10 Laundry Basket Storage Ideas to Conceal Any Clutter

Laundry clutter can quickly take over a home. Dirty clothes piled in baskets and hampers can make a room look messy and disorganized. However, with some clever laundry basket storage ideas, you can neatly tuck away laundry bins and keep clutter out of sight. Here are 10 creative ways to conceal laundry baskets and maintain a tidy home.

Install Built-In Cabinetry

Installing custom cabinetry is one of the best ways to incorporate laundry basket storage seamlessly into a room. Built-ins allow you to perfectly fit storage to an unused space, like along a wall or under a window. Opt for cabinet doors that match the rest of your cabinetry or decor. Behind the discreet doors, use shelves, racks, or pull-out baskets to hold laundry bins out of sight. Just open the doors when you need to drop off clothes or transfer a load.

Built-ins are ideal for concealing laundry storage in a bedroom, bathroom, utility room, or mudroom. Place cabinets somewhere convenient, like in a master closet or near the washing machine. Just ensure you have enough room inside for hampers or baskets. Also, make sure to include ventilation if storing dirty clothes. With planning, custom built-ins can provide the perfect laundry solution for your home and lifestyle.

Use Furniture with Hidden Storage

Another way to stash laundry bins is by using furniture that offers concealed storage space. Tables, benches, ottomans, and more come equipped with clever hiding spots for tucking away baskets.

For example, an upholstered bench at the foot of the bed can double as a laundry hamper concealed behind hinged lids. Look for a bench with removable baskets that lift out for easy transferring. An old trunk is another option – just remove the top tray and add a basket inside.

In the bathroom, try a cabinet-style sink console. Numerous models feature doors or pull-out drawers to hold laundry out of sight. Just add a removable bin inside to tote clothes to the washing machine. For the living room, coffee tables and end tables with storage shelves or cubbies are perfect for holding woven laundry baskets flush with the bottom to keep the clutter hidden.

With the right multifunctional furniture, you can discreetly incorporate laundry storage into nearly any room. Just be sure to look for pieces specifically designed to hold hampers or with enough space to accommodate them. The furniture concealment will keep laundry looking neat and organized.

Hide Baskets in the Closet

For bedrooms, the closet is an ideal place to tuck laundry storage out of sight. Install a closet organizing system with a dedicated space for concealing a laundry bin. For example, you can mount a thick shelf about halfway up the closet specifically sized for a basket to slide underneath. Or, install a closet rod lower down with a curtain that can enclose a hamper stored on the floor.

If you don’t want to do built-ins, freestanding closet storage units will also work. Look for a closet organizer with a cabinet, sliding baskets, or a drop-down hamper door. Place it toward the back of the closet so the laundry stays hidden behind clothing.

Make sure to measure the closet first to find the right organizer and hampers for the space. Custom Elfa-style closet systems are great since they are highly customizable. Keeping laundry contained in the closet eliminates an unsightly pile in the bedroom.

Use Retractable Drying Racks

If you hang delicates and small laundry items to dry, a retractable drying rack can make laundry less conspicuous. The racks conveniently fold up against the wall or inside a cabinet when not in use.

Mount the drying rack on the inside of a closet door or on the wall of a laundry room or mudroom. That way when you need to dry clothes, you can simply pull down the rack. Look for sturdy metal or plastic racks built to hold wet laundry that retract via pulley mechanism.

For a laundry room or bathroom, consider a retractable drying rack cabinet. It mounts to the wall like a medicine cabinet. The rack folds down when you open the doors and discretely tucks away when closed. If you lack wall space, freestanding pull-out racks on casters are another option.

Retractable racks are ideal if you regularly hand wash delicates or intimates. Once laundry is dry, the rack tucks out of sight leaving no trace of clutter.

Conceal Laundry Bins in the Garage

The garage is often overlooked as laundry storage, yet it’s an ideal place to stash bulky hampers out of the living areas. Take advantage of wasted space by the garage entry door for hiding laundry.

Install a sturdy shelf with a lip at about chest height. Slide a laundry bin underneath or place a curtain in front to conceal it. For a narrow spot, look for a slim rolling cart with integrated hamper or a narrow cabinet with laundry bag inside.

