16 Hallway Storage Ideas to Try Yourself

Hallways often end up cluttered and messy, with coats, shoes, bags and other items strewn about. But with some clever storage solutions, you can keep your hallway organized and looking neat. Here are 16 great hallway storage ideas to try in your own home.

Clever Coat Racks and Hooks

A simple way to corral coats, hats, and bags in an entryway is to install some hooks or a coat rack. Get creative with the type and arrangement to maximize your space.

1. Use an Over-the-Door Coat Rack

Install an over-the-door coat rack on the back of your front door to take advantage of vertical wall space. Choose one with multiple hooks and arms to hold coats, hats, purses and more.

2. Try a Tree Coat Rack

For a fun and whimsical option, use a tree coat rack. The branches provide plenty of hooks for hanging items, keeping them up off the floor. Place a bench underneath to make it easy to remove shoes.

3. Arrange Hooks Creatively

Use hooks in interesting shapes, sizes, and materials like galvanized metal, wood, or wrapped leather. Arrange them creatively on the wall in a pleasing design.

4. Add a Bench with Storage

Incorporate a storage bench into your entryway. Many feature lift-up seats to stow away shoes and other items. Top hooks provide a handy spot for hanging coats above.

Shelving & Cabinet Storage Solutions

Installing shelving units or cabinetry in the hallway provides concealed storage to tuck away clutter. Maximize the storage potential with these ideas.

5. Incorporate Floor-to-Ceiling Shelves

Having shelves that go from floor to ceiling makes use of all available space. Close off the lower shelves with doors or use fabric skirting to conceal items.

6. Add a Hall Tree

A hall tree traditionally has a bench seat, hooks on top and cabinets or shelves underneath. This all-in-one piece neatly stores entryway items in one organized spot.

7. Use Retrofitted Cabinets

Standard kitchen or bathroom wall cabinets can be retrofitted to work in a hallway. Place at whatever height is convenient and style with doors or open shelving.

8. Build Custom Storage Cubbies

For a customized look, have carpenter-built cubby storage installed. Include cubbies of mixed sizes for storing shoes, hats, gloves and other unique items.

Creative Solutions for Small Spaces

Even the smallest, skinniest hallway can be organized. Make the most of tight spaces with these clever ideas.

9. Install a Wall-Mounted Coat Rack

In a narrow hallway, a wall-mounted coat rack saves precious floor space. Look for one with multiple hooks positioned at different heights.

10. Use a Slim Storage Console

A narrow console table behind the front door is ideal for stashing keys, mail and other small items. Look for one with drawers or shelves to hide the clutter.

11. Hang Baskets on the Wall

Wire storage baskets in varying sizes add character when hung on the wall. Use them to organize gloves, scarves, mail and other loose items.

12. Add Multi-Level Wall Hooks

Even small wall areas can accommodate coats and bags with multi-tiered hooks. Look for space-saving hook racks with staggered pegs.

Clever Ways to Use Wall & Door Space

Fill up empty vertical spaces to take advantage of all your hallway real estate. Walls and doors often provide usable area.

13. Use Wall-Mounted Coat Racks

Freestanding coat racks can eat up floor space. Opt instead for wall-mounted versions to save room. Position at a convenient height.

14. Install Shelving Above Doors

Make use of the wall space above doors by installing floating shelves. Corral hats, gloves, keys and decorative items up and out of the way.

15. Add Mirrors to Create the Illusion of Space

Strategically hung mirrors visually expand a tight hallway. They also provide a handy spot for guests to check their appearance on the way in or out.

16. Use Over-the-Door Storage

Hang storage accessories right over the door to maximize vertical real estate. Options include over-the-door shoe bags, racks, and pockets.

Key Takeaways on Hallway Storage Ideas

Devising clever storage solutions for your home’s hallway helps keep this high-traffic area organized and clutter-free. Make the most of the available wall space by utilizing coat racks, shelves, cabinets and over-the-door storage options. Think creatively and customize the storage to suit your family’s needs and the hallway’s unique size and shape. With these practical ideas, you can transform an unruly hallway into a well-ordered entry space your family will appreciate.