10 Best Home Remodeling Blogs

A home remodel can breathe new life into your living space. But taking on a major home renovation project requires careful planning and research. Fortunately, there are many excellent home remodeling blogs out there that offer tips, ideas, inspiration, and expert advice.

These top home remodeling blogs cover DIY projects, budgeting, working with contractors, interior design, and more. Whether you’re giving your kitchen a facelift, finishing a basement, or undertaking a whole-house renovation, these blogs have the information you need.

Below are 10 of the best home remodeling blogs to follow:

Young House Love

Run by husband and wife duo John and Sherry Petersik, Young House Love is one of the most popular home remodeling blogs. John and Sherry have renovated numerous homes together and share their DIY projects, decorating tips, and renovation adventures.

With beautiful photos, detailed step-by-step tutorials, and charming personal anecdotes, Young House Love makes home remodeling fun and approachable. They offer practical advice on everything from knocking down walls to picking the perfect paint color.

Some of their most helpful posts cover topics like:

  • Kitchen and bathroom remodels on a budget
  • Refinishing hardwood floors
  • Home remodeling tips for maximizing space and storage
  • Painting cabinets, tile, and walls
  • Affordable decorating ideas

Whether you’re doing a full renovation or just sprucing up a few rooms, the Petersiks have inspirational ideas for every budget and style.


Remodelista fuses home remodeling know-how with stylish interior design. This blog offers a treasure trove of renovation ideas submitted by readers and complemented by gorgeous photos from top designers.

Remodelista breaks down remodeling topics like:

  • Kitchens and baths
  • Outdoor spaces
  • Additions and expansions
  • Furniture and furnishings
  • Paint, tile, and surfaces
  • Storage and organization

Their remodeling 101 guides cover planning, budgets, hiring architects and contractors, materails, and more. Plus, Remodelista rounds up products perfect for renovated homes, like space-saving furniture, multifunctional fixtures, and low-maintenance finishes.

Whether you need design inspiration or nuts-and-bolts remodeling advice, Remodelista makes every project feel achievable and fun.

Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy started out focused on small space living but has expanded to cover all things home. Their remodeling section offers DIY projects, renovation ideas, and home tours showcasing makeovers.

Some of their most helpful remodeling content includes:

  • Budget breakdowns of real-life room makeovers
  • Posts on renovating rental properties
  • Solutions for common remodeling problems, like awkward room layouts
  • Interviews with contractors and designers
  • Reviews of new remodeling products and materials

Apartment Therapy also has an extensive house tours section featuring spaces renovated in diverse styles. These tours reveal ideas for renovating kitchens, baths, basements, attics, and more on different budgets.

Whether renting or owning, you’ll find useful remodeling advice and inspiration on Apartment Therapy.


Remodelaholic empowers DIYers to take on home remodeling projects with confidence. Through detailed tutorials and candid advice, this blog proves you don’t need to be a pro to update your home.

Posts cover topics like:

  • Step-by-step remodeling tutorials, from knocking down walls to tiling bathrooms
  • Reviews of tools and materials for DIY projects
  • Tips for saving money on remodels through strategic DIY
  • Before and after makeovers of kitchens, baths, basements and more
  • Decorating ideas to finish off renovated rooms

Remodelaholic also shares plenty of inspiration through tours of owners’ remodeled homes. These posts highlight the potential for DIY projects and share lessons learned during renovations.

Whether your DIY skills need a boost or you want reassurance you can tackle projects, Remodelaholic has the information and inspiration you need.

Just a Girl and Her Blog

Lifestyle blogger Sabrina Soto covers remodeling and DIY along with decor, style, parenting, and more on Just a Girl and Her Blog. She shares her own home renovation projects as well as professional tips from her work as a designer and HGTV host.

Some of her most helpful remodeling posts feature:

  • Kitchen and bath remodels on a budget
  • No-fail ways to update tired rooms
  • Reviews of new remodeling products
  • Interviews with contractors and other remodeling experts
  • Style advice to finish off renovated spaces

Whether you’re interested in a total home makeover or just replacing a few fixtures, Sabrina’s remodeling guides have achievable ideas and advice. Her personal perspective makes home remodeling feel friendly and fun.

The Spruce

The Spruce offers extensive home remodeling information, from planning through completion. Their remodeling section includes:

  • Step-by-step DIY tutorials, covering projects like tiling, painting, trimwork, and more
  • Q&As with solutions to common home remodeling problems
  • Cost guides with average prices for remodeling projects
  • Advice on working with architects and contractors
  • Home tour videos and photos showcasing renovated rooms
  • Buying guides for remodeling products, appliances, and materials

The Spruce also covers all aspects of home ownership and improvement, so you can find helpful information on topics like cleaning, repairs, lawn care, and more in one place.

Whether you want DIY instructions or inspiration from pro renovations, The Spruce has tons of remodeling tips and ideas.

Emily Henderson

Emily Henderson is an interior designer who shares remodeling projects and home makeovers on her popular blog. She offers a wealth of design ideas and savvy tips for renovating spaces.

Some of Emily’s most helpful remodeling content covers topics like:

  • Before and after makeovers on a budget
  • Designer secrets for renovating kitchens and bathrooms
  • Paint color consultations for updated rooms
  • Her own home renovation projects and lessons learned
  • Collaborations and interviews with contractors and renovation experts

Emily also provides e-design services, online decorating courses, and product recommendations, so you can recreate her signature fresh, modern style. Her blog shows how strategic renovations and decor choices can make a big impact.

