12 Hanging Storage Hacks to Get Your Home Super Organized

Getting your home organized can feel like an overwhelming task. Between cluttered closets, crowded pantries, and overflowing drawers, it’s easy for spaces to become disorganized quickly. However, implementing some simple storage hacks utilizing hanging storage can make it easy to corral the clutter and get every room in tip-top shape.

Hanging storage offers a versatile and effective way to organize all kinds of items in your home. From entryways to laundry rooms and everything in between, hanging storage helps maximize vertical space and prevent messes from piling up. With a variety of hanging organizers, shelves, racks, and more, you can customize solutions for any problem area in your home.

Ready to get your home super organized with hanging storage? Here are 12 brilliant hanging storage hacks to try:

Utilize Over-the-Door Hanging Organizers

Over-the-door hanging organizers offer a quick and easy way to corral clutter in tight spaces. Look for over-the-door options with multiple clear pockets to store items of various sizes. Use them on closet doors to organize accessories, in the pantry to sort packaged foods, or on bathroom doors to store toiletries. The clear pockets allow you to easily see contents while keeping items neatly stored.

Install Wall-Mounted Pot Racks

Free up precious cabinet space by installing hanging pot racks or pan racks on kitchen walls. Wall-mounted racks allow you to store pots, pans, and lids vertically to maximize space. Look for rack designs with multiple rails and hooks to accommodate cookware of different sizes. Install near the stove for easy access while cooking. Not only does this free up cabinet space, but it also puts your cookware on display for a stylish accent.

Use Hanging Shelves for Extra Storage

When you’re short on horizontal space, hanging shelves are a great way to add vertical storage. Floating wall-mounted shelves are perfect for utilizing awkward unused spaces like the area above doors or in entryways. Use them in living rooms to display decor while freeing up space elsewhere. In bedrooms, use floating shelves inside closets for stacking sweaters or folding jeans. Hanging shelves are an easy DIY project for affordable extra storage.

Organize the Entryway with a Hanging Rack

The entryway tends to collect clutter as shoes, coats, and bags pile up when coming and going. Bring organization to the mudroom with a wall-mounted hanging rack. Look for one with hooks to hang coats and bags, plus shelves above to store hats and gloves. Some versions have a built-in bench for removing shoes easily. Not only does a hanging rack corral entryway clutter, but it also provides a designated spot for everyone to put belongings when they walk in the door.

Add Hanging Baskets to Shelving

Hanging baskets that attach to shelves or cabinets are a clever way to double your storage. Use wire hanging baskets inside kitchen or bathroom cabinets to hold small items like spices or toiletries. Hang the baskets underneath shelves to maximize vertical real estate. Hanging baskets instantly add extra storage space exactly where you need it most.

Use Wall-Mounted Magazine Racks

Keep reading material organized and out of the way with wall-mounted magazine racks. Search for racks with multiple compartments or shelves to store magazines upright and sorted by type. Place near seating areas in living rooms, bedrooms, or home offices for easy access to your favorite titles. Not just for magazines, these racks are also great for organizing mail, files, and folders. The vertical design keeps items off tabletops and other horizontal surfaces.

Store Cleaning Supplies with a Hanging Caddy

Bring organization to your cleaning gear with a hanging cleaning caddy. Wall-mounted cleaning caddies feature open shelves, buckets, and storage pouches to neatly store supplies. Place in utility rooms, garages, basements, or janitorial closets to keep all your cleaning products handy while freeing up floor space. Labeled clear pouches help you quickly find the right cleaner. Some caddies even have a built-in mop and broom holder for a complete solution.

Hang a Rake & Tool Organizer

If the garage or garden shed is a jumbled mess of tools, a wall-mounted rake and tool organizer can help. Heavy-duty storage racks provide dedicated slots to neatly hang shovels, rakes, brooms, and hand tools vertically. Multiple hooks allow you to arrange tools by size and type so you can easily find what you need. Heavy gardening tools will stay organized and up off the floor. No more tripping hazards or wasting time searching through a messy pile to find the right tool.

Install Closet Doublers

Short on closet rod space for hanging clothes? Installing closet doublers instantly doubles the hanging room in your closet. Closet doubler racks hook securely over existing closet rods to create a second tier of storage above. Simply slide clothes on hangers into the lower and upper racks. This takes advantage of wasted vertical space to hang more shirts, dresses, or coats. Doublers come in various sizes, so measure first to find the right fit.

Use Tension Rods for Hanging Storage

Tension rods offer an easy DIY solution for adding extra hanging storage inside cabinets or closets. The spring-loaded rods allow you to install an upper rod to double hanging space, even in tight areas with no permanent mountings. Use tension rod closet doublers for hanging more clothes or towels. Place smaller tension rods inside cabinets or pantries to hang additional shelves. Tension rods can be adjusted to fit various widths and removed when not needed.

Organize Scarves & Belts with Hangers

Scarves, belts, and other accessories can get easily tangled and lost inside dresser drawers. Keep them neat with hanging storage solutions made just for these items. Scarf hangers feature multiple rungs with velvet coating to keep delicate fabrics from slipping. Belt hangers have slots to neatly organize and separate belts for easy selection. Install these space-saving hangers in closets and get frequently used accessories out of drawers.

