18 Great DIY Plans for Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands are the ultimate multipurpose addition to any home chef’s cooking space. Not only do they provide extra counter space and storage, but they can also double as a casual dining area or bar for entertaining. Building your own kitchen island is a satisfying DIY project that allows you to customize the size, features, and style to suit your needs. With some basic carpentry skills and these great DIY plans, you can create the kitchen island of your dreams.


A kitchen island is one of the most desired features in today’s homes. This functional and stylish addition offers a wealth of benefits:

  • Extra workspace and storage – Islands provide much-needed extra counter space for meal prep and staging, as well as storage for kitchen tools and ingredients.
  • Gathering place – With seating on one or more sides, a kitchen island creates a casual spot for family members or guests to gather, chat, and snack.
  • Design focal point – The right island can be a striking design feature and focal point of your entire kitchen.
  • Flexibility – Islands can be customized with a wide range of sizes, shapes, colors, and materials to match your personal style.
  • Value boost – A kitchen island is a top selling point for homes on the market, as buyers love the appeal and functionality.

Building your own DIY kitchen island allows you to get the customized island of your dreams at a fraction of the cost of buying pre-made options. While it does require some woodworking skill, with the right plans, tools, and materials it can be a very achievable project even for a dedicated DIYer.

This collection of 18 great DIY plans for kitchen islands provides inspirational designs to spark your creativity. From small portable carts to large fixed islands, you’ll find the perfect fit for your space and skill level. Let’s get started designing the heart of your home kitchen!

Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Island

Farmhouse style is hugely popular for today’s kitchens, with it’s timeworn and cozy vibe. This DIY kitchen island plan embraces that rustic farmhouse look, with vintage-inspired details like turned legs, beadboard paneling, and a distressed paint job.

Features and Benefits

  • Turned legs, apron, and supports have a classic style.
  • Beadboard paneling adds charming texture and dimension.
  • A distressed painted finish gives it an antiqued, well-loved look.
  • Plenty of storage with cabinets, drawers, and open shelving.
  • A butcher block countertop makes a great prep surface and cutting board.
  • Casters allow it to easily roll wherever needed.

This DIY kitchen island plan requires moderate woodworking skills and tools, but with patience and care it can become the charming centerpiece of your farmhouse kitchen.

Step-by-Step Building Instructions

  1. Cut plywood panels for the sides, shelves, back, bottom, and top deck of the island box using the cut sheet diagram.
  2. Assemble the box framing by driving wood screws through the plywood panels into the framing boards and legs.
  3. Attach the beadboard paneling to the exterior front and sides. Use trim boards to create a frame.
  4. Sand any rough edges. Prime and paint the island with your desired distressed finish using an off-white base coat and dark glaze.
  5. Prepare the butcher block countertop. Apply food-safe finish.
  6. Install the top by driving screws up through the top deck into the underside of the butcher block.
  7. Add the cabinet doors, shiplap backsplash boards, shelves and drawers. Attach hardware.
  8. Finally, flip the island right-side up and install locking casters on the legs. Load up with storage items and roll it to its spot!

With smart construction, creative finishing, and lots of character, this DIY rustic farmhouse kitchen island will be a treasured family heirloom for generations. The vintage farmhouse vibe is timeless and will serve your kitchen beautifully!

Modern Industrial Pipe Kitchen Island

Exposed pipes, wood, and metal create an edgy, urban look for the modern industrial design trend. This kitchen island incorporates those elements in a sleek DIY design that’s packed with storage.

Features and Benefits

  • Pipe frame base provides an industrial vibe.
  • Galvanized sheet metal skins the cabinets for urban appeal.
  • Space for stools allows for casual dining.
  • Tons of storage with cabinets, shelves, and drawers.
  • Butcher block counter is great for food prep.
  • Locking wheels so it can move where needed.

Building this DIY modern kitchen island takes intermediate carpentry skills, but the end result will be a super stylish showpiece.