Designed Decor

Chicago-based interior designers Tom and Kara Mann share remodeling tips and home makeovers on the Designed Decor blog. Their posts highlight smart ways to update homes through renovation and decorating.

Some of their most popular remodeling content includes:

  • Kitchen and bathroom remodels on a budget
  • Adds character through built-ins, trimwork, and other details
  • DIY weekend renovation projects
  • No-fail ways to update lighting and fixtures
  • Reviews of new home remodeling products
  • Interviews with architects, contractors, and other remodeling experts

With a knack for timeless but fresh design, Designed Decor proves you don’t have to spend a fortune to give your home a makeover. Their remodeling ideas suit all styles and budgets.

Perfectly Imperfect Life

Mary Randolph Carter shares her joyful approach to renovating, decorating, gardening and entertaining on Perfectly Imperfect Life. Her blog covers ongoing renovations on her 200-year-old house in upstate New York.

Mary’s remodeling posts offer inspiration through:

  • The story of renovating her historic home from studs up
  • Budget-friendly DIY projects, like striping furniture and painting tile
  • Her new product collections and remodeling advice
  • Photo tours of rooms undergoing makeovers
  • Interviews with contractors, architects, and other experts

Mary’s love for her home emanates through her blog, showing how renovations can revive a space. She offers endless optimism along with practical tips for taking on your own projects.

Manhattan Nest

Daniel Kanter documents his DIY home renovations in New York on Manhattan Nest. His blog covers projects from fixing up historic townhouses to refreshing his current apartment.

Daniel’s detailed posts share:

  • How-tos for demolition, electrical, plumbing, tiling, and everything in between
  • Budget breakdowns for his renovation projects
  • Mistakes he made and lessons learned as an amateur renovator
  • Reviews of tools, materials, and products
  • Decorating ideas like DIY wall treatments

Through wins, fails, and everything in between, Daniel proves that home remodeling is totally doable, even if you start out clueless. His openness about the realities of DIY renovating is as helpful as his impressive project tutorials.

The DIY Playbook

Justine and Joshua Duvall share their hands-on home remodeling projects on The DIY Playbook. They take on renovations as a hobby and to add equity to their real estate investments.

Their extensive remodeling guides cover topics like:

  • Total home renovations from purchase to completion
  • Saving money through strategic DIY
  • Beginner tutorials for basic remodeling skills
  • Reviews of new tools, products, and materials
  • Tips for increasing home value through remodeling
  • Decorating and design advice to complete projects

The DIY Playbook empowers even total novices to tackle renovations. Justine and Joshua’s transparent and upbeat approach makes remodeling feel fun rather than daunting.

Remodeling FAQs

Taking on a home renovation project comes with many questions. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about home remodeling:

Where Should I Start With a Home Remodel?

The first step in any remodel should be developing a comprehensive plan. Evaluate how you want to use your space and identify problem areas in need of improvement. Define your must-have features, set a realistic budget, and determine if you’ll need to hire contractors or can DIY portions of the work. Research permits and regulations that may apply too. Having a detailed roadmap before you dive in will set your remodel up for success.

What Home Renovations Offer the Best Return on Investment?

Certain home remodels generally offer a better ROI than others. According to the Remodeling 2022 Cost vs. Value Report, the projects with the highest expected recoup rate upon resale are:

  • New wood deck addition (75%)
  • New garage door (87%)
  • Manufactured stone veneer siding replacement (84%)
  • Minor kitchen remodel, like cabinet refacing (80%)
  • Full bathroom remodel (64%)
  • New entry door replacement (78%)

Keep in mind that factors like local housing market conditions also impact your renovation ROI.

Should I Remodel Myself or Hire a Contractor?

Smaller cosmetic renovations like painting, installing new light fixtures, or refinishing cabinets can make great DIY projects. But major structural changes or work requiring electrical, plumbing, or other specialized skills may call for a contractor.

Consider how comfortable you are tackling different tasks and don’t take on more than your abilities. You want work to be done correctly and safely. Using a mix of DIY and professional help is a good approach for many homeowners.

How Do I Stick to My Remodeling Budget?

Careful planning is key to controlling remodeling costs. Get multiple quotes to compare pricing, build in a 10-20% buffer for contingencies, and look for ways to save through strategic DIY. Pay attention to unseen issues that could drive up expenses too. Having clearly defined priorities and a realistic budget beforehand keeps costs from ballooning.

How Can I Finance My Remodel?

If you don’t have enough cash on hand, there are a few options to fund your renovation:

  • Home equity loans or lines of credit offer low-interest financing using your home equity as collateral.
  • Personal loans can provide lump-sum financing.
  • Credit cards work for smaller expenses but have higher rates.
  • Your mortgage lender may allow you to wrap some remodeling cost into a refinance.
  • Retirement plan loans allow you to borrow from funds like your 401k.

Compare rates and fees carefully to choose the most cost-effective financing method for your situation.

Final Thoughts on the Best Home Remodeling Blogs

The right home improvement blog can provide an invaluable education in all things remodeling, guiding you through every step from planning to completion. Hopefully this list of the 10 best home remodeling blogs offers a great starting point.

Each of these blogs stands out for their expertise, insights, and helpfulness. They provide a wealth of free information to make any DIYer or homeowner feel empowered to achieve their dream remodel.

Whether you’re repairing, refreshing, expanding, or fully transforming your home, these blogs have budget-friendly tips, contractor advice, project tutorials, and innovative ideas to inspire your own renovation. Steal ideas from these passionate experts and hobbyists who have “been there, done that” when it comes to home remodels big and small.

What are your favorite home improvement and remodeling blogs? Please share in the comments below!