12 Bathroom Drawer Organization Ideas for Better Storage

A clean and organized bathroom brings a sense of calm and order to your home. However, keeping all your bathroom essentials tidy can be a challenge, especially when it comes to cluttered drawers. Using smart drawer organization techniques can help maximize your storage space. Read on for 12 ideas to transform those messy bathroom drawers into models of efficiency.

Utilize Vertical Dividers

Installing vertical dividers is an easy way to section off drawers and prevent items from toppling over. Look for dividers made of durable materials like wood, acrylic, or metal. Consider getting a set with adjustable slots so you can customize the spacing. Vertical dividers help to neatly sort and stand up taller items like hairbrushes, makeup tools, and spray bottles.

Use Interlocking Trays

Interlocking trays of varying sizes provide compartmentalized storage for smaller items. They can be configured to fit the unique dimensions of your drawers. Look for trays made of moisture-resistant materials that won’t warp or degrade over time. Use them to organize everything from cotton swabs and nail files to lip balms and contact lens cases. Having designated spots makes finding little items quick and easy.

Opt for a Drawer Organizer

For a streamlined storage solution, drawer organizers are a smart choice. Look for a durable organizer with multiple compartments for holding different-sized toiletries, cosmetics, and medications. Consider one with a removable tray for access to items stored underneath. The tidy rows of compartments help eliminate rummaging and keep everyday essentials neatly in their place.

Store Items Vertically

Maximize vertical storage space by standing items upright in drawers. This creates room for more products to be stored. Install drawer risers with slots to neatly file everyday items like cotton rounds, hair ties, and hand towels. Use tall, thin containers to vertically store cotton swabs, lip balms, tablets, and single-use dental floss. Going vertical with storage helps packed drawers feel instantly more spacious.

Utilize Hanging organizers

Install sturdy hanging organizers inside drawers to double your storage capacity. Look for versions made of high-quality transparent plastic or mesh so contents are visible. Use them to neatly store folded washcloths, small bottles, teeth cleaning supplies, and all those little extras. The see-through material enables easy viewing of what’s inside each pocket. Hanging organizers are great for creating a tidy, organized environment.

Rolling Storage

Incorporate rolling storage to take advantage of wasted vertical space at the back of drawers. Multi-tiered drawers on wheels can accommodate a surprising amount of items in a small footprint. Look for ones sized to perfectly fit within your existing drawers. Spin them side-to-side or pull them out to easily access all your stored goods. Rolling storage is also great for under-sink cabinets to neatly tuck away extras.

Clear Plastic Containers

Embrace clear plastic containers to instantly see what’s inside each one. Labels or stickers allow easy identification of contents. Having a designated spot for specific items prevents that frustrating hunt for certain products. Match containers sizes to the dimensions of your drawers. Larger ones are great for holding first aid supplies, cotton balls, and clutter-prone extras. Small, stackable ones help organize tiny items like bobby pins, hair elastics, and nail clippers.

Section Off With Trays

Use small trays to divide up jumbled drawer contents. Look for durable trays made of materials like bamboo, metal, or acrylic. Designate trays for specific items like makeup brushes, razors, medications, or dental care essentials. The compartments simplify organizing while providingeasy access. If needed, use trays with higher sides for holding smaller loose items in place. Sectioned off trays restore order in a flash.

File Away Extras

File folders aren’t just for the office! Use them to neatly store flat items in your bathroom drawers. Durable plastic folders with tabs allow you to categorize by item type or family member. Store extra sunscreens, sanitary products, coupons, or instruction manuals in neatly labeled folders. No more rummaging around to find what you need. File folders also stand upright, maximizing vertical storage space.

Opt For Tension Rods

Take advantage of wasted vertical space by installing slim tension rods in drawers. Slide hand towels or washcloths onto the rods for easy access. Or use the rods to hang plastic bags, waterproof pouches, or extra toiletries. Tension rods also allow you to create vertical divided sections in wider drawers. They take up minimal space while efficiently maximizing often overlooked storage capacity.

Rethink Everyday Items

Take an inventory of your drawer contents and creatively re-organize standard items. For example, store cotton balls and swabs in vertical mason jars rather than bulky plastic bags. Roll up washcloths neatly like towels to minimize wasted space. Transfer dental floss, tablet blister packs and other small items into organized cases to avoid messy clutter. Reframe how you store everyday products to maximize space.

12. Maintain The System

An organized system only works if maintained properly over time. Make a habit of returning items to their designated storage spots after each use. Periodically edit the contents by purging unused products and donating unneeded extras. Check that existing storage solutions still meet your needs. Reassess and adjust your organizational tools as necessary. With some minor upkeep, you can enjoy drawers that remain neatly organized for the long haul.

Incorporating a few drawer organization solutions can make a dramatic difference in your bathroom’s storage capacity and appearance. Experiment to find the methods that best suit your space and needs. Soon you’ll be able to locate items in a flash, while enjoying a tidier, more serene bathroom environment. Say goodbye to messy, cluttered drawers! With a bit of effort, you can implement these simple yet effective storage ideas for bathroom drawers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bathroom Drawer Organization

How can I organize my messy bathroom drawers?

Some effective ways to organize messy bathroom drawers include using vertical dividers, interlocking trays, drawer organizers with compartments, and clear stackable containers. Hanging organizers and tension rods also help maximize vertical storage space. Labeling containers and folders keeps contents neatly organized.

What are some good things to store in bathroom drawers?

Great items to store in bathroom drawers include daily-use products like cotton swabs, cotton balls, facial cleansers, makeup, oral hygiene supplies, hair accessories, medications, first aid items, and toiletries. Storing these items in organized trays, standing containers and hanging organizers keeps them tidy.

How do I organize under the bathroom sink?

Use sturdy drawer organizers with adjustable compartments under the bathroom sink to neatly arrange items by category or family member. Spinning “lazy Susan” trays efficiently store items in corner spaces. Hanging mesh bags on the back of cabinet doors provide extra storage too. Maintaining consistent labeling also helps keep cabinets organized.

What are space-saving ways to organize a small bathroom?

For a small bathroom, utilize vertical storage space with wall-mounted cabinets, shelving and hanging organizers. Slim storage carts tucked between the vanity and wall add space. Use stackable storage trays and containers to neatly store necessities. Also minimizing clutter and frequently purging unneeded items helps maximize space.

How often should I declutter my bathroom drawers?

Aim to declutter bathroom drawers every one to three months. Check expiration dates on medications, skincare and makeup. Toss dried out, unfinished or expired products. Donate unopened items you won’t use. For quicker decluttering, designate a “purge zone” basket to quickly stow items to sort through later. Maintaining organization is easier with regular decluttering sessions.


Organizing those jam-packed bathroom drawers may seem like a daunting chore. But implementing some of these effective storage ideas can make it an achievable, rewarding task. Take time to assess your needs and available space. Mix and match solutions like divider trays, hanging organizers and drawer inserts to create a system that works. Maintaining the organization takes just a few minutes of daily and weekly upkeep. In no time, you can transform those messy drawers into a model of order and efficiency. Just think of the time you’ll save each morning when everything has its place. So tackle those bathroom drawers with these practical organization methods – you’ll be amazed at the transformation!