15 Toilet Paper Storage Ideas to Jazz Up Your Bathroom

Running out of toilet paper is one of life’s minor frustrations. Avoid the inconvenience with smart toilet paper storage ideas that keep spare rolls tidy and within easy reach. Clever solutions for stashing backup TP liven up boring bathrooms with charming style.

Coming up with toilet paper storage ideas starts with an honest evaluation of your bathroom’s existing storage. Look at the space you have available to work with. Measure open wall areas, cabinets, vanities and shelves that could potentially store toilet tissue. Take notes on dimensions and locations.

Armed with measurements, browse toilet paper holders to find sizes that maximize your bathroom’s storage potential. Look for holders in finishes and designs that coordinate with your bathroom’s decor. Check that the styling mixes well with your other fixtures and accessories.

Beyond just functional rolls storage, creative toilet paper storage presents opportunities to add whimsy and visual interest to your bath. Incorporate charming design details that show off your personality. Or opt for discreet solutions that tuck spare TP out of sight.

Keep reading for 15 toilet paper storage ideas that range from basic to beautiful. With clever TP holders and creative storage solutions, you can jazz up your bathroom with functional flair.

Wall-Mounted Multi-Roll Holder

Free up precious floor and cabinet space with wall-mounted toilet paper storage. Wall holders keep backup rolls visible and in easy reach. Look for a holder with capacity to store at least two extra rolls in addition to the current roll in use.

Opt for durable metal construction with a finish that complements your bathroom’s style, like brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze or polished chrome. Include coordinating TP roll covers or leave the rolls exposed for easy replacement. Mount the holder at a height that’s easily accessible for all household members.

Freestanding Toilet Paper Caddy

Freestanding caddies provide toilet paper storage without permanent installation. Keep a spare TP roll handy on the floor beside the toilet. Or tuck the caddy unobtrusively behind it.

Select a caddy with simple styling that fits your bathroom’s look. Add coordinating baskets for stashing extra bath tissues or concealing other necessities. For a polished look, choose a caddy with an enclosed cabinet to completely hide backup rolls.

Mounted Wall Cabinet

Mount a wall cabinet near the toilet to stash backup rolls behind closed doors. Opt for a cabinet with shaker styling and a finish that coordinates with your bathroom’s hardware and fixtures.

Inside the cabinet, install clips, hooks or a tension pole to neatly organize spare rolls. Or line the interior with a removable caddy. The cabinet’s discretion keeps extras rolls tidy and out of sight.

Under-Sink Spare Roll Storage

Take advantage of the space beneath your bathroom sink by stashing backup toilet paper under there. Install a tension pole with clips to hold rolls vertically. Or secure a metal wall grid inside the cabinet to neatly store several spare rolls.

Hang rolls horizontally using S-hooks on the cabinet wall. Or slide them onto dowels suspended between side walls. For quick access, mount a freestanding metal caddy or plastic TP holder inside.

Hanging Wall Grid

Neatly organize spare toilet paper rolls using a hanging metal grid. Designed for wall mounting inside cabinets, the slotted grid holds rolls vertically in readily visible columns.

Install the grid on a wall, inside a vanity or on the back of a cabinet door. Slide rolls into the open slots so they’re suspended securely. Mount the grid just below eye level for convenient access.

Floating Wall Shelves

Creative types can design their own floating grid of wall shelves to hold spare TP. Use boards or wall-mounted standards and brackets to create customized rolls storage.

Mount standards horizontally, and attach shelves at equal vertical intervals. Keep the spacing between shelves slightly wider than a TP roll’s diameter. Paint or finish the wall grid to match your decor. Arrange rolls attractively on the open shelves.

Built-In Wall Niche

Carve out a niche in an empty wall cavity to elegantly hide backup toilet paper. Create the cubby hole when remodeling, or retrofit an existing wall. Build an interior rack or shelf to neatly organize rolls inside.

Conceal the storage alcove with a hinged door for a seamless look. Choose a door style and hardware that coordinates with the bathroom’s style. The hidden niche keeps spare TP conveniently close yet totally out of sight.

Decorative Ladder

A decorative ladder leaned against the wall adds charming farmhouse style while organizing spare toilet paper rolls. Opt for a classic wooden design with angled legs and rungs spaced for conveniently stashing TP.

Paint or stain the ladder a light, neutral shade that pairs well with your decor. Hang the ladder horizontally, and lean gently against the wall like a ladder-shelf. Arrange TP rolls attractively on each rung for organized storage with rustic flair.

Freestanding Shelving Unit

An old bookcase placed near the toilet easily organizes backup rolls on its shelves. Opt for a case with an open or glass-front design to prominently display TP. Or choose an enclosed cabinet to hide rolls discreetly.

Style the shelf unit to suit your decor. Sand and paint a vintage find for shabby chic flair. Or select a sleek metal design for contemporary appeal. No matter the look, spare TP is neatly corralled close at hand.

