12 Kitchen Cabinet Color Ideas to Inspire Your Next Remodel

Kitchen cabinetry plays a huge role in defining the look and feel of your kitchen. The color you choose for your cabinets impacts the entire ambiance, making the space feel light and airy or cozy and warm. With so many options to pick from, it can be tricky to settle on the perfect kitchen cabinet color.

To help you navigate the sea of choices, here are 12 of the most popular and timeless kitchen cabinet color ideas to inspire your next remodel.

Classic White Kitchen Cabinets

White kitchen cabinets are a popular choice because they’re crisp, clean, and bright. The color white makes spaces feel larger and reflects light well, which is ideal for smaller kitchens. White cabinets have a classic, timeless look and pair effortlessly with any color scheme, material, or style.

There are several shades of white to choose from like bright white, antique white, and off-white. Bright white has a fresh, contemporary vibe. Off-whites like cream have a softer, more traditional feel. And antique white with distressing can give your kitchen an old-world charm.

White kitchen cabinets work great in modern, transitional, farmhouse, and traditional kitchen designs. They look beautiful with palette neutrals like gray, tan, and black. White cabinets also allow you to get creative with pops of vibrant accent colors.

Light Gray Kitchen Cabinets

For homeowners who find bright white to be a little stark, light gray kitchen cabinets offer a softer, more subtle option. The subtle gray tone serves as a neutral backdrop that allows other elements like hardware, counters, tile, and art to shine.

Light gray cabinets have a calming, relaxing effect and are versatile enough to fit any style kitchen from modern to traditional. They pair effortlessly with colors like blue, green, yellow, wood tones, and materials like quartz, marble, and granite. Distressing techniques can also give gray cabinets a worn, weathered appearance.

Shades like fog, dove gray, and sage work well for a light gray cabinet color. If you want something more moody and dramatic, go for a darker charcoal gray shade. Keep in mind lighting can impact how gray cabinets appear, so opt for full spectrum bulbs.

Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets

Two-tone kitchen cabinets are on trend and create built-in contrast in your kitchen. The most popular approach is pairing upper and lower cabinets in different colors. Common color combos include:

  • White upper cabinets + black lower cabinets
  • White upper cabinets + navy lower cabinets
  • Gray upper cabinets + blue lower cabinets
  • Wood upper cabinets + white lower cabinets

Using two cabinet colors creates a custom, upscale look for your kitchen. It allows you to experiment with darker shades for lower cabinets, which grounds the space. Lighter upper cabinets keep things airy and spacious.

Two-tone kitchens work great in both modern and traditional spaces. And you can still add pops of color through accents like bar stools, appliances, tile backsplashes, and artwork. Just be sure to anchor the space with neutral countertops and floors.

Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Navy blue kitchen cabinets make a bold, dramatic statement. The dark blue tone feels upscale and luxe, adding an instant touch of sophistication. Navy blue works surprisingly well in a variety of kitchen aesthetics from modern to coastal to farmhouse.

Some styles to try include:

  • Contemporary navy cabinets with brass hardware
  • Beachy navy cabinets with white marble counters
  • Farmhouse navy cabinets with natural wood accents

Navy pairs nicely with neutral colors like white, tan, and gray to balance the strong blue tone. Accent walls in woody shades like oak or walnut also complement the richness of the blue.

For a lighter, more relaxed navy look, try a weathered, coastal style finish. Or install navy lower cabinets with white uppers for a nice two-tone look.

Warm Wood Kitchen Cabinets

There’s something innately inviting about the look and feel of wood kitchen cabinets. Going for a warm, natural wood finish infuses your kitchen with beauty, depth, and texture. Walnut, oak, cherry, alder, and maple make great wood cabinet options.

Wood cabinets work in almost any home style from traditional to modern. For a classic look, opt for raised panel doors and intricate trim details. Or try a simple, Shaker-style flat front cabinet for a pared-back wooden look.

Look for wood cabinets with a rich patina in shades of brown, tan, red, or orange. Avoid anything too yellow or orange toned. Distressed wood finishes also add lovely aged character to your kitchen.

Pair your wood cabinets with natural stone counters and a brick or wood accent wall. Black, white, or metal hardware and fixtures pop nicely against the warmth of wood cabinetry.

Black Kitchen Cabinets

Black kitchen cabinets make a glamorous, sophisticated style statement. The deep, dark color brings moodiness and drama to your kitchen design. Black cabinets instantly create a focal point and add a unique, eye-catching element.

For a super sleek modern look, opt for glossy black lacquered cabinets with metal accents. Or try a black stained wood cabinet for a more rustic aesthetic. Matte black cabinets also lend a more subtle, sophisticated appearance.

Black pairs well with marble, gold/brass, gray, and white for contrast. Just be sure to anchor the space with plenty of natural light. Black can feel oppressive in dark, enclosed kitchens. Glass cabinet doors, mirrors, and pendulum lighting help make black cabinets shine.