Step-by-Step Building Instructions

  1. Cut and assemble the pipe frame base from black iron pipes and elbow/tee joints. Weld together if possible, or use pipe cement.
  2. Cut plywood to size for the cabinet boxes, shelves, back, bottom, and top decking.
  3. Assemble cabinet boxes using wood screws. Attach to pipe frame.
  4. Cut galvanized sheet metal to wrap visible outer sides of cabinets. Rivet sheets in place.
  5. Prepare butcher block counter. Finish and seal properly.
  6. Install counter to top deck with wood screws from underside.
  7. Add cabinet doors and attach handles. Install shelves and drawers as needed.
  8. Finish off by attaching heavy-duty locking casters to the pipe frame’s legs.

With its strong lines and utilize of wood, metal, and pipe elements, this DIY kitchen island is sure to be a visually striking addition to your modern industrial kitchen design. Maximize the storage options to keep your space organized in sleek style!

Rustic DIY Kitchen Island with Wine Rack

For wine lovers, this DIY kitchen island design features a built-in wine rack so you can store and display bottles right in the kitchen! The rustic styling features barn wood, cast iron hardware, and a unique X-frame base.

Features and Benefits

  • Barn wood adds rustic warmth and texture.
  • X-shaped base provides super sturdy support.
  • Wine rack stores up to 18 bottles.
  • Cast iron hardware adds vintage character.
  • Butcher block top is great for food prep.
  • Storage cabinets and drawers maximize space.
  • Can be customized to fit your collection.

While the wine rack adds a fun twist, this DIY kitchen island requires just basic carpentry skills and common tools to build. The warm rustic design will make your bottles the star of the kitchen!

Step-by-Step Building Instructions

  1. Cut and assemble the X-frame base from dimensional lumber. Secure with wood screws and glue.
  2. Add barnwood or reclaimed wood boards to the outer front and sides.
  3. Build two cabinet boxes for storage from plywood. Attach to base frame.
  4. Construct the wine rack section from wood strips to hold wine bottles.
  5. Prepare the butcher block counter and apply food-safe finish.
  6. Install counter onto base. Attach wine rack next to one cabinet side.
  7. Add cabinet doors and hardware. Install shelves and drawers.
  8. Finish off with cast iron handles and locking casters on the legs.

Having your wine collection on display brings a fun focal point to this homey DIY kitchen island design. Open a bottle and toast to your handcrafted furniture success!

Movable Kitchen Island Cart

Short on space but want extra counter area? This DIY kitchen island cart design gives you a movable island for small kitchens. Built on wheels, you can roll it wherever it’s needed!

Features and Benefits

  • Compact size rolls easily in small kitchen spaces.
  • Locking casters allow you to move it around.
  • Towel rod and basket provide extra storage.
  • Butcher block top can be used as a cutting board.
  • Bottom shelf holds appliances or bulky items.
  • Easy to build with basic tools and skills.

For beginner DIYers, this is one of the easiest kitchen island designs to tackle. And when your counter space is limited, the mobility is a must to make this island really useful!

Step-by-Step Building Instructions

  1. Cut wood boards to size for the legs, braces, shelves, and countertop.
  2. Attach the legs and lower shelf using wood screws.
  3. Add the top frame with boards around the perimeter to support the countertop.
  4. Prepare, seal and attach the butcher block countertop using wood screws up into the frame.
  5. Create a towel bar along one side from a dowel rod and brackets.
  6. Install heavy-duty locking casters on the legs so it can easily roll.
  7. Finish it off by adding a hanging basket or hooks underneath for portable storage.

This compact DIY kitchen island cart takes just a weekend to build but provides helpful movable extra counter space for years to come. Roll it wherever you need an extra surface for cooking and prep work!