Opt for Wall-Mounted Clothes Drying Racks

When space is limited, wall-mounted clothes drying racks provide an out-of-the-way spot to dry laundry indoors. Versatile retractable laundry racks fold flat against the wall when not in use. Pull them down to drape wet clothes over the metal rods. Install near laundry machines or in mudrooms. Hanging racks allow air circulation to dry clothes faster while keeping laundry day mess out of the way. No more taking up valuable floor space with a bulky drying rack.


With a variety of ingenious hanging storage solutions, it’s simple to maximize vertical space and prevent clutter from taking over. Over-the-door organizers, wall-mounted pot racks, hanging shelves, and other solutions outlined here are quick and budget-friendly ways to get organized.

Hanging storage is endlessly versatile, suiting every room and need. The organizational possibilities are virtually endless thanks to the array of unique mounting positions and custom sizes available. Get creative with mixing hanging organizers and shelves to build the ideal customized storage for each problematic area in your home.

No matter how disorganized your home feels, hanging storage offers convenient, out-of-the-way storage to declutter space. Plus, being able to see items hanging also makes it faster to stay on top of clutter before it gets out of hand again. With these hanging storage hacks, you’ll be able to easily maintain organization in every room of your home.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hanging Storage Hacks

Hanging storage is an excellent way to maximize space and prevent clutter from taking over your home. But you may have some questions about the best practices for incorporating hanging organizers, shelves, and other equipment. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about hanging storage hacks:

What types of materials work best for hanging storage?

Hanging storage comes in a variety of durable, long-lasting materials:

  • Metal wire shelving is sturdy and offers breathability for items like laundry. Stainless steel resists rust.
  • Wood shelves provide an attractive look and often match existing closets or cabinetry.
  • Mesh fabric is lightweight while still providing sturdy shelves to hold items. Often used for closet doublers and roll-out shelving units.
  • Plastic hangers and shelves are affordable, easy to clean, and last a long time without warping. Great for closet storage.
  • Wicker baskets add warmth to any space and allow air circulation. Helpful for bathrooms, nurseries, and bedrooms.

How much weight can hanging storage hold?

This depends on the material and hardware used. Many over-the-door organizers can safely hold 40 pounds or more. Floating shelves are often rated for 25-50 pounds. And commercial metal storage racks found in garages can hold very heavy loads of up to 150 pounds per shelf. Check manufacturer guidelines before loading up hanging storage. Use anchors rated for the total weight to ensure secure mounting.

What are some tips for installing hanging storage?

  • Locate studs for secure attachment when possible. Use stud finder tools to locate them behind walls.
  • Verify that walls are straight. Shim hardware if needed to account for uneven walls.
  • Use the manufacturer’s recommended hardware. This often includes anchors rated for the expected weight.
  • Follow all safety guidelines provided with products. Do not overload weight capacity.
  • Check for potential obstructions like pipes or wiring before drilling.
  • Make sure screws or anchors used can support the total weight stored.
  • Test stability before loading up storage. Give shelves a gentle tug to verify anchors are secure.

How can you maximize hanging storage in small spaces?

  • Use foldable or retractable racks and shelves that collapse when not in use.
  • Opt for narrower organizer widths made specifically for tight areas.
  • Install hanging organizers on the backs of existing doors to take up zero floor space.
  • Use hanging shelves designed to mount in unused gaps like over doorways or between studs.
  • Layer hanging storage, like closet doublers, to double capacity vertically.
  • Store seasonal items in wall-mounted bins so bulky furniture isn’t needed.

What precautions should be taken with hanging storage?

  • Avoid overloading weight capacity to prevent shelves or hardware from breaking.
  • Check for signs of loose hardware and tighten when needed.
  • Use closed bins or baskets on shelves for small items that could fall off.

-Adhere to all manufacturer instructions and safety guidelines.

  • Keep hanging storage away from high-moisture areas like showers to prevent mold.

-Securely mount storage carrying heavy or dangerous items like tools out of children’s reach.

-Only install as high as you can comfortably reach to avoid unsafe climbing onto furniture.

What are some creative ways to use hanging storage around the home?

  • Install a hanging bar or rack inside a coat closet to double hanging space.
  • Use over-the-door clear pockets to organize a kid’s art supplies or craft area.
  • Mount spice racks on the wall inside a cabinet door to free up shelf space below.
  • Hang cute wall-mounted bins labeled with chalkboard paint in a nursery.
  • Use hooks on the backs of bathroom doors to hang towels neatly.
  • Install a slender shelf inside a shower or tub surround for bath accessories.
  • Mount a magnetic knife strip on the wall to clear up counter clutter in kitchens.


With their versatility, customization, and ability to maximize vertical storage space, hanging storage solutions are a home organizer’s dream. Take advantage of wasted wall space by incorporating hanging racks, shelves, baskets, and more all around your home. Not only will hanging storage make rooms feel more open by reducing floor clutter, but it also helps keep items visible and within easy reach. With a little creativity, you can build the perfect hanging storage hacks tailored to your home’s unique needs.