Green Kitchen Cabinets

Looking to add a touch of color in a more subtle way? Green kitchen cabinets do just that. Shades like sage, mint, and forest green add natural vibrancy without going too bold.

Green kitchen cabinets offer a relaxed, earthy look that pairs nicely with materials like wood, marble, quartzite, and concrete. Metallic accents like brass and copper complement green cabinets nicely as well.

Some ways to use green cabinets include:

  • Sage green Shaker cabinets with marble countertops and brass fixtures for traditional styling.
  • Vibrant emerald cabinets with black hardware and counters for an art deco flair.
  • Weathered antique green cabinets with reclaimed wood open shelving for a cottage kitchen.

Green kitchen cabinets provide a versatile pop of color that works with both warm and cool palettes. Look for a green with more gray or blue undertones than yellow to keep things sophisticated.

Yellow Kitchen Cabinets

Yellow is having a major moment and bringing sunshine and playfulness to modern kitchen designs. From pale buttercream to vibrant mustard, yellow makes a cheerful kitchen cabinet color choice.

Some stylish ways to use yellow cabinets:

  • Buttercream cabinets with blue tile backsplash and white quartz counters for retro charm.
  • Mustard cabinets with brass hardware, wood accents, and marble counters for contemporary styling.
  • Distressed antique yellow cabinets with a brick backsplash and black windows for a farmhouse vibe.

Since yellow is intrinsically energetic, balance it out with neutral countertops and floors. White, wood, or marble offsets the brightness nicely. Just make sure your space gets plenty of natural light to keep things feeling fresh instead of overwhelming.

Red Kitchen Cabinets

Want to add a touch of vibrancy and bold impact? Consider red kitchen cabinets. Shades from deep crimson to light cherry red make a dramatic style statement.

Red instantly energizes and heats up your kitchen’s look and feel. For a modern pop of color, try pairing lacquered red cabinets with sleek stainless steel appliances and marble countertops. Or go for a rich cherry wood stain red with copper accents for a cozy, vintage vibe.

You can make red cabinets the star focal point against a simple backdrop of neutral white or light wood. Just be sure to anchor them with classic materials like marble, granite, or soapstone. Red kitchen cabinets require you to be bold, so embrace it!

Orange Kitchen Cabinets

Similar to red, orange kitchen cabinets deliver an instant sense of fun and whimsy. Shades like terracotta, spice, or amber inject warmth and playfulness into kitchen designs.

Some stylish ways to use orange cabinets:

  • Glossy lacquered orange cabinets with white and blue tile backsplash for retro flair.
  • Distressed antique orange cabinets with bronze hardware for Tuscan-inspired styling.
  • Painted pumpkin orange cabinets with natural wood counters and open shelving for cottage charm.

Balance out orange cabinets with plenty of whites and neutrals in your finishes and decor. Creamy marble, textural wood accents, and matte black hardware keep the space feeling grounded. Just make sure your lighting is soft and diffuse to prevent orange from feeling too overwhelming.

Pink Kitchen Cabinets

Another spunky color option for kitchen cabinets is pink! From blush to fuchsia, pink instantly feminizes and softens kitchen spaces.

Some ways to rock pink kitchen cabinets:

  • Matte blush pink cabinets with brass accents, marble countertops, and pitched glass pendant lights.
  • Bold fuchsia cabinets as an accent wall with bright white main cabinetry for eclectic flair.
  • Antique rose painted cabinets with vintage hardware and ceramic tile backsplash.

Since pink feels playful, balance it with classic finishes like marble, gold accents, and reclaimed wood features. Pink also pairs nicely with sage green, light blue, and black for contrast. Just make sure your space gets plenty of natural light.

Mixed Color Kitchen Cabinets

If you struggle deciding on just one color, consider a mix! Mismatched kitchen cabinets are a fun way to experiment with color. Some approaches include:

  • Open shelving in a different color from base cabinets for an accent.
  • Island cabinets in one color, main kitchen cabinetry in another.
  • Upper and lower cabinets done in three different colors.
  • Each base cabinet or set of wall cabinets done in a different bold shade.

The mix and match look works best with 3-4 colors maximum. Anchor your boldly colored statement cabinets with neutral countertops and backsplashes. You can also unify everything with matching hardware. Just don’t overmix too many clashing shades.

Dark Walnut Stained Kitchen Cabinets

For a truly striking and upscale look, go for dark walnut stained kitchen cabinets. The rich, chocolatey walnut tone brings sophistication and elegance to any kitchen design.

Dark walnut cabinets instantly create drama and interest, giving your kitchen an upscale built-in look. Walnut’s slightly purple undertones add extra dimension and richness. The finish also allows the wood’s natural grain to show through for lovely variation.

Some ways to use dark walnut cabinets:

  • Traditional styling with glass door fronts, carved details, and brass hardware.
  • Industrial edge with steel accents, black window frames, and concrete counters.
  • Rustic warmth with reclaimed wood shelving, ceramic tile, and farmhouse sink.