Repurposed Drawer Kitchen Island

Put those old dresser drawers gathering dust in your garage to good use in this creative DIY kitchen island! The repurposed wood drawers make quirky built-in storage. Top it off with a sleek countertop and modern base for a very unique island.

Features and Benefits

  • Made from old recycled wood drawers for character.
  • Drawers are already built for storage space.
  • Can be sized to fit your available drawers.
  • Mix of materials creates an eclectic look.
  • Caster wheels allow you to move it around.

Breathing new life into old materials takes creativity. But with this clever DIY kitchen island idea, you can build a showstopper piece on a budget!

Step-by-Step Building Instructions

  1. Gather multiple sized old wooden drawers, cleaning thoroughly.
  2. Build a base from lumber to attach drawers to at desired counter height.
  3. Attach repurposed drawers with wood screws in rows into base.
  4. Prepare your countertop. Cut to fit shape, sand edges, and seal properly.
  5. Install countertop over drawers and attach securely from underneath.
  6. Add trim pieces along base and top to finish off edges.
  7. Install heavy duty casters or wheels on the base.
  8. Finish with new drawer pulls and a good sanding/sealing to protect wood.

Putting those old drawers to work as storage spaces helps this DIY kitchen island make a serious style statement in your kitchen. The eclectic mix of textures and shapes brings a blast of personality!

Large Kitchen Island with Seating

Maximize your island’s functionality by adding seating for casual dining or entertaining. This DIY kitchen island provides a built-in place to gather while also offering ample prep space and storage.

Features and Benefits

  • Comfortably seats 4 people on built-in stools.
  • Plenty of leg room and an overhang for seating.
  • Great workspace with butcher block counter.
  • Tons of storage with cabinets and drawers.
  • Bookshelf end side for cookbooks and decor.
  • Can be adapted to fit your space requirements.

While a large island takes more time and skill to build, it becomes the beautiful multi-functional centerpiece of your kitchen.

Step-by-Step Building Instructions

  1. Construct cabinet boxes from plywood for base and upper storage.
  2. Assemble sturdy leg support frames and attach to cabinets.
  3. Add side paneling and desired trim details.
  4. Prepare butcher block counter and attach securely to top of cabinets.
  5. Install shelves and drawers inside cabinets for storage.
  6. Create bookshelf end panel from wood boards.
  7. Add 4 stools, securing legs into bottom of counter overhang.
  8. Finish with your choice of paint, stain or distressing techniques.

This DIY kitchen island with seating takes your kitchen from cook space to hangout space. Gather around for coffee, meals, or entertaining while enjoying the handcrafted woodwork!

Outdoor Kitchen Island with Sink

Take your cooking outdoors with this DIY outdoor kitchen island, complete with sink, cabinets, and prep space. Built to withstand the elements, you can grill year-round on your patio.

Features and Benefits

  • Stainless steel sink with hot and cold faucet.
  • Tile backsplash prevents water damage.
  • Cabinet stores grilling tools safely outdoors.
  • Stainless steel countertop is durable and heat resistant.
  • Built-in tank holder secures propane tanks.
  • Weather-resistant materials stand up to sun, rain, and snow.
  • Caster wheels let you move it in and out seasonally.

This outdoor cooking station takes some intermediate building skills. But the end reward is year-round grilling and entertaining from your own backyard patio!

Step-by-Step Building Instructions

  1. Construct cabinet box out of weather-resistant plywood or composite wood.
  2. Prepare concrete board countertop and adhere sink/faucet. Add tile backsplash.
  3. Install stainless steel countertop over cabinet and secure tightly.
  4. Attach propane tank holder and include storage drawer or doors.
  5. Install heavy-duty locking casters on all four legs for mobility.
  6. Fully caulk all seams and openings. Apply waterproof finish.
  7. Connect plumbed sink to outdoor water supply and drain pipes.
  8. Grill up a celebratory meal on your new outdoor cooking island!

This DIY outdoor kitchen island allows you to take your grilling game to gourmet levels year-round. Get ready to become the BBQ master of your neighborhood!

