15 Smart Tips for Organizing Your Makeup

Keeping your makeup collection organized can feel like an impossible task, especially for makeup lovers who have amassed a large collection over the years. However, taking the time to organize your products properly makes a huge difference in your daily makeup routine. Knowing exactly where everything is saves you time and reduces stress when you’re getting ready in the morning or before a night out. Implementing just a few of these smart storage ideas can transform your vanity or makeup storage area from a chaotic mess to a serene oasis! Let’s explore some tips and tricks for organizing your makeup collection.

Invest in Quality Storage

The foundation of any well-organized makeup collection is having proper storage solutions. Don’t rely solely on those free makeup bags from department stores – invest in quality containers, organizers, and furniture made specifically for storing makeup. Acrylic organizers are a popular choice because they allow you to see everything easily while keeping it sorted. Look for stackable units so you can customize the storage to fit your space. For maximum visibility and access, acrylic drawers are fantastic for storing smaller items like lipstick, mascara, and eyeliner.

When evaluating makeup storage, consider the size of your collection and types of products you own. If you have mostly palettes, look for upright holders so they stand nicely on display. Prefer drawers or shelves for laying compacts and blushes flat. Rotating organizers are excellent for accessing items in the back that normally get buried. And don’t forget about furniture like vanities and cabinets – they provide neatly concealed storage for makeup you don’t use daily. Investing in the right storage solutions will make organizing your makeup so much easier.

Declutter First

Before transferring everything into your fancy new storage, take time to purge old and unused makeup. Be ruthless and get rid of anything expired, dried out, broken, or just not loved. To avoid buying duplicates, keep an inventory of your makeup items and colors. If you have multiple similar red lipsticks, for example, swatch them side by side and declutter all but your true favorite.

Depotting powder products into a magnetic palette lets you consolidate shades from various palettes and makeup brands. Once you’ve pared down your makeup to just the products you actually use, organizing will be quicker with fewer pieces to sort. Plus, there’s something refreshing about decluttering your makeup and starting with a clean slate!

Categorize by Makeup Type

Grouping your makeup into categories makes finding specific items so much faster than digging through a messy pile of mismatched products. Basic makeup categories include:

  • Face: primers, foundations, concealers, powders, bronzers, blushes, highlighters
  • Eyes: eye primers, eyeshadows, eyeliners, mascaras, brow products
  • Lips: lipsticks, liquid lipsticks, glosses, balms, liners
  • Brushes/tools: brush sets, sponges, lash curlers, tweezers
  • Palettes: eyeshadow, face, lip palettes

Assign a drawer, shelf, or section of your storage to each makeup category. Some people like to get more detailed with categories like “everyday lip products” vs “occasional use.” Even splitting your storage into broad categories creates a systematic approach so you’ll know just where to find a certain product.

Arrange by Color Family

Within each makeup category section, arrange products by color family for a visually pleasing look. Group lipsticks from light nudes to bold berries. Eye palettes and singles can be ROYGBIV rainbow style. Blushes look pretty when organized from pale to deep shades.

This color-coordinated system also makes pulling together cohesive looks easier. Visually scanning similar color lip options helps you coordinate with your eye look. You’ll also spot color gaps in your collection for smarter future makeup purchases.

Store Lip Products Upright

Stop dumping lipsticks and glosses sideways into drawers where they roll around and get damaged. Storing lip products upright in containers lets you see all the colors at a glance for easy selection. Acrylic lipstick organizers often have slots sized perfectly for standard lipsticks.

For liquid lipsticks and lip glosses, look for organizers with short dividers between rows so products remain upright. You can find many organizer style options with individual slots, double slots for mini/full sizes, or just open rows. Keep your lip products displayed upright so their true colors shine!

Use Interlocking Stackable Trays

Interlocking plastic organizers are available in so many configurations perfect for makeup storage. Small compartments hold single eyeshadows, larger trays for palettes or face products. Look for stackable designs so you can customize the height.

The clear trays allow you to see everything while keeping it all neatly separated. Reconfiguring is simple by just adding or removing trays – great for adapting as your collection grows! The interlocking feature also helps keep stackable units secure. Makeup items won’t budge out of place even if you move your storage.

Store Makeup Brushes Handle-Down

Never pile makeup brushes loosely on a vanity again! Letting the bristles rest and soften upward prevents the brush heads from being misshapen. Storing brushes handle-down keeps them organized and accessible while giving the bristles room to fluff up.

Look for canisters, cups, or acrylic organizers with vertical slots or elastic bands to hold brushes securely by the handle. Some designs have two-tier brush storage so you can separate eye, face, and complexion brushes. Handle-down brush holders help preserve your investment in quality makeup brushes!

Use Trays or Baskets for Loose Items

Don’t let smaller items like mascaras, brow pencils, and eyeliners get jumbled in a drawer. Containing loose makeup in trays or baskets creates a neater, more organized look. The defined edges of a tray also prevent things from rolling away and getting lost in the depths of a drawer.

Clear acrylic trays allow you to easily see the contents while keeping items neatly corralled. For a pretty accent, try vintage-inspired ceramic or wire baskets. Use one for all your eye makeup items or just for eyeliners. Trays and baskets give structure and borders to organize the loose odds and ends of your makeup collection.

