15 Over the Toilet Storage Ideas That Actually Look Amazing

Maximizing storage space in the bathroom can be a challenge, especially in small spaces. However, the area above the toilet is often an overlooked spot to add functional and decorative storage. With a little creativity, you can transform the unused wall area into a space that keeps towels, toilet paper and other essentials organized while also enhancing your bathroom’s style.

We’ve gathered 15 over the toilet storage ideas to inspire you. Ranging from open shelving to cabinetry and baskets, these clever solutions create storage nooks that not only add valuable space but give your bathroom a cohesive look.

1. Wall-Mounted Wire Shelving Unit

Wire shelving is an affordable and versatile way to add storage above the toilet. The open design keeps items visible and within reach. It’s perfect for neatly stacking rolled towels, toilet paper, and bathroom cleaning essentials.

Look for sturdy metal shelving units that are wall mounted. Be sure to securely install into wall studs for safety. A wire shelf with 2-3 tiers provides ample space to store multiple items while keeping things organized.

To add style, look for units with sleek metal finishes like black, bronze or brushed nickel. Or give a plain wire shelf a makeover by spray painting it an accent color to match your bathroom. This creates a customized look for just a few dollars.

2. Rustic Wooden Shelves

For a natural look, wooden shelves make an attractive over the toilet storage option. The warm finish provides a rustic touch that works in a variety of bathroom styles from modern farmhouse to traditional.

Have shelves custom cut to fit your space for a seamless built-in look. Opt for moisture-resistant woods like pine, cedar or teak to withstand the humid bathroom environment. Or give regular wood extra protection with a sealant.

Add charm by having the edges finished with decorative details like scallops, curves or distressed details. Stagger the height and depth of shelves for an interesting look. Use the shelves to store rolled towels, toiletries, decorative baskets and other bathroom essentials you want to keep at arm’s reach.

3. Wall-Mounted Cabinet

For a clean, built-in look, wall mounted cabinets provide concealed storage space above the toilet. The simple cabinet fronts give a seamless, polished look that blends with your existing bathroom style.

Inside, shelves provide room to store extra toilet paper, towels, medications, cleaning supplies and other toiletries out of sight. Look for moisture-resistant cabinets designed for bathrooms to prevent warping. Neutral white, black or wood toned cabinets blend in while still adding function.

Or make the cabinets a design feature by opting for a color or finish that contrasts or complements your existing bath decor. Bold hues, unique hardware and textured finishes make ordinary cabinets extraordinary.

4. Floating Wall Shelves

Defy visual weight and create the illusion of more space with floating wall shelves. Mounted just below the ceiling and spanning the width of the toilet, these shelves add storage while opening up the room.

Keep the floating look light and airy by opting for wall-mounted metal brackets and natural wood shelves in a pale finish. Or go bold with black brackets and painted shelves to contrast your wall color. Style with rolled towels, plants, candles or decorative bins. Just be sure not to overload the shelves or the floating effect will be lost.

5. Ladder Shelf

Ladder-style shelving adds a charming farmhouse vibe while maximizing vertical storage space. Multiple shelves provide plenty of display space for neatly folding and stacking towels. You can also store toiletries, candles, small decor and more.

Look for ladder-style shelves in materials like finished wood, metal piping or a combination. Add character by opting for a distressed whitewashed finish. Or keep it simple with all-white for a crisp, clean look. Securely mount into wall studs.

Place a basket on each shelf to corral loose items. Include labels for an organized look. Arrange items from largest on bottom to smallest on top for optimal use of space. A ladder shelf adds both storage and personality above the toilet.

6. Wall-Mounted Baskets

For a budget-friendly storage solution, wall-mounted baskets create an attractive display. Baskets instantly add warmth and texture. Mounting them keeps items organized and out of the way without requiring cabinetry.

Opt for tightly woven baskets in moisture-resistant materials like bamboo, rattan or seagrass. Wire metal baskets with simple lines also add function at an affordable price. Look for baskets in different sizes and shapes to create an artful arrangement.

Use baskets to organize necessities like extra toilet paper, facial tissues, towels and toiletries. Adding them above the toilet provides easy access to these items. To unify the look, paint or stain the baskets the same color.

7. Floating Corner Shelves

Take advantage of wasted space in the corner above the toilet with floating corner shelves. The staggered shelves tuck neatly into the corner, creating storage without cluttering up the room.