Contemporary Chrome Magazine Rack

An office-style magazine rack takes on bath duty as clever toilet paper storage. The metal rack’s slim profile fits neatly beside or behind the toilet. Rows of woven wire neatly hold spare TP vertically.

Select a rack with a chrome or nickel finish to complement modern bathrooms. Or opt for an industrial wire design for on-trend styling. Whatever the material, the rack corrals backup rolls in minimal visual space.

Macrame Hanging Rack

Display toilet paper rolls with bohemian style using a macrame hanging rack. Arrange rolls vertically in the netted nylon or cotton tiers of the wall-hung piece.

Opt for natural tones like undyed jute or ecru cotton rope to play up the organic vibe. Hang the macrame rack near the toilet and artfully drape spare rolls over its strands for an earthy, textural look.

Rustic Wooden Crates

Old fruit crates add a touch of farmhouse charm while storing spare toilet paper. Stack wooden crates in a corner or beside the toilet. Line them with paper or rags to prevent snagging rolls.

Choose worn, weathered crates and leave their patina intact for rustic appeal. Or give salvaged boxes new life with a whitewashed finish. Arrange rolls attractively inside to complete the vintage harvest look.

Wire Bakers Rack

An old-fashioned wire bakers rack transforms into a handy TP organizer. Its slatted metal construction neatly displays toilet paper rolls while adding airy vintage style.

Place the rack near the toilet and slide rolls horizontally onto the shelves. Or stand it vertically and store TP rolls in the vertical wire columns. Paint it in a cheery color or leave the metal unfinished for an industrial look.

Built-In Drawers

Build extra toilet paper storage into vanity cabinets or under custom wall niches. Use pull-out drawers to neatly tuck away spare rolls while keeping them at your fingertips.

Opt for full-extension drawers for easy access to the entire drawer depth. Include dividers so rows of backup TP stay neatly organized. Conceal the storage discretely using cabinets fronts that blend with your bathroom style.

Remote-Controlled Cabinet

For the ultimate in convenient TP storage, install a remote-controlled cabinet system. Push a wireless button to activate open and close mechanisms. The concealed storage access keeps spare rolls hidden.

Mount the automated cabinet on the wall or build it into a bathroom niche. Configure the interior with clips, shelves or racks for tidy TP rolls storage. Program frequently used remotes for one-touch cabinet access.

Curtained Wall Cabinet

Mask a wall-mounted toilet paper cabinet with a decorative curtain for a soft, elegant look. Select a fabric that coordinates with your bathroom decor, like cotton prints or lace café curtains.

Hang the curtain from a rod pocket or back tabs, using drapery pins to secure it inside the cabinet. Arrange rolls neatly within reach behind the concealing drape panel.

Metal Rolling Cart

An industrial-style metal rolling cart squeezes in extra toilet paper storage, even in tight spaces. The slim cart design saves precious floor space. And caster wheels let you roll it wherever needed.

Look for a cart in a proportional size that fits discretely beside or behind your toilet. Include interior shelves, racks or buckets for neatly stashing TP and other bathroom essentials. The mobile storage moves bathroom necessities where you need them.

FAQs About Toilet Paper Storage Ideas

What are some creative ways to store toilet paper rolls?

Some creative TP storage solutions include wall-mounted cabinets, hanging wall grids, freestanding metal carts, wooden crates, floating shelves, wall niches, ladder shelves, and mounted macrame holders.

Where is the best place to store extra toilet paper rolls?

Convenient places to store backup TP include in wall cabinets or shelves near the toilet, under the bathroom sink, inside vanity drawers, behind the toilet, or on a freestanding shelf unit or caddy.

How can I conceal my spare toilet paper rolls?

To hide spare TP rolls, stash them in a closed wall cabinet, vanity drawer, or remote-controlled niche. Use a curtain or hinged door to conceal wall-mounted open storage.

How many extra toilet paper rolls should I keep on hand?

Most bathrooms only need 2-4 spare TP rolls beyond the current roll in use. But storage options like wall grids or floating shelves allow neat organization of up to 12 extra rolls.

What kind of storage holder should I use for my backup toilet paper?

Well-designed TP storage includes caddies, metal racks, wall clips, shelves, tension rods, hosted cabinets, and drawer organizers to keep spare rolls neat and visible.

How can I add toilet paper storage to my bathroom decor?

Choose toilet paper holders with finishes and styles that match your bathroom decor, like chrome racks for modern rooms or wooden shelves for farmhouse baths. Coordinate holder colors with your bath accessories and linens.


With the right combination of creative storage and attractive holders, it’s easy to incorporate backup toilet paper into your bathroom decor. Cleverly designed wall cabinets, caddies and shelves keep spare rolls organized and within easy reach.

Choose storage solutions that fit your bathroom layout and match your personal style. Hang an industrial wire rack for modern appeal or a vintage ladder for rustic charm. The options are endless for jazzing up even the most basic bathrooms with functional yet beautiful toilet paper storage ideas.