12 Critical Steps to Prepare for Cockroach Control Service

Preparing for a cockroach control service is an important process to ensure a successful treatment. Here are 12 critical steps you should take to get ready before the exterminator arrives:

Do a Thorough Inspection and Cleaning

Carefully inspect all areas of your home where you have seen cockroaches. Look in cabinets, under appliances, behind furniture and in cracks and crevices. Clean any food residues or spills that may be attracting roaches. Remove clutter to eliminate hiding places. Vacuum and mop floors thoroughly.

Remove Food Sources

Eliminate any exposed food by storing it in sealed containers. Clean up spills right away and do not leave pet food out overnight. Take out the trash regularly and rinse recyclables. Cockroaches are attracted to food sources so removing them is key.

Fix Water Leaks

Repair any leaky pipes or dripping faucets. Cockroaches need water to survive, so eliminating water sources discourages infestations. Fix sinks, tubs, toilets or other areas where water may accumulate.

Caulk and Seal Cracks

Inspect around cabinets, baseboards, walls and ceilings for gaps or crevices. Caulk and seal cracks and crevices where roaches may enter and hide. This eliminates access points and hiding spots.

Clear Debris

Remove debris piles, woodpiles, or stacks of material outside your home. Cockroaches like to hide in dark, damp spots like piles of debris. Keep mulch, leaves and vegetation at least a foot away from the exterior.

Make Appliance Repairs

Fix any appliances that are leaking or damaged, like refrigerators, dishwashers or water heaters. Cockroaches are attracted to moisture and can squeeze into appliance crevices. Repair leaks and seal openings.

Store Firewood Properly

Keep firewood stacked neatly at least 20 feet from the house. Stack off the ground on a rack or blocks. Make sure it’s not near trees or vegetation touching your home. Prevent roaches from climbing from woodpiles to your house.

Remove Pet Food at Night

Don’t leave pet food or water bowls out overnight. Roaches are attracted to the smell. Remove dishes before bedtime and clean up any spills. Store all pet food in sealed containers that roaches cannot get into.

Inspect Potted Plants

Check potted plants thoroughly because they are prime hiding spots. Cockroaches like to nestle down into the soil of potted plants kept indoors and outdoors. Treat or remove infested plants.

Make House Repairs

Seal any openings, holes or damage where pipes or utilities enter the home. Install window and door screens if missing. Caulk around bathtubs, showers, sinks, pipes and toilets. Eliminate entry points.

Prepare the Area

On the day of service, remove pets and cover fish tanks. Clear all cabinet areas and ensure technicians can access potential infestation sites. Remove dishes from cabinets and drawers.

Stay Out of Treated Areas

Leave the house after service for a few hours. Allow all treated areas to dry thoroughly before using them again. Do not wipe or scrub treated areas. Follow your technician’s post-treatment instructions carefully.

Preparing properly allows exterminators better access to treat all cockroach hiding spots. Taking these steps leads to better results and effective cockroach elimination. Let the professionals treat your home, then do your part to help keep roaches away for good. With thorough preparation and an effective insecticide treatment, you can kick cockroaches to the curb!

Frequently Asked Questions About Preparing for Cockroach Control Service

How soon before service should I start preparing?

It’s best to start your preparations about 2-3 days in advance. This gives you adequate time to thoroughly inspect, clean and declutter before the appointment. Last minute prep may not be as thorough.

Should I use other insecticides before the professional treatment?

No, you should not use store bought sprays or foggers. This could impact the effectiveness of the professional treatment. Let the exterminator assess and use the right insecticides.

How thoroughly should I clean before the appointment?

Clean as thoroughly as possible – under appliances, behind furniture, in closets and cabinets. The more thoroughly you clean, the better the results since all roach hiding spots will be eliminated.

Should I leave during the appointment?

Yes, you and your pets should vacate the home for a few hours after service. Avoid treated areas until completely dry. This allows technicians to work efficiently and insecticides to work effectively.

How long will it take to see results after service?

You should see a noticeable decrease in roaches within a few days. It can take a week or two to see the full results. More entrenched infestations may require follow up treatments for complete eradication.

What happens if I keep seeing roaches after the initial treatment?

Contact the pest control company if roaches persist after 10-14 days. A follow up treatment is likely needed to fully eliminate the population. Be patient – it takes time to get rid of an established infestation.

Should I dispose of infested items after the appointment?

Yes, discard badly infested and unusable items like cardboard boxes, paper, or clutter. This helps prevent roaches from spreading again after treatment. Carefully inspect items before keeping them.

How can I prevent roaches from coming back after service?

Keep your home clean and dry, fix leaks, store food properly, seal cracks and declutter. Don’t let clutter accumulate again. Contact the company if you see roaches again for follow up treatments if needed.


Preparing thoroughly for a cockroach extermination appointment is a key step to achieve success. Allowing technicians access to all areas, reducing clutter, cleaning up food sources, and following all preparation steps leads to the best results. Keep your home roach-free by staying vigilant after service to prevent future infestations. With the right insecticide treatment and continued diligence on your part, you can get rid of cockroaches and keep them from coming back!