Built from solid wood or plywood edged in finish materials like tile, floating shelves seem to defy gravity. But in reality, sturdy metal brackets anchored securely into studs hold everything in place.

Use the shelves to store rolled hand towels, toilet paper,small decorative items or bathroom cleaning supplies. The vertical design is perfect for organizing necessities you need to reach easily. Add baskets or bins to keep loose items tidy.

8. Metal & Wood Wall Grids

Get an architectural look with metal and wood wall grids above the toilet. The geometric arrangement of metal pipes and wood dowels provides open storage for displaying towels, toiletries and decor.

Opt for thick, solid wood dowels and black metal piping in varying lengths to create asymmetrical shelves, cubbies and ledges. Or design a symmetrical grid by evenly spacing uniform size materials. Finish with black, white or natural wood to coordinate with your decor.

Wall grids add visual interest and plenty of storage options. Fold towels and roll toilet paper to place in the open cubbies. Use the shelves for decorative bins and toiletries. Hang a small wall mirror in the center for added function.

9. Framed Bathroom Wall Cabinet

Disguise storage with a bathroom wall cabinet framed to look like a large picture frame or mirror. The simple frame mounts over the toilet, with storage concealed behind doors.

Framed cabinets come in a variety of frame materials and finishes like wood, metal, or plastic molded to look like wood. Opt for a neutral frame finish that blends into your bathroom.

Behind the frame, find shelves or cubbies to tuck away extra toilet paper, small towels, toiletries and cleaning supplies. Labels help keep the cabinet interior organized. When closed, the cabinet appears to be an oversized framed mirror or artwork.

10. Wall-Mounted Towel Ladder

Keep towels organized and at the ready with a wall-mounted towel ladder. Outfit the rungs of the ladder with metal hooks, pegs or built-in towel bars for hanging folded towels or washcloths.

Look for ladder-style towel racks in materials like metal, finished wood or a combination. Opt for a finish that coordinates with your existing decor, like matte black, bronze, nickel, whitewashed wood, espresso, etc.

Fold towels neatly and arrange by size on the ladder rungs. Place folded washcloths or hand towels on the top rungs for easy access. Install securely into wall studs for safety. A ladder-style towel rack adds charming cottage style while keeping essentials handy.

11. Frosted Glass Shelf With Towel Bar

Add a sleek, modern touch with a wall-mounted glass shelf and towel bar. The frosted or pebbled glass shelf provides discreet storage space without cluttering up the room.

Install the shelf safely and securely into wall studs above the toilet. Built-in chrome, brushed nickel or oil rubbed bronze towel bars allow you to hang towels or decorative folded hand towels.

The opaque glass hides items like extra toilet paper and tissues while the smooth surface can be easily wiped down. Illuminate with LED lighting installed on the underside of the shelf for a spa-like glow.

12. Wall-Mounted Box Shelves

Wall-mounted box shelves create cubby-style storage with a streamlined look. The squared-off design of the open shelves keeps folded towels, toilet paper and toiletries neatly contained yet visible.

Look for durable box shelves made from finished wood, powder-coated metal or even weather-resistant concrete. Opt for shelves with smoothed edges in neutral white, black or wood tones.

Install them in a geometric arrangement based on the space available above your toilet. Place the most frequently used items on the lower shelves for convenient access. Labeling helps keep things organized.

13. Hanging Baskets

Keep rolled towels and toilet paper organized yet within arm’s reach with hanging storage baskets. Sturdy metal or woven wicker baskets attach directly to the wall. They’re perfect for tucking away necessities you need access on a regular basis.

Opt for open baskets with simple, straightforward shapes. Metal baskets with powder-coated finishes come in gleaming metallics like copper, silver or gold. Neutral toned woven baskets blend in with any decor.

Install hooks and hang baskets securely in wall studs. Use one large basket for rolled towels or two smaller ones to separately store towels and toilet paper. The hanging design keeps them up and out of the way.

14. Wall-Mounted Magazine Rack

Repurpose a wall-mounted magazine rack as clever concealed storage next to the toilet. The slanted pocket design is perfect for stashing extra toilet paper rolls while keeping them hidden.

Opt for durable metal magazine holders with finishes like black, bronze and nickel that coordinate with your decor. Or look for magazine files made of finished wood for a classic look.

