12 Genius Items for an Organized Pantry


Having an organized pantry is a game-changer when it comes to cooking and baking. No more rummaging to find ingredients or letting food go bad at the back of the shelf. With a few simple tools and techniques, you can transform your pantry from cluttered chaos to a tidy, efficient workspace.

In this article, we will explore 12 genius items that can help you organize your pantry like a pro. From slide-out shelves to drawer organizers, these products will help you maximize your pantry’s storage potential. We’ll also cover tips on grouping like items, using clear containers, labeling, rotating stock, and more.

Follow along for insights on how to make your pantry the envy of all your family and friends. Let’s get organized!

Clear Storage Containers

Investing in clear storage containers is one of the best ways to instantly improve pantry organization. They allow you to:

  • Easily see pantry contents at a glance – no more rummaging and moving items to find what you need
  • Identify when supplies are running low
  • Prevent food from getting lost in dark corners or the back of the shelf
  • Keep items neatly grouped together by type or category

Look for clear plastic bins, canisters, or jars in different sizes to accommodate everything from large bulk items to small spices. Square and rectangular shapes make the most efficient use of shelf space.

Make sure lids seal tightly to keep food fresh and prevent spills or leaks. Labelling the containers makes them even more functional.

Slide-Out Shelving

Tired of that black hole at the back of your pantry where food disappears, never to be seen again? Slide-out shelving creates easy access to those hard-to-reach areas, eliminating the excuse that you “can’t see what’s back there”.

Look for shelf brackets or tracks that allow you to fully extend the entire depth of the shelf. Some slide entirely out of the pantry while others simple pull forward but are still attached.

This hardware converts fixed shelving into adjustable storage that glides smoothly on ball bearings or tracks. Install multiple slide-out shelves at different heights to customize storage for large and small items.

You’ll be amazed at the unused storage capacity hiding in the rear of your pantry. Slide-out shelves let you utilize all that wasted space.

Lazy Susans

Lazy susans are the ultimate space-saving solution for corner cabinets and maximize the use of awkward angled spaces. Just spin the turntable shelves to easily access items arranged in a circle around the edge.

Use lazy susans to organize anything from spices and baking supplies to canned goods. The spinning shelves bring everything effortlessly within reach. Look for models sized to perfectly fit the corner of your pantry.

Pro tip: Place the most frequently used items in the front section for quickest access. Lazy susans in the pantry make finding what you need so much easier.

Wall Mounted Spice Racks

Are you tired of a cluttered mess of spice bottles crowding your shelves? Wall mounted spice racks free up valuable real estate and keep spices neatly organized right where you need them.

Mounted vertically, these racks hold multiple spice bottles while keeping the labels facing forward for quick identification. Choose from basic designs or more decorative racks to suit your style.

Install them right inside the pantry doorway for daily cooking or near the stove for easy access while cooking. The vertical storage minimizes footprint so spices take up less shelf space.

Over the Door Organizers

Don’t let prime pantry real estate go to waste. Over the door storage provides extra vertical storage without claiming any floor space.

Pocket style door organizers have multiple compartments sized for cans, jars, boxes and other pantry items. Hang them over the inside pantry door or the back of any door in an adjacent room.

Some feature clear pockets so you can easily identify contents. Utilizing the back of the door is an efficient way to organize and declutter without expanding your shelving footprint.

Drawer Organizers

From utensils to baking pans, drawer organizers bring order to the chaos of crammed drawers throughout the kitchen. Customizable dividers allow you to arrange space exactly as needed.

Look for organizers with adjustable compartments, removable bins and expandable frames to accommodate different drawer sizes. Non-slip bottoms keep them securely in place.

Use them to neatly arrange odds and ends, prevent utensils from getting jumbled and make pans easy to access. Organized drawers simplify cooking prep and save time searching for what you need.


Round turntables are a sleek way to access items arranged in a circle. Give them a spin to bring everything into easy reach. These lazy susan style trays are ideal for corner cabinets or spice storage.

Shallow turntables work well for small jars, bottles or cans like spices, sauces and oils. Deeper versions can hold larger items like mixing bowls.

Turntables eliminate the need to reach to the back of shelves. A quick spin puts everything at your fingertips. The smooth ball bearing swivel makes grabbing ingredients almost effortless.

Pantry Shelving Risers

Maximize vertical storage space with shelves on risers or posts. Adding a second shelf above doubles the storage capacity. Risers raise the upper shelf high enough to see and access items below.

Look for riser sets sized to work with standard shelving widths. Many include the shelf along with the risers for a ready-made storage solution.

Use them to zone part of the pantry for taller items like cereal boxes and cans. Risers also allow you to customize shelf heights around unique items.

Acrylic Canisters

Clear acrylic canisters are sleek, modern options for a pretty pantry. Their transparent design makes contents visible at a glance. Acrylic won’t shatter if knocked over like glass canisters could.

Fun pops of color like green, blue or yellow add whimsy and visual appeal. Use canisters to store dry goods like beans, rice, pasta and baking ingredients. Their airtight seal keeps food fresh.

Larger acrylic canisters work well for bulk items. Smaller sizes organize spices. Display canisters on shelves, countertops or in drawers to showcase their stylish design.

Pegboard Wall Storage

Pegboard panels open up the walls for extra vertical storage. The perforated board has evenly spaced holes allowing you to hang hooks, baskets and rods anywhere you need them.

Utilize pegboard to hang utensils, pots and pans right inside the pantry. You can also mount it on the back of cabinet doors to hold smaller jars and bottles.

Pegboard adapts easily when your storage needs change. Reconfigure hooks and racks whenever you like – perfect for maximizing space.