Portable Kitchen Island with Drop Leaf

Short on kitchen space? This clever DIY portable kitchen island has fold-down sides to tuck it neatly out of the way. When you need more counter room, just flip up the drop leaves!

Features and Benefits

  • Drop leaves fold down when not in use.
  • Wheels let you roll it where you need it.
  • Handles make it easy to move around.
  • Two levels of storage space.
  • Butcher block is great for food prep.
  • Folds down small for compact storage.
  • Easy DIY build even for beginners.

This compact island is perfect for small kitchens. With quick collapse and roll away abilities, it packs lots of function into a tiny footprint!

Step-by-Step Building Instructions

  1. Build a plywood box with front framing to attach drop leaves.
  2. Install hinges and attach drop leaves to fold down when needed.
  3. Add butcher block counter top and attach securely.
  4. Install second shelf at bottom of box.
  5. Attach wheels and handle on one side for rolling.
  6. Finish by adding hooks, towel rods or other space-saving storage options.

When counter space is scarce, this DIY portable kitchen island with drop leaves provides a handy space-saving solution. Roll it out when you need extra prep room, then tuck it away again!

Kitchen Island with Hidden Trash Bin

Keep your kitchen clutter-free with this clever DIY kitchen island that features a hidden trash bin inside. Just flip up the countertop and sweep scraps right in!

Features and Benefits

  • Built-in trash bin is hidden from view.
  • Special hinged countertop lifts up.
  • Cabinet door allows easy access to trash can.
  • Generous butcher block counter work space.
  • Extra storage with cabinets and drawers.
  • On locking casters to easily roll around.
  • Discreetly keeps trash out of sight.

This savvy island takes a bit more precision woodworking than a basic DIY. But the ingenious hideaway trash design makes it worth the effort for a clean, clutter-free kitchen!

Step-by-Step Building Instructions

  1. Build cabinet box and install a drawer above space for trash can.
  2. Create hinged countertop that lifts easily to allow access.
  3. Place trash bin inside and attach cabinet door to hide it.
  4. Add additional storage drawers and doors as desired.
  5. Prepare, seal, and attach butcher block counter to top hinged piece.
  6. Install heavy-duty casters for mobility.
  7. Finish sides with trim or panels to hide trash access.

Keep trash out of sight but close at hand with this unique DIY kitchen island. The hidden trash opening helps you keep counters clear and maintain a clean, organized space!

DIY Kitchen Island with Buffet Storage

Create extra serving space for meals with this DIY kitchen island and buffet. The long counter provides buffet-style storage for dishes and serving ware, plus a large eating area.

Features and Benefits

  • Built-in buffet storage and serving area.
  • Upper cabinets provide display shelves.
  • Two levels of counter space.
  • Sliding shelves under counter to store dishes/platters.
  • Large eating area for multiple guests.
  • Made from stock cabinets for easy construction.

For quick DIY construction, this island buffet is designed using stock base and wall cabinets. Simply assemble, add countertops, and install shelves.

Step-by-Step Building Instructions

  1. Assemble stock base cabinets and attach together in desired shape.
  2. Install wall cabinets above leaving room for eating space.
  3. Build open shelf space between cabinets for display.
  4. Add butcher block counters across all cabinet tops.
  5. Create sliding shelves to store servingware under counters.
  6. Finish sides with panels or trim of your choice.
  7. Install lighting above and beneath cabinets.

Hosting dinner parties is a breeze with this DIY kitchen island and buffet setup. Stock up on serving dishes to show off in your new custom buffet!

DIY Stainless Steel Top Kitchen Island

The gleaming look of stainless steel makes a bold statement in this DIY kitchen island. Combining wood base cabinets with a stainless steel countertop creates an industrial chic, commercial look.

Features and Benefits

  • Stainless steel countertop is sleek and durable.
  • Provides