Install securely to wall studs at a height that’s easy to reach from the toilet. Slide a few extra toilet paper rolls into the slanted pocket openings. When needed, the spare rolls are discretionary yet readily available.

15. Bathroom Wall Unit With Baskets

Maximize storage with an all-in-one wall unit that combines shelves and baskets. The mix of closed and open storage keeps toiletries tidy yet accessible.

Look for wall-mounted bathroom storage units with adjustable shelves behind cabinet doors to hide items you don’t need out all the time. Open shelves, cubbies and baskets are ideal for storing frequently used items like toilet paper.

Choose storage units in finishes that complement your existing decor, like white, black, espresso or gray wood tones. Include coordinating baskets to keep loose items contained. Use labels to maintain organization inside each compartment.

Design Tips for Over Toilet Storage

When adding storage above the toilet, keep these design tips in mind:

  • Consider the existing style of your bathroom. Choose storage options in finishes, materials and colors that coordinate. Aim to make new storage blend seamlessly.
  • Measure carefully before purchasing and installing storage units. Be sure to account for plumbing and obstructions. Check that units will fit the space above your toilet.
  • Look for storage options designed for high humidity. Wood, metal and certain plastics and synthetic fibers tolerate moisture better than products made for regular dry rooms.
  • Install all storage securely and safely into wall studs. Toggle bolts in drywall alone will not reliably support weight. Use caution top-heavy items.
  • Organize contents neatly. Use baskets and attractive bins to contain loose items. Fold and roll towels uniformly. Group like items together.
  • Consider easy access and visibility when deciding what to store above the toilet. Items you use frequently should be most readily available.
  • Include a mix of open and concealed storage. Use cabinets and baskets to tuck away extra supplies out of sight while open shelves provide grab-and-go access.
  • Don’t overload storage units or make them top-heavy. Visually weighty storage defeats the purpose of opening up space.
  • Lighting can illuminate open shelving to display decorative items. Or install discreet LED lights inside cabinets to easily see contents.
  • In small bathrooms, keep the visual lines clean. Avoid cluttered or overly busy storage arrangements to prevent a closed-in feeling.

Frequently Asked Questions About Over Toilet Storage

What is the standard height to install shelving over the toilet?

The standard height to install shelving or storage over the toilet is 64-72 inches above the floor. This allows shorter adults to comfortably reach items while standing. Just be sure not to make shelves so high that you need a stepladder to access contents.

How much weight can shelves over the toilet hold?

Most shelving units designed for bathrooms can hold 20-30 lbs per shelf. Limit weight to 10-15 lbs for delicate floating shelves. Check manufacturer specs and anchor shelves securely into studs to support weight safely. Avoid loading too much weight on upper shelves.

What items work best to store above the toilet?

The area above the toilet is ideal for items you access frequently like extra toilet paper and hand towels. Toiletries, facial tissues, cleaning supplies, candles and small decor items also work well. Avoid heavy or bulky items that could cause top-heavy shelving.

What style of shelving looks best above the toilet?

Simple, streamlined shelving looks best above the toilet. Materials like wood, metal, or glass usually suit the bathroom’s humidity best. Choose finishes and colors like white, chrome, black, nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, espresso or pale woods that coordinate with your decor.

How do I add lighting to open shelving above the toilet?

LED strip lights installed on the undersides of shelves or inside cabinetry provide a soft glow to illuminate contents. Choose warm white lighting and control brightness to prevent a harsh glare. Hardwire for permanent use or opt for battery-operated puck lights for adjustability.


The oft-overlooked space above the toilet offers the opportunity to creatively expand storage in the bathroom. Wall mounted shelves, cabinets, racks and baskets all allow you to maximize the empty space while contributing to the room’s style.

Take time to assess your storage needs and design an organizational scheme tailored to how you use the bathroom. Mix closed and open storage options at varying heights. Include specialized fixtures like towel ladders and magazine racks for a purposeful look.

With the right combination of attractive and functional over toilet storage, you can conveniently tuck away toiletries, extra TP and towels without crowding the room. The result is a bathroom that’s tidy, easy to use and uniquely you. Just be sure all storage is properly secured and avoid placing too much weight up high.

With a little planning, the wall over your toilet can transform from blank to beautiful. So go ahead, look up and discover the possibilities!