10 Great White Kitchens

White kitchens can create a clean, bright, and spacious look in any home. While an all-white kitchen may seem sterile or boring to some, there are many creative ways to add interest and personality. Here are 10 stunning examples of great white kitchen designs:

1. Shabby Chic Cottage Kitchen

This charming white cottage kitchen embraces a relaxed shabby chic style. A distressed white cabinetry with glass-fronted upper cabinets and open shelving gives it a vintage farmhouse vibe. Pretty details like the scalloped tiles, distressed wood island, and rustic pendant lighting keep it feeling cozy instead of stark. The pops of green from plants and antique-inspired accents make this space feel lived-in and welcoming. This is a perfect example of how white kitchens can still feel warm, characterful and romantic.

2. Scandinavian Style White Kitchen

White kitchens are a hallmark of Scandinavian design. This lovely example includes many elements of the pared-back Scandinavian style. Whitewashed floorboards, bright white cabinetry, and walls paired with black accents create a simple but striking color palette. The use of natural unfinished wood for the countertops and open shelving adds organic texture and coziness. Scandinavian style often embraces a minimalist aesthetic, but this kitchen still has charming personal details like the rustic shelves holding cookbooks and flowers. Overall, it’s a light and airy space with a strong sense of style.

3. Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

The modern farmhouse look can work beautifully with an all-white kitchen. This gorgeous kitchen has many farmhouse details, like exposed ceiling beams, a large farmhouse sink, and subway tile backsplash. But the contemporary pendant lights, handle-less cabinets, and integrated appliances give it a modern edge. Choosing all white for the cabinets, island, trimwork, and walls keeps it feeling bright and spacious. The dark wood floors ground the space and tie in nicely with the butcher block details. Altogether, it creates a cleaner and more contemporary take on the traditional farmhouse kitchen aesthetic.

4. Bright and Airy Kitchen

For small kitchens, opting for an all-white palette can make the space feel open and airy. This lovely kitchen uses different shades of white for the base cabinets, uppers, subway tile, and high-gloss cabinets to add subtle visual interest. The white quartz countertops bounce light around the room to make it feel even more spacious and bright. But it still has personal style thanks to the built-in window bench, decorative brackets under the floating shelves, and fresh greenery and flowers. Big windows, glass cabinet doors, and a simple color scheme keep this petite kitchen feeling light and bright.

5. Modern Greek Island Kitchen

White kitchens bring to mind the whitewashed architecture of Greek islands. This kitchen channels the aesthetic with bright white Shaker-style cabinetry and cement tile floors. Crisp navy accents in the backsplash tiles and kitchen stools add Mediterranean flair. Open shelving gives it an airy vibe and allows for displaying ceramics and olive oil cruets. The cool marble counters, modern fixtures, and sleek appliances keep it feeling current instead of strictly traditional. Altogether, this is a lovely modern white kitchen inspired by the Greek Islands.

6. All White Glam Kitchen

An all-white color scheme can definitely work for glamorous kitchen designs. This luxury kitchen features glossy white cabinetry with glass-fronted uppers that reflect light beautifully. The stunning marble waterfall island and backsplash elevate the gleaming white aesthetic. Polished nickel fixtures and metallic accents add shine and sparkle. While white can feel minimalist or stark, this kitchen has plenty of stylish details from the glass-fronted cabinets to the dramatic lighting. The final effect is an undeniably glamorous and on-trend white kitchen.

7. Rustic Romantic Kitchen

Rustic and romantic styles can look absolutely beautiful with white kitchen cabinets. This charming kitchen has a unique design featuring arched windows and cabinet tops. White beadboard cabinets give it cottage character. Pretty vintage-style hardware and accessories like the stunning chandelier make it feel romantic. The brick backsplash and natural wood counters add organic texture and warmth. Altogether it creates a light and bright white kitchen that still has plenty of rustic, vintage-inspired charm and personality.