For larger spaces, consider a custom built-in cabinet along the wall with shelves or cubbies to stash laundry bins. Or, use free-standing wire shelving units with canvas bags on the lower shelves for dirty clothes. Just make sure to place the storage somewhere easily accessible from the door.

The garage will help isolate dirty laundry smells from the house. Just be sure to bring the laundry inside promptly for washing, especially important in humid climates. The garage can provide welcomed clutter relief by keeping bins out of main living areas.

Use Lids or Laundry Bag Furniture

Another approach for concealing laundry is by hiding it in plain sight with covered bins. A lidded wicker hamper blends into a bedroom as decorative accent furniture. Laundry bag cabinets or tables serve the same dual function.

Look for lidded hampers made from rattan, wood, or woven seagrass that coordinate with your room décor. When closed, the lid keeps laundry out of sight yet still allows air circulation to prevent odors. For a smaller footprint, try a tall and slim lidded hamper.

Laundry cabinets offer another covered option often with built-in ventilation. Look for solid wood cabinets on casters in a washable finish. The cabinet doors conceal mess inside yet allow air to flow. Similarly, upholstered ottomans or tables with vinyl laundery bags inside maintain a tidy look.

Lids and cabinets create decorative clutter camouflage. Just empty the hidden bins regularly before they overflow. With the right furnishings, you can maintain style and keep laundry under control.

Use Accordion Doors

For an open concept laundry area or utility room, consider adding accordion doors. The moveable folding doors allow you to conceal the laundry zone when needed without restricting access.

Accordion doors work well for open closets, alcoves, or pantries that house laundry bins. Fully closed, the doors hide clutter to keep the room looking neat. You can even choose models with vents or space at the bottom to allow air circulation while closed.

When doing laundry, simply slide the doors open partway or fully. The doors stack out of the way without taking up floor space. Accordion doors offer a budget-friendly way to create privacy and declutter. They allow you to easily hide laundry bins and flexible access.

Hide Hampers with Curtains

Hanging curtains or drapes is an easy and affordable option for disguising large laundry hampers. Simply position a freestanding or wall-mounted hamper behind curtains to keep it out of sight.

In a bedroom, hang blackout or patterned curtains around a hamper placed near the closet or behind a door. Choose drapes long enough to puddle on the floor and conceal the entire bin. For a small bedroom hamper, utilize hanging shelves or a valet stand with a curtain that extends down over the laundry bin portion.

This works well for laundry zones in utility rooms or shared bathrooms too. Use a tension curtain rod and cloth shower curtain around a hamper placed near the washer and dryer. For a quick DIY approach, hang a tablecloth or bedspread around a laundry area. Adding curtains builds in hamper concealment without any permanent installations.

Install Sliding Barn Doors

Sliding barn doors offer a hip way to hide laundry areas while still allowing easy access. The rustic doors mount to a wall and glide horizontally to open and close. When closed, barn doors conceal cluttered laundry zones from view.

This works great for covering open utility rooms, closets, or laundry nooks off hallways. Look for ready-made barn door kits from your local home improvement store. Consider a model with vents or spaced boards at the bottom to permit air circulation when closed.

Paint or stain the door to coordinate with your existing laundry room cabinets and appliances. Add laundry hampers, shelves, and drying rack inside the hidden space. Simply slide the door open when you need to drop off clothes or switch loads. When closed, the barn door hides the laundry disorder.

Use Room Dividers on Wheels

If you lack closet space for hampers, free-standing room dividers offer a movable solution to conceal laundry. Place a folding screen or divider in front of your laundry area and pull it aside when needed.

Opt for an affordable accordion-style divider that folds down for compact storage. Or try a beautiful antique screen for a vintage flair. For small laundry piles, use a decorative Parsons table with bins tucked inside and place it in front of the hampers.

Wheeled dividers add flexibility since you can easily roll them to access laundry as needed. Then when company arrives, simply conceal the laundry again. Dividers work well for temporary laundry spots or in shared family rooms. Just avoid any models that fully enclose hampers to allow for ventilation.

Add a Curtained Laundry Nook

If space allows, define a discreet laundry zone using curtains. Use a small area of your bedroom, hallway, or closet to create a makeshift laundry nook. Add freestanding shelves and hamper bins, then surround the space with curtains.

For an eclectic approach, hang tapestries, fabric, or lace curtains on hooks to define the laundry area. Or install a curtain rod and neutral linen drapes for a cleaner look. Keep the curtains long and full for the best concealment.