Cabinet Organizers & Dividers

Inside cabinet organizers instantly add compartments to shelves for a neater, tidier pantry. Look for options with adjustable dividers to customize spaces.

Use them to divide shelves by food type such as snacks, canned goods or baking supplies. You can stand cans upright for easy visibility and access.

Plastic dividers prevent items from tipping over. Bins, trays and vertical partitions keep everything sorted in its place. It’s an easy DIY way to optimize existing shelves without installing anything.

Pantry Labels

Labelling is an essential organizing technique for an ultra-efficient pantry. Labels allow you to instantly identify foods, preventing the need to move jars around to see what’s inside.

Adhesive labels stuck right on shelving work great for identifying categories like snacks, pastas or canned vegetables. Use them to label zones divided by food type.

For storage containers, look for chalkboard, magnetic or peel-and-stick labels. Chalkboard labels can be changed as needed. Magnetic versions cling to cans and jars.

A label maker is handy for creating customized labels. Labelling transforms disarray into order you can maintain.

12 Genius Items for an Organized Pantry

Here are 12 of the best products for getting your pantry neatly organized:

  1. Clear Storage Containers – Plastic bins, canisters and jars neatly store food while keeping contents visible.
  2. Slide-Out Shelving – Shelves on tracks provide full access to hard-to-reach areas.
  3. Lazy Susans – Spinning turntable shelves efficiently organize corner areas.
  4. Wall Mounted Spice Racks – Vertical racks keep spices organized and free up shelf space.
  5. Over the Door Organizers – Hanging storage maximizes space on the inside of doors.
  6. Drawer Organizers – Customizable dividers neatly arrange utensils, gadgets and more.
  7. Turntables – Rotating trays make items in corner cabinets accessible.
  8. Pantry Shelving Risers – Double storage space by adding a second elevated shelf.
  9. Acrylic Canisters – Stylish clear canisters store dry goods while showing contents.
  10. Pegboard Wall Storage – Perforated paneling adapts to hang hooks, baskets and more.
  11. Cabinet Organizers & Dividers – Instantly add compartments to existing shelves for neat storage.
  12. Pantry Labels – Labels identify contents and organize zones by food type.

Pantry Organization Tips

Beyond helpful tools and products, applying some simple organizing principles can keep your pantry tidy. Here are useful tips for maintaining order:

Group Like Items

Storing similar items together makes everything easier to find. Keep all the baked goods on one shelf, canned soups and veggies together, etc.

Use Clear Containers

See-through bins, jars and canisters allow you to instantly identify contents without having to shuffle items around to look inside.

Label Everything

Labels are magic- they transform disarray into organized zones. Identify shelves, bins and containers.

Store by Frequency of Use

Keep most used items at eye-level for convenient access. Place lesser used items up high or down low.

Rotate Stock

First In, First Out: Always place newer food items towards the back and move older products to the front. This naturally cycles foods and prevents waste.

Purge Regularly

Get in the habit of donating or tossing expired and unwanted items. Clutter accumulates easily in the pantry, so purge twice a year.

Consider Shelf Height

Place tall items like cereal boxes on higher shelves. Reserve lower shelves for shorter jars and cans.

Maximize Vertical Space

Install extra shelves, slide-out levels or risers to take advantage of vertical storage from floor to ceiling.

Frequently Asked Questions About Organizing Your Pantry

Organizing the pantry can seem like an overwhelming task if you’ve let things slide into chaos for too long. Here are answers to some common questions on getting started:

How should I group foods in my pantry?

Group similar items together on shelves to make everything easier to find. Have designated zones for canned goods, baking supplies, snacks, etc.

What’s the best way to arrange my pantry?

Store most used items at eye and mid-level for convenient access. Place lesser used items on high and lower shelves. Store like items together and label everything clearly.

What type of storage containers are best for pantries?

Clear plastic containers are best so you can easily see contents. Square shapes make efficient use of shelf space. Look for airtight lids to keep food fresh and prevent spills.

Should I keep my pantry dark or add lighting?

Good lighting makes it easier to see what’s inside and eliminates dark corners. Battery operated LED lights or motion-sensing lights are easy options.

How often should I clean my pantry?

Give your pantry a deep clean twice a year. This includes washing down shelves, cleaning containers, reorganizing and restocking. Do quick tidy-ups as needed.

What’s the best way to organize cooking oils and vinegars?

Use a multi-tiered rack that takes up minimal space. Store oils and vinegars upright with labels facing forward for quick ID. Place those used most on the top row.

How can I make the most of awkward spaces?

Corner lazy susan shelving fits nicely into tight corners. Multi-tiered racks, slide-out shelves and door racks also maximize awkward spaces.

Should I keep food in its original packaging or transfer to containers?

For dry goods, it’s best to transfer to airtight clear containers to protect freshness and see contents easily. Keep perishables in original packaging.

Where should I put my everyday cooking essentials?

Keep oils, vinegars, spices, seasonings and other daily cooking essentials stored right by the stove for convenient access while cooking.


A well organized pantry not only looks great, but it makes cooking and baking easier and more efficient. No more digging through a disorganized mess trying to find what you need.

The right storage solutions, like slide-out shelves, clear containers and lazy susans, provide a place for everything and keep contents neatly accessible. Labelling takes the guesswork out of identifying foods.

Grouping like items together, storing by frequency of use and rotating stock are simple habits that maintain order. Regular purging prevents accumulation of expired and unwanted foods over time.

With a bit of effort, you can transform your cluttered pantry into a systemized workspace that functions smoothly. Just follow the tips and product recommendations outlined here to start optimizing your pantry storage.

The benefits are well worth it- you’ll save time meal prepping, reduce food waste, and most importantly, be able to find whatever you need! Enjoy the convenience of a clean, streamlined pantry.