Dark walnut pairs beautifully with creams, whites, grays, and wood accents. The versatility of the color makes it work in both modern and traditional kitchen designs. Just balance it out with plenty of light.

Taupe Kitchen Cabinets

For homeowners seeking a versatile, yet soft neutral cabinet option, taupe is an excellent choice. Taupe offers a warm gray tone that pairs effortlessly with all design styles and color schemes.

Some stylish ways to use taupe cabinets:

  • Shaker-style taupe cabinets with marble counters, open shelving, and glass pendants for an airy modern look.
  • Distressed and glazed antique-inspired taupe cabinets for extra depth and dimension.
  • Painted taupe cabinets with brass hardware, creamy backsplash, and wood open shelves for vintage charm.

Taupe kitchen cabinets complement materials like marble, granite, quartzite, and soapstone nicely. The soft neutral shade also works well with pops of color like teal, navy, yellow, or green. Just avoid going too brown or purple with your taupe cabinet selection.

Espresso Stained Kitchen Cabinets

Looking to make a bold, moody statement? Espresso stained kitchen cabinets bring drama and sophistication to kitchen designs. The dark coffee color pairs nicely with both modern and traditional aesthetics.

Espresso stained cabinets look elegant and upscale when accented with satin nickel or brass hardware and fixtures. Glass-front upper cabinets prevent the rich espresso tone from feeling too dark and heavy.

Some stylish ways to use espresso cabinets:

  • Modern loft kitchen with sleek espresso cabinets, marble slab counters, and industrial pendant lights.
  • Traditional kitchen with espresso cabinets, antique brass hardware, and cream stone backsplash.
  • Transitional kitchen with espresso lower cabinets, white uppers, and a wood accent wall.

Balance your espresso kitchen cabinets with plenty of whites, grays, and natural wood accents. Espresso makes a versatile neutral that allows other elements in the space to shine.

FAQs About Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Wondering how to pick the perfect kitchen cabinet color for your space and style? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What are the most popular kitchen cabinet colors?

The most popular and versatile kitchen cabinet colors are white, light to medium wood tones, light to medium grays, and navy blue. These neutrals suit any design aesthetic. White and gray reflect light well in smaller kitchens. Wood tones and navy blue bring warmth and sophistication.

How do I choose kitchen cabinet colors?

Choosing kitchen cabinet colors depends on your overall design vision for the space. Consider the color scheme, materials, kitchen layout, lighting, and style you want to achieve. Neutral cabinet colors like white, taupe, and wood tones offer flexibility to change up colors and accents down the road. Bolder cabinet colors make more of a set style statement.

What kitchen cabinet color makes a small kitchen look bigger?

Lighter, reflective colors like white, light gray, light blue, and light yellow make small kitchens look larger and brighter. They reflect light rather than absorbing it like darker colors. Glass-front upper cabinets also create an airier, more expansive look.

What is the most popular white for kitchen cabinets?

Bright white and antique whites are the most popular for kitchen cabinets. Bright white has a fresh, contemporary feel. Antique or cream white offers a soft, traditional style. Avoid stark white with blue undertones, which can look clinical.

What color cabinets are timeless?

White, light to medium wood tones, and medium to lighter neutrals like gray, taupe, and beige are the most timeless kitchen cabinet colors. Their versatility allows you to swap out hardware and decor while maintaining the same classic base cabinets over time.

Should you match kitchen countertops to cabinets?

It’s not essential to match countertops and cabinet colors, but it does look coordinated. Contrasting countertops also make the cabinets stand out more. Just be sure your countertop material and color complements the cabinet finish instead of clashing.

What color cabinets go with white appliances?

White, light gray, black, blue, and wood tone cabinets all pair nicely with white appliances. Stainless steel appliances also coordinate well with white, black, gray, blue, and wood cabinetry to support a unified, upscale look.

What color floors go with white kitchen cabinets?

Light to medium hardwoods, tile that mimics wood planks, marble or travertine stone, concrete, and vinyl are great flooring options for white kitchen cabinets. Avoid going too dark, which can make a space feel smaller. Neutral floors allow the white cabinets to really shine.


The cabinetry forms the foundation of your kitchen design and impacts the overall feel more than almost any other element. From crisp white to rich wood tones, navy blues to retro reds, your cabinet color choice determines the aesthetic tone.

Hopefully the 12 kitchen cabinet color ideas and insights above provide inspiration as you envision the look of your dream kitchen. Keep in mind your personal style, cooking needs, and the room layout as you explore colors.

While trends come and go, you can’t go wrong with versatile neutrals like white, gray, and wood cabinets. They pair nicely with any style and allow you to get creative with changeable accent pieces.

At the end of the day, choose a kitchen cabinet color you love. Your cabinets will be the workhorse of your kitchen and design. The right color choice can keep your space looking stylish for years to come. So take your time, explore different samples, and have fun painting a beautiful picture with your cabinet colors!