This is an easy way to carve out laundry storage adjacent to a bedroom without major renovation. Just open the curtains when doing laundry and keep them drawn closed when it’s messy. Use anchors or weights at the curtain bottoms if needed to keep them from billowing open. The DIY curtains establish quick clutter camouflage.

Incorporate Hidden Hampers

Finally, to keep laundry totally concealed, incorporate built-in hampers seamlessly into your closet or laundry area cabinetry. Look for hamper cabinets or drop-down bins that fit neatly into cabinet spaces behind doors.

For a closet makeover, replace a bottom cabinet with a pull-out hamper. Or put a removable laundry bag in otherwise wasted space between wall studs. Some hamper cabinets mount below sinks or fold down off closet rods.

In a laundry or utility room, look for laundry sorters that fit into cabinet cutouts to magically disappear. You can even find retractable hampers or lift tops that hide laundry bags in countertops or ironing boards.

Fully integrating hampers keeps laundry completely hidden and makes sorting easy. Just be sure to measure carefully when shopping so they properly fit your existing cabinets and spaces. With the right built-ins, you can enjoy concealed laundry with no more overflowing bins in sight.

Frequently Asked Questions about Laundry Basket Storage Ideas

What are some quick tips for concealing laundry hampers?

Some quick tips for hiding laundry hampers include putting them inside furniture like benches or ottomans, using lids or laundry bag cabinets, placing them behind curtains or screens, storing them underneath cabinets or inside closet organization systems, and hanging a curtain to create a discreet laundry area.

Where are the best places to put laundry baskets?

Ideal places to store laundry baskets and keep them concealed include inside closets, under cabinets or custom built-ins, behind furniture or screens, in the garage, or in a private hallway nook or unused corner of the room.

How do you organize laundry hampers?

Some tips for organizing laundry hampers include using multiple sorted bins for lights, darks, colors to make washing easier; labeling bins clearly with tags or chalkboard paint; containing smaller laundry items in mesh bags inside the bins; having different hampers for each family member; and using hampers that are sized appropriately for the space and laundry needs.

Should laundry hampers be visible or hidden?

Whether to keep laundry hampers visible or hidden is a personal preference based on your priorities. Visible bins allow for quick access and reminders to do laundry but appear cluttered. Hidden hampers help maintain a tidy appearance but can allow dirty clothes to pile up out of sight. Find the right balance for your home.

What is the best way to conceal laundry in a small space?

In a small space, some of the best ways to conceal laundry include storing bins inside furniture like ottomans or cabinets, using lids or laundry bag furniture, installing sliding doors or curtains to hide an area, keeping pop-up drying racks folded up, and designating a closet corner or unused space for a laundry zone.

Where can you put a laundry hamper if you don’t have a closet?

If lacking a closet, good options for placing laundry hampers include inside furniture like cabinets or benches, behind a screen or divider, underneath wall mounted shelves or in a cabinet, in a corner covered by curtains, or in an unused nook like beside the washing machine or behind a door.

Should I put hampers in my bedroom?

Putting hampers in the bedroom is recommended for convenience but keep them out of sight for a tidy look. Good bedroom spots are inside the closet, behind furniture, under cabinets or window seats, concealed inside bench seats or ottomans, or hidden behind curtains or screens.

Are plastic laundry baskets better than cloth?

Both plastic and cloth laundry baskets have pros and cons. Plastic is more durable, rigid, easy to clean, and offers more structure for stacking. Fabric is softer, breathable, collapsible yet provides less support when full. The right option often depends on the space and needs.

Where should you never put a laundry basket?

Places you should avoid putting laundry baskets include out in open sight, directly on the floor where they will tip over, where they block walking paths or doors, on wall-to-wall carpeting that can trap odors, crammed tightly in closets, and anywhere that gets direct sun exposure that can fade bins.


A cluttered laundry area can make a home feel disorganized and stressful. But creatively concealing hampers offers an easy solution. By tucking bins into closets and cabinetry, hiding them in furniture or curtains, and designating discreet laundry zones, you can keep dirty clothes under control. Experiment with these laundry basket storage ideas to find the solutions that work best in your home. With just a little work, you can maintain a tidy space while keeping laundry out of sight yet conveniently accessible.