Store Everyday Makeup Separately

If you typically use the same core makeup products each day, keep them stored separately for quick access on busy mornings. Designate a special section, bag, or acrylic drawer just for your makeup essentials. This might include your favorite foundation, brow pencil, mascara, lip balm, and neutral eyeshadow palette.

Having your daily makeup items prepped in a designated spot reduces decision fatigue in the morning. You won’t waste time digging through piles of products because your everyday selection is already curated. This tip is also great for travel makeup bags – simply transfer your everyday kit into a pouch. Focus on keeping your core makeup organized to streamline your routine.

Use Clear Acrylic Organizers

Clear acrylic storage is a top choice for organizing makeup because it allows you to see everything while keeping it neatly sorted. Stackable acrylic drawers are perfect for smaller items like lipstick and eyeliners. Some units have slide-out clear trays for eyeshadow palettes and face compacts.

Larger acrylic organizers have different size compartments to accommodate various makeup products. Everything is visible through the transparent acrylic so you can find what you need quickly. This clear material also shows off your collection while protecting delicate makeup inside. Look for acrylic units in cube grids, desktop sizes, and multiple drawer stacks to best suit your space.

Designate Drawers for Specific Items

Divvy up vanity or cabinet drawers for specific makeup items to avoid a jumbled mess. Top drawers are great for everyday makeup you reach for often. Reserve bottom drawers for bulky palettes or backup products you use less frequently.

Consider designating a wide drawer just for blushes, bronzers, and highlighters. Deep narrow drawers are ideal for standing lipgloss tubes and mascaras upright. Customize each drawer’s contents to your collection and personal use. Labelling the outside of drawers helps identify the intended contents. Creating dedicated spaces for certain items immediately establishes order.

Display Eyeshadow Palettes Like Books

Treat eyeshadow palettes like beautiful books and store them upright and visible. Palette holders designed like book ledges let you neatly arrange palettes side-by-side. Spacing them upright shows off all the different colors and designs. Storing palettes flat in a stack makes the bottom ones disappear and get forgotten.

Acrylic vertical holders have ledges or slots to keep palettes standing upward. Some even have locking tabs to secure your palettes in place. Make your eyeshadow palettes the star of your makeup display! Use vertical storage so you actually use all the gorgeous colors you’ve collected.

Use Lazy Susans for Corner Storage

Maximize tricky corner spaces with handy lazy susan storage. The spinning turntable design provides easy access to makeup items in an otherwise hard-to-reach spot. Lazy susans come in many material options like acrylic, wire, or wood finished with a stain.

Use a lazy susan in the corner of your vanity to hold small bins of lip or eye products. They’re also great in makeup drawers to corral loose items! The spinning base turns a useless corner into prime real estate for organizing makeup.

Label Drawers and Bins

Use labels to designate where specific makeup items live. This helps avoid clutter from products getting mixed and tossed into random drawers. Labels on the outside of drawers or bins clearly identify the intended contents inside.

With a label maker or handwritten stickers, label drawers for categories like “eyeshadow palettes,” “lip products” or “face makeup.” Get more detailed with bins inside drawers labeled “nude lipsticks” or “liquid eyeliners.” Consistent labeling helps train your brain where certain items belong for future organizing.

Store Makeup in Cabinets

Don’t let your vanity get cluttered with makeup spilling all over. Store some or all of your makeup collection neatly inside a cabinet, armoire, or closet organizers. Concealed storage keeps everything organized and out of sight.

Install pull-out drawers, slide-out trays, and acrylic organizers inside the cabinet for optimized storage. Door-mounted organizers on the inside of cabinet doors are great for smaller items! Keep your most-used makeup on the vanity top and conceal excess in organizational cabinets.

Use Small Containers for Sample Products

Don’t let those tiny makeup samples rattle around loose – contain them in small storage! Shop organizers designed for micro products like contact lens cases, ice cube trays, and mini drawer dividers. These tiny containers keep sample sizes upright and visible.

Tackle pesky single-use makeup wands by transferring cream eyeshadows and lip gloss into contact lens cases. Reuse clear screw-top containers from subscription boxes or skin care deluxe samples. Tiny organizers help corral all those free gifts with purchase into neatly sorted storage.

Store Sheet Masks in Bins or Boxes

Sheet masks are infused with tons of skin-nourishing ingredients, but their thin cotton material makes storage a challenge. Laying masks loose in a drawer damages the fragile material. Instead, store sheet masks upright in their original packaging, small bins, or sturdy boxes.

Look for bins or boxes with short vertical dividers wide enough to fit folded sheet masks. Stack the masks neatly separated between dividers to prevent tearing. Bins let you see all the options at a glance while keeping sheet masks protected. Don’t stuff masks into an overcrowded drawer – give them structured, upright storage.

Use Magnetic Boards for Metal Makeup

Fun magnetic boards let you store and display metal makeup compacts, palettes, tubes, and tins. The powerful built-in magnets grab onto any magnetic makeup formula or magnetic stick-on strips you add to non-magnetic packaging.

