14 Pots and Pans Storage Ideas

Kitchen organization can seem like an impossible task, especially when it comes to storing pots, pans, and other cookware. Between bulky pots, oddly shaped baking sheets, and delicate items like nonstick pans, finding an efficient and practical storage solution can be a real headache.

But fear not! With a bit of planning and creativity, you can conquer the cookware clutter and keep your pots and pans organized. We’ve rounded up 14 brilliant ideas to help maximize your kitchen storage and keep those pots and pans tidy. From DIY solutions to stylish ready-made organizers, there’s an idea for every budget and kitchen.

Hanging Pot Rack

Installing a hanging pot rack is one of the most popular and attractive ways to free up cabinet space and neatly display your cookware collection. Suspending pots, pans, and lids from the ceiling clears up room in crowded cabinets and draws the eye upward, creating a charming focal point in the kitchen.

When choosing a pot rack, look for durable materials like steel or wrought iron that can handle the weight of heavy cookware. Go for a rack with adjustable chains so you can raise or lower pots as needed. And make sure to measure carefully so the rack fits the space – you want enough room for pans to hang without crowding.

Wall-Mounted Rail

Similar to a hanging pot rack, wall-mounted rails keep pots and pans off the counter while freeing up storage space. This option can work especially well in small kitchens.

Opt for a sturdy rail that can securely hold the weight of cast iron or heavy pans. Look for a rail with S-hooks that slide along the rail and adjust to fit different size cookware. Install it a few inches above counters or any appliances for handy access while cooking.

Over-the-Cabinet Organizer

Maximize vertical storage space with an organizer that mounts over kitchen wall cabinets. This is perfect for stashing bulky or rarely used items like roasting pans, stock pots, and baking sheets vertically.

Look for a sturdy metal organizer with adjustable shelves and wire panels to corral odd-shaped cookware. Make sure it’s deep enough to fit your tallest pots. Installation is easy with most models – simply attach to cabinet tops with provided hardware.

Pull-Out Drawer Organizer

Fitting pots and pans into deep cabinet drawers can turn into a frustrating game of Tetris. Enter the pull-out organizer! These drawer inserts feature slots, racks, and holders to neatly arrange stacked cookware.

Look for a customizable insert with adjustable dividers and slots so you can reconfigure the layout as needed. Sturdy canvas or plastic organizers keep pots upright and separated. Full-extension drawer slides let you access every inch of space.

DIY Pegboard

Turn a blank pegboard into a handy pot and pan organizer! Just add wooden dowels cut to size and arrange them horizontally to hold cookware. You can customize the peg layout to fit anything from skillets to stockpots.

Affix a large pegboard securely to the wall. Cut wooden dowels to length – make sure they’re long enough for pots to fit over them without slipping off. Drill pilot holes and hammer dowels horizontally into the pegboard wherever you want cookware to hang. It’s an inexpensive DIY way to add lots of storage!

Lid Organizer Rack

Lids and pot tops are among the most annoying kitchen items to corral. Keep them neatly in order with a wall-mounted lid organizer. Vertical racks hold lids upright so you can easily grab the right size.

Look for a lid rack with deep, adjustable dividers to accommodate different size lids. Sturdy metal racks with rubber lined slots prevent sliding and keep lids in place. Mount it to the wall or inside a cabinet door for a handy storage solution.

Cookware Drawer Dividers

Divided drawers are amazing for organizing stacked pots, pans, lids, and baking sheets while maximizing drawer space. Interlocking plastic dividers can be configured to create customized compartments for different size cookware.

Look for durable dividers with tall ridges that securely hold upright pots and pans. Some slide snugly into drawer sides and bottoms while others interlock together like puzzle pieces – choose what works for your drawers. Mix up compartments to fit your needs.

Magnetic Knife Strip

While not designed for pots and pans, you can repurpose a magnetic knife strip to hold small metal cookware like pans and lids. The powerful magnets keep them up and out of the way.