8. Coastal White Kitchen

White kitchen cabinets paired with blue and green accents is a classic coastal look. This beachy kitchen uses white Shaker-style cabinetry and quartzite counters to create a crisp nautical aesthetic. Pops of ocean blues and greens in the backsplash tile and decor give it that coastal vibe. Open shelves holding white dishware continue the beach house look. Adding natural textures like woven baskets, rattan pendants, driftwood accents makes the white scheme feel breezy instead of stark. Altogether it’s a fresh take on the white coastal kitchen design.

9. Industrial Chic White Kitchen

The color white can also suit modern industrial kitchen designs. The unique metal hood and black pipe shelving in this kitchen add industrial edge. But the streamlined Shaker cabinets and marble slab backsplash keep things looking sleek instead of purely utilitarian. Continuing the black and white contrast, the island pairs white cabinets with a black countertop. Open shelves and dramatic black pendant lighting complete the look. The finishing touches of greenery, wood cutting boards, and antique-looking bowls give this stark black and white kitchen warmth and personality.

10. All White Traditional Kitchen

Traditional kitchen designs can look absolutely stunning with an all-white color palette. This beautiful kitchen has many traditional details like the beadboard cabinetry, carved crown molding, and glass-fronted upper cabinets. Crisp white paint gives these traditional elements a light and fresh look. Pretty marble countertops and backsplash elevate the elegant style. But the funky pendant lights and modern appliances add an unexpected twist. Altogether it creates a traditional white kitchen that still feels unique and modern. An all-white scheme allows the beautiful architectural details to shine.

Frequently Asked Questions About White Kitchens

White kitchens are beautiful, but do require some special considerations. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about designing and caring for an all-white kitchen:

Is an all-white kitchen hard to keep clean?

White kitchens do require a bit more maintenance to keep them looking pristine. However, using materials like glossy ceramic tile, quartz countertops, and cabinet finishes that resist stains, scratches, and water damage can cut down on everyday wear and tear. Simple daily habits like wiping down surfaces while cooking can make upkeep more manageable.

How do you add personality to an all-white kitchen?

There are endless creative ways to personalize a white kitchen! Mixing textures like wood or marble countertops with white cabinetry instantly adds interest. Fresh flowers and greenery inject color and life. Paint or replace interior cabinet backs in a vibrant color for a fun pop of color. Add character through lighting fixtures, decorative brackets, hardware, window treatments. Select white paint finishes like antiqued or distressed for vintage flair.

What colors go well with white kitchen cabinets?

White cabinets pair beautifully with almost any color accents. Natural wood tones, black, and navy are sophisticated complements. Soft blues and greens evoke coastal vibes. Red and yellow accents add retro flair. Mix metals like silver, gold, and bronze for eclectic charm. Crisp charcoal or pink provide striking contrast.

Should white kitchen cabinets have white countertops?

Not necessarily! Dark countertops like black granite or walnut butcher block can ground all-white cabinets beautifully. White countertops like marble or quartz match seamlessly while still adding natural veining and depth. But any countertop material from wood to stone can work stylishly with white cabinets.

Is white cheaper than colored kitchen cabinets?

Often plain white paint or stain is the standard “base” price for cabinetry, while custom colors and finishes cost more. Some manufacturers don’t charge extra for white or popular neutral tones like gray though. Primed cabinets ready for painting are also very affordable. Overall, white cabinets are often one of the most budget-friendly color choices.

Are white cabinets outdated?

White kitchens are definitely not outdated, and remain one of the most popular, classic kitchen design choices. Clean white cabinetry offers a timeless, versatile foundation. White kitchens easily suit both traditional and contemporary aesthetics. They also make small spaces feel more open. Updating hardware, counters, backsplash and accessories allows white kitchens to look fresh and current.


White kitchen cabinets offer many wonderful benefits in both form and function. Crisp white cabinetry creates a light and airy ambiance, making small kitchens feel more spacious. The color provides a clean backdrop that highlights beautiful materials like marble. While all-white kitchens may seem plain to some, the examples here prove they can be infused with loads of personality through textures, fixtures, and accents. White kitchens with pretty vintage details can feel charming and romantic. Black and white contrast creates modern drama. Hints of coastal blue or Mediterranean tile make white kitchens feel worldly and chic. With so many creative ways to customize white cabinetry, it is truly a classic, timeless choice that works for all kitchens and design aesthetics.