Utilize magnetic makeup storage on a metal fridge, magnetic whiteboard, or acrylic magnetic board. Store everyday essentials within arm’s reach for quick touch-ups. Or mount a board on the wall and fill it with a rainbow of lipstick tubes! It’s like displaying art you can use daily. Magnetic makeup storage keeps your metal (and magnetized) products handy.

Create “Capsules” for Specific Looks

Take organization up a notch by creating curated makeup “capsules” for certain looks. Assemble products just for your go-to work makeup, evening glam, travel kit, etc. Store each themed capsule together in a train case, bag, or drawer divider.

Pulling together color-coordinated products for an intended look makes getting ready fast and foolproof. No more wasting time deciding which shades pair together! Capsule collections also help you shop your stash and use specific items more frequently. Getting strategic with capsules builds effortless, coordinated beauty routines.

15 Smart Tips for Organizing Your Makeup – Summary

There are so many clever ways to organize your makeup collection using specialty storage solutions and savvy grouping tips:

  • Invest in quality acrylic organizers, drawer sets, and furniture
  • Declutter old and unused makeup first
  • Categorize by makeup type in designated areas
  • Arrange by color family for a cohesive look
  • Store lip products upright to see colors
  • Use stackable trays to compartmentalize
  • Store brushes handle-down to preserve shape
  • Contain loose items in trays or baskets
  • Keep everyday makeup separate for quick access
  • Use clear acrylic units to see everything
  • Designate drawers for specific products
  • Display palettes upright like books
  • Maximize corner space with lazy susans
  • Label drawers and bins for easy identification
  • Conceal excess makeup neatly in cabinets
  • Store samples in tiny containers
  • Keep sheet masks upright in bins or boxes
  • Use magnetic boards for metal makeup
  • Create themed capsules for different looks

Organizing your makeup takes some upfront effort but saves so much time when you need to get ready. Implementing just a few of these smart strategies can make your morning makeup routine more efficient and stress-free. The effectiveness of your storage solutions will inspire you to maintain the organization. So give your makeup the organized home it deserves and unlock the true potential of your makeup collection!

Frequently Asked Questions About Organizing Makeup

Organizing makeup often brings up common questions for those looking to tackle the project. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about organizing your makeup collection:

How often should you organize your makeup?

Ideally, you should declutter and do a thorough makeup organization a few times per year. Set reminders to tackle makeup storage seasonally before each new season arrives. Quick tidy-ups can be done more often when you notice clutter building up.

Should you organize makeup by brand?

Organizing by makeup category (eyes, lips, face, etc.) is usually more helpful than grouping by brand. Finding a certain type of product quickly is more important than keeping a brand together. However, if you have an extensive collection from one brand, it may be satisfying to store that brand’s items together.

What’s the best way to organize makeup brushes?

Storing makeup brushes handle-down is best to keep the delicate brush heads upright and prevent flattening. Organizers with slots, cups, and elastic bands all allow brushes to rest bristle-side up. Handles nestle into the holder, keeping bristles visible and accessible.

How should you store liquid lipstick to prevent drying out?

To extend their lifespan, store liquid lipsticks upright like you would traditional bullet lipsticks. The product won’t run down and pool in the base, which can cause drying and premature spoiling. Upright prevents mess and keeps liquid lipsticks looking and lasting their best!

How can you store makeup palettes so you actually use them?

Storing palettes upright like books makes all the colors visible so palettes don’t get forgotten. Designate a drawer just for palettes to keep them all in one accessible spot. Rotate palettes in and out of your top drawer to encourage use of different ones.

What are the best containers for storing loose makeup products?

Small trays and ramekins are perfect for corralling loose pigments, glitters, setting powders, and anything messy. Look for trays with short edges to contain the product inside. Ramekins let you reach into the makeup while keeping spills contained.

Where should you store everyday makeup for quick access?

Keep everyday makeup essentials separate from the rest of your collection in an easy-access spot. In a drawer, designate a tray or one end just for your daily items. A customized makeup bag or acrylic desktop unit for go-to products also works nicely.

How can you avoid buying duplicate makeup products?

Maintaining a makeup inventory helps you shop your collection first and avoid buying repeats. Periodically update swatches of eyeshadows, lipsticks, blushes, etc. Seeing all your current shades makes it easier to identify color gaps to fill versus dupes.

What are the best makeup organization solutions on a budget?

Affordable options include makeup bags, plastic drawer dividers, ice cube trays, and other household items repurposed for makeup storage. Check dollar stores, thrift shops, or DIY your own organizers. Get creative with budget-friendly solutions!


Organizing your makeup helps streamline your beauty routine and enjoy your collection more. Start by decluttering old makeup and investing in quality storage solutions. then categorize products and arrange by color family for a systemized approach. Acrylic organizers maximize visibility and access to your items. Designate spaces for everyday makeup and specific product types.

Implement as many or as few of these smart tips that make sense for your collection and space. The goal is creating order and efficiency in your personal makeup storage. Organizing your makeup takes dedication but pays off hugely in your daily routine. No more wasting precious time searching for misplaced products! Use these tips to organize your makeup like a pro.