Look for a magnetic strip made of wood, stainless steel, or other durable material. Screw it securely into a wall with enough clearance above counters and appliances. Make sure cookware has a flat edge against the magnet for stability. It’s great for freeing up drawers!

Pegboard Shelving Unit

A large pegboard unit offers plenty of options for hanging pots, pans, utensils, and more. Just add hooks, baskets, and cradles to create customized storage. You can mount it to the wall or lean it upright.

Look for a heavy-duty metal pegboard with sturdy 1/4″ holes for adding accessories. Make sure it’s large enough to hold all your cookware. Add S-hooks, baskets, and bar cradles to organize pots and pans. Keep it portable by securing to a folding frame.

Pot Lid Ceiling Storage

Free up precious cabinet space by storing lids overhead! Use cup hooks screwed into ceiling joists to dangle lids out of the way. Or install shelving above an island or peninsula with lid racks.

For ceiling storage, look for strong cup hooks rated to hold 5+ pounds. Screw them securely into ceiling joists spacing them about 8 inches apart. Use S-hooks to hang lids from cup hooks. For overhead shelving, secure lid racks designed to hold stacked lids.

Vertical Baker’s Rack

A baker’s rack isn’t just for the pantry – the vertical design is perfect for stashing bulky or oversized cookware. Deep shelves corral large items and keep them visible for easy access.

Look for a sturdy metal rack with close wire spacing to prevent small items from slipping through. Shelves should be adjustable to accommodate different sizes. Closed-back racks keep everything tidy. Casters allow you to wheel it out of the way as needed.

Under-Sink Organizer

Don’t forget to utilize the often-neglected space under the kitchen sink! Install slide-out trays or racks to neatly arrange pots, pans, and lids that are used less frequently.

Look for organizers made specifically for under-sink use that are mold/mildew resistant. Sturdy drawers with rubber feet hold heavier cookware while preventing scratches to cabinet interiors. Some even have adjustable compartments. Suspended racks maximize vertical space.

Rotating Storage Rack

This versatile storage solution lets you access cookware from all angles while maximizing vertical space. Rotating racks turn a cabinet corner into handy storage for pans, cutting boards, baking sheets, and more.

Look for a sturdy rack with two or more tiers for storing multiple items. Ball bearing swivel bases allow smooth, effortless rotation. Vertical dividers secure everything in place. Measure carefully so it fits cabinet corners.

Tabletop Pan Organizer

Short on storage space? A compact countertop organizer provides a handy home base for essential pots and pans within arm’s reach. Choose from basic circular tiers or more robust rack designs.

Look for pans racks made of durable, food-safe materials like stainless steel. Shelves or open tiers allow you to grab cookware easily. Some folding racks conserve space when not in use. For a minimal look, stackable pan lids nest neatly.

DIY Pan Lid Holder

This super-simple DIY project turns leftover wood pieces into a handy lid holder. Just secure a wooden dowel rod horizontally across the inside of a cabinet to neatly store pan lids.

Use a sturdy 1-2″ diameter wooden dowel cut slightly longer than the cabinet’s width. Drill pilot holes and screw each end securely into the cabinet’s interior sides. Slide lids along the dowel to store or remove them easily while freeing up shelf space.


If disorganized pots and pans are driving you crazy, try implementing one or more of these handy storage solutions. Take time to consider your kitchen’s layout, storage limitations, and the types of cookware you own before deciding which ideas work best for your needs.

Investing in some DIY projects or organizational tools can make a huge difference in keeping pots and pans neatly stashed yet easily accessible. Remember to maximize vertical storage space and utilize cabinet corners or under-used areas like under sinks.

With some strategic planning and decluttering, you can conquer the cookware chaos! Implementing some of these organization ideas can help restore order and sanity to even the most crowded kitchen. Which solutions stand out as perfect for your pots and pans? Get ready to cook up some organization magic!