for easy access. Use standing vertical bins secured to the back wall. Stacking bins, baskets, or interlocking organizers also maximize space under sinks.

What should I put in my bathroom cabinets?

Store daily use items like cosmetics and medications on easy-to-reach shelves. Reserve upper cabinets for bulk and occasional use supplies like toilet paper. Designate specific zones for categories of products.

How do you organize bathroom cabinets that are deep?

Use risers or tiered shelving to double storage space. Slide-out shelves and vertical dividers also optimize deep cabinets. Stack bins and baskets to take advantage of height.


An organized bathroom cabinet provides stress-free functionality. Simple solutions like shelves, bins, and baskets allow you to neatly arrange supplies and toiletries. Getting creative with hooks, rods, racks, and repurposed containers maximizes your storage potential. Evaluate your needs and designate zones for different types of products. Keep your most-used items readily available, and reserve the depths of cabinets for bulk supplies. With a little effort up front, you can enjoy ordered, clutter-free cabinets for years to come.