15 Entryway Storage Ideas to Say Goodbye to Clutter

The entryway is often the first space guests see when entering your home, so making it clutter-free and organized is essential. An organized entryway sets the tone for the rest of the house. Here are 15 clever entryway storage ideas to help you declutter your space and make a great first impression.

Use Wall-Mounted Coat Racks

Installing a wall-mounted coat rack is a space-efficient way to store coats, hats, scarves, and bags. Opt for one with hooks of different sizes and include a shelf above it to store smaller items. Place it near the front door, so it’s easy to grab outerwear when coming and going.

Pro tip: Include a mirror above the coat rack so you can check yourself one last time before heading out.

Utilize a Bench with Storage

An entryway bench provides seating to take shoes on and off. Look for one with lift-up lids or drawers to stow shoes, gloves, hats and other items. A storage bench adds style while serving as functional storage furniture.

Hang a Row of Pegs

Pegs provide an almost invisible way to neatly store coats, bags and hats in a row. Opt for pegs in a finish that matches your entryway aesthetic. Consider rounding up peg styles for visual interest. Place them at differing heights to accommodate coats for adults, kids, and pets.

Add Baskets for Containing Clutter

Attractive storage baskets are ideal for corralling smaller objects like gloves, hats, mail, keys, and scarves. They instantly tidy up the appearance of an entryway. Look for baskets in cohesive colors and materials that match your decor. Label baskets so everyone knows where to find and return items.

Use an Entryway Organizer or Shelf

Entryway organizers or wall-mounted shelves provide cubbies and hooks to store belongings out of the way. Search for an organizer that fits your space and style. Consider a hanging shelf that makes use of vertical wall space above coats or jackets.

Install a Drop Zone

Create a designated landing spot for frequently used items like keys, glasses, wallets, and phones. Use wall hooks, a tray on a small console table, or an organizer to corral these everyday carry items. Place your drop zone near the door so it’s handy when you walk in.

Add a Mirror to Visually Expand

Strategically placed mirrors can make a small entryway appear larger. A mirror near the front door makes a great spot for a final check before heading out. Avoid placing a mirror directly across from the door, as it can create an unflattering view.

Use Bins for Hats, Gloves, and Scarves

Contain loose cold weather gear in neatly organized bins. Label the bins so you can quickly find the mittens or scarf you need. For extra style, look for pretty woven baskets or bins to complement your decor. This keeps items tidy but readily accessible.

Store Shoes on a Rack

An entryway shoe rack saves space and keeps shoes orderly so you can find pairs quickly. Search for one that fits in your entry layout. Racks that store shoes on different levels make the most of vertical room. Consider a bench with shoe storage underneath.

Add Cubbies for Personal Items

Built-in or freestanding cubbies give family members a designated spot for personal belongings. These work well for stashing backpacks, handbags, sports gear, and work bags so they don’t clutter the entry floor.

Use Wall Hooks for Bags and Pet Leashes

Hooks on walls or coat racks provide a place to hang purses, dog leashes, reusable shopping bags, and anything else that would otherwise clutter shelves or floors. Place them at various heights for ease of use.

Install a Mail Sorter

Wall-mounted mail sorters instantly organize mail in one spot. Openings for mail, newspapers, keys, and other items allow you to quickly sort these items when entering your home. No more piles of mail on the entryway table!

Add a Charging Station

A designated tech charging area helps keep cords and devices neat. Search for charging stations that fit your tech gadgets and entryway style. They can mount to the wall or sit on a console table or desk. Position it near an outlet for convenience.

Use Furniture with Built-In Storage

Entryway furniture like console tables offer narrow profiles yet provide storage. Look for tables or other furniture with shelves, drawers, or cubbies built in. The vertical storage along a wall maximizes space efficiency.

Incorporate Hidden Storage

Take advantage of unused entryway space with hidden storage ideas. Place baskets inside a console table’s cabinet or stash items in cubbies behind closet doors. A storage ottoman offers extra storage space when not in use as seating.


Decluttering your entryway provides a welcome first impression for guests while keeping your home organized. Use these storage ideas to cut down on clutter in your entry space and create a tidy area your family will appreciate too. Strategically placed furniture, hooks, baskets and shelving ensure everything has a designated home while keeping your entry looking neat and welcoming. With a little planning, you can say goodbye to entryway clutter once and for all!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose entryway storage furniture?

Look for entryway storage furniture in a size and style that fits your space. Console tables, benches, coat racks and cubbies all make great multifunctional storage solutions. Focus on pieces that complement your decor too.

Where should I place entryway storage furniture?

Arrange entryway storage furniture near the front door for convenience but out of the main traffic flow. Utilize vertical space on walls as well as floor space. Allow enough room for the door to open fully.

What entryway items should have storage?

Shoes, coats, hats, gloves, scarves, bags, umbrellas, mail, keys and tech gadgets are common items to store in an entryway. Baskets, hooks, shelves and bins help corral all these belongings.

How do I organize entryway clutter?

Start by donating or discarding any unneeded items. Then assign everything a dedicated spot using bins, baskets, shelves, hooks or furniture. Labeling storage areas makes it easy for everyone to put things away properly.

Should I hide entryway storage?

Not necessarily. Clever storage solutions like coat racks, hangers, shelves and cubbies keep items neat while remaining visible for easy access. But utilize discreet storage like baskets in cabinets too. Find a balance that works for your needs.