15 Knife Storage Ideas That Will Get Your Kitchen in Order

Having an organized kitchen with proper storage solutions makes cooking easier and more enjoyable. Knives are essential tools in any kitchen, so finding a handy spot to store them is key. There are many creative ways to corral knives in your kitchen drawers or on your countertop. Read on for 15 clever knife storage ideas to get your kitchen in order.

Use a Magnetic Knife Strip

Installing a magnetic knife strip is one of the most popular knife storage solutions. The powerful magnets keep knives of all sizes securely in place. Mount a magnetic strip on the wall near your prep area for easy access while cooking. Choose a strip made of wood, stainless steel, or other durable material to match your kitchen’s style.

Opt for an In-Drawer Knife Block

In-drawer knife blocks are great space-savers, keeping knives organized inside a drawer. Look for ones with non-slip bases to keep them in place. Models with clear acrylic sides allow you to easily see what’s inside. Some blocks have separate slots for steak knives and larger chef’s knives.

Store Knives in a Cutlery Tray

Plastic or wooden cutlery trays are affordable and versatile for organizing kitchen tools. Designate one tray for knives only. Look for trays with divided sections to keep knives from touching. A silicone tray will help grip knives to keep them from sliding around.

Use a Slotted Knife Block

Traditional wooden knife blocks take up prime countertop real estate. Slotted versions mount on the wall to save space. The open design allows knives to air dry after hand washing. Angled slots provide easy access while keeping blade edges safe.

Stash Knives in a Drawer Insert

Customize a kitchen drawer to hold knives with inserts like a knife box or tray. Felt-lined inserts protect blades from getting dull or chipped. Some feature foam slots that conform to the shape of each knife for a snug fit.

Hang Knives from a Magnetic Bar

Magnetic bars come in various lengths to hold multiple knives. Mount them inside a cabinet door or drawer front for concealed storage. Use one on the wall by your cooking area for quick access. The magnetic pull keeps knives safely in place.

Store in a Countertop Rotating Stand

Rotating knife blocks are a sleek option for small kitchens. The circular design takes up minimal counter space. Spin the block to easily access knives. Models with transparent acrylic construction allow you to view contents.

Use a Knife Sheath Organizer

Sheath-style knife organizers provide protection for blade edges. Look for ones with slots that are molded to the shape of knives. Portable versions fold up for easy storage in a drawer. Use them to organize knife sets or your most-used blades.

Opt for a Universal Knife Block

Universal knife blocks secure knives by the blade instead of the handle. Their space-saving design accommodates knives of any size or shape. Horizontal versions can store oddly-shaped tools that don’t fit in traditional blocks.

Try a Magnetic Wall-Mounted Rack

Magnetic racks provide an alternative to in-drawer storage. Mount them inside cabinet doors for concealment. Use one on a kitchen wall for visibility and easy access. Felt-lined racks help protect knife blades from damage.

Store in a Cutlery Stand

Upright cutlery caddies make good countertop storage for knives. Look for ones with horizontal slots to prevent slipping. Caddies with a weighted base provide stability. Some rotate for convenient access from all angles.

Use a Portable Roll-Up Case

A roll-up knife case keeps blades protected in a drawer or on the go. Felt or leather sleeves prevent scratches and dulling. Straps or elastics secure knives in place. Choose a case sized to fit your collection.

Opt for an Expandable Drawer Tray

Expandable knife trays are designed to fit most drawers. Felt lining protects blades, while adjustable dividers accommodate different sizes. Use them to corral steak, paring, and butcher knives in one organized spot.

Designate a Knife Drawer

The best way to avoid clutter is to dedicate an entire drawer just for knives and cutting tools. Use dividers, trays, or inserts to keep items separated. Make sure to position the knife drawer for convenient access while prepping meals.

Think Outside the Drawer

Unusual containers like mason jars, crocks, and tin buckets can provide unique storage for knives on the countertop. Affix magnets inside to hold knives in place. Label jars to easily identify contents at a glance.

Getting your knives organized makes cooking prepping ingredients a breeze. No matter your kitchen’s size or style, there is a handy storage solution. Use drawer organizers, wall-mounted racks, cutlery caddies, and more to keep knives within easy reach while protecting busy hands from sharp blades. A little organization can transform your kitchen workflow for the better.


How should you store kitchen knives?

Some of the best ways to store kitchen knives include in-drawer knife blocks, wall-mounted magnetic strips, countertop knife blocks, slotted knife blocks, cutlery trays, drawer inserts, magnetic racks, and roll-up knife cases.

Where should you store knives in a kitchen?

It’s best to store knives close to where you chop and prepare foods, such as on the counter, in a nearby drawer, or mounted on the wall. Store knives away from heat and moisture to protect the blades.

What damages knives in the kitchen?

Allowing knives to bang against other metal utensils, overloading knife blocks, and improper washing can damage blades. Don’t let knives air dry as this can lead to oxidation. Store knives in felt-lined blocks or trays to avoid nicks.

How do you organize messy kitchen drawers?

Use drawer inserts and dividers to corral items like knives, utensils, bakeware, and other tools. Trays with multiple compartments help keep items separated. Label drawers and containers so you can quickly find what you need.

What are good safety tips for kitchen knives?

Always store knives in a secure spot inaccessible to children. Carry knives pointed down and avoid leaving them in soapy sink water. Use knives only for their intended purpose, not to pry or open cans. Hand wash and immediately dry knives after use.


Keeping your collection of kitchen knives neat and organized doesn’t have to be a challenge. With so many storage options to choose from, you can find the perfect solution to get your knives in order. Dedicate a drawer, mount a magnetic strip or rack, or make use of space-saving blocks to keep your blades safely corralled and within easy reach. Taking the time to organize your knives will make cooking less stressful and more efficient.