10 Before and After Laundry Room Remodels

A laundry room remodel can completely transform a tedious household chore into an enjoyable experience. Updating your laundry space with new finishes, appliances, storage and layout can optimize efficiency, add convenience, and make doing laundry feel less like a chore. We’ll look at 10 stunning before and after laundry room remodels that took these utilitarian spaces from drab to fab. From small laundry closet makeovers to large basement renovations, these ideas demonstrate just how impactful a well-designed laundry room can be.

Dated Laundry Closet to Bright and Organized

This laundry closet went from cramped and dreary to light, bright and beautifully organized. Here’s an overview of the transformation:

Before: The original laundry closet was extremely dated, with ugly green laminate cabinets, poor lighting and limited function. The single-basin sink and cheap vinyl flooring had seen better days.

After: Removing the wall between the closet and mudroom created an open, spacious laundry area. Crisp white Shaker cabinets offer plenty of storage, while the large porcelain farmhouse sink provides a place to hand wash delicate items. Recessed lighting makes the room bright and cheerful. Quartz countertops, glass tile backsplash and gray wood-look vinyl flooring update the finishes. The additional countertop space accommodates folding areas on each side of the large front-loading washer and dryer. Open shelving above creates handy space for laundry supplies.


  • Knocking down walls can instantly make a small laundry closet feel more spacious.
  • Ample counterspace allows for folding, sorting and laundry basket storage.
  • Bright lighting and light finishes make even windowless laundry rooms feel airy.
  • Shaker style cabinets offer clean lines and a touch of traditional charm.
  • Farmhouse sinks are perfect for handwashing delicate fabrics.

Outdated Basement Laundry to Modern Laundry Room

This basement laundry room was dramatically updated from a dark and dated utility space to a beautiful modern laundry oasis:

Before: The original laundry room featured dingy floral wallpaper, worn vinyl flooring, poor lighting and rusted appliances. The campy knotty pine cabinets and closet felt dark and closed in. Overall, it was an uninviting space to do laundry.

After: The dramatic remodel began by removing the wall between the laundry room and adjacent basement room to create an open-concept laundry zone. Crisp white cabinets were added for storage, contrasted by dark porcelain tile flooring. The concrete block walls were painted bright white and outfitted with contemporary floating shelves. Sleek stainless steel appliances replaced old units. Recessed lighting was installed overhead, and stylish track lighting was added over the functional folding/sorting station.


  • Opening up adjacent walls can make small laundry rooms feel more expansive.
  • Track lighting amplifies task lighting at key laundry work stations.
  • Floating shelves provide decorative open storage for laundry supplies.
  • Stainless steel appliances instantly update the look of a laundry room.
  • White paint makes even basement rooms feel clean and bright.

Outdated Garage Laundry Room to Rustic Chic Retreat

This garage laundry room was transformed into a beautiful rustic chic space:

Before: The original laundry was located in a dim garage, with ugly cabinets, poor lighting and dated linoleum floors.

After: The new design embraces a charming rustic aesthetic with wood panel walls, distressed cabinetry, and antique-inspired hardware. Washed wood open shelving provides storage for supplies and doubles as display space for decorative accents. A businessmen’s wash station offers space for hand washing and detail work. The porcelain laundry sink has ample room for pretreating, soaking and handwashing delicate items. A mix of pendant and recessed lighting keep the laundry tasks well illuminated. The faux brick vinyl flooring adds to the rustic vibe. Additional details like the chicken wire paneling, galvanized utility cart and inspirational quote art finish the farmhouse laundry oasis.


  • Wood paneling instantly warms up a room and creates rustic appeal.
  • Washed wood open shelving offers decorative storage space.
  • Businessmen’s wash sinks allow convenient space for hand washing clothes.
  • Chicken wire paneling adds charm and allows air circulation for drying projects.
  • Inspirational quote art makes doing laundry feel more positive.
  • Faux brick vinyl flooring has the look of authentic hardwood floors with more durability.

Garage Laundry Room Remodel

This garage laundry transformation demonstrates how small upgrades can make a big difference:

Before: The original garage laundry setup was very basic, with minimal cabinetry, wire shelving for storage and unattractive linoleum floors.

After: Keeping the existing cabinet footprint, the facelift updated surfaces and finishes to maximize function and style. New Shaker cabinets were added in a crisp white, along with a clean white quartz countertop. Washed wood open shelving above offers decorative storage for supplies. A wall niche with hooks provides space for hanging drying items or laundry bags. New lighting makes the tasks more visible. But the biggest change was swapping out the old vinyl flooring for stained concrete. The rich gray floors instantly give this small laundry an upgraded, polished look.


  • Basic cabinetry can be updated with new fronts and fresh paint.
  • Open shelving introduces rustic charm to a laundry room.
  • Concrete floor stain transforms poured floors with color and visual interest.
  • Niches and hooks allow for air drying laundry and hanging bags.
  • New lighting helps illuminate laundry tasks.

Bright and Airy Basement Laundry Renovation

This dark and cramped basement laundry room was opened up into a bright and spacious laundry retreat:

Before: The original basement laundry setup was dingy and cluttered. Poor lighting, surface damage and ugly floors made for depressing laundry days. Appliances were crammed into a closet-like space with ugly louvered doors.

After: Multiple upgrades transformed the space into a bright and open laundry oasis. The room was partially opened up to an adjacent rec room to improve flow. Recessed lighting was installed to amplify brightness. The concrete floor was etched and stained for texture and visual interest. Crisp white cabinets replaced the falling apart closet, offering much improved storage. Quartz countertops and a tile mosaic backsplash amplify the clean, fresh aesthetics. The wall niche with hooks allows laundry bags to be stored off the floor. Moving the appliances out of the confined closet and upgrading to an attractive stainless suite gave the laundry an integrated, built-in look.


  • Opening walls can make a laundry area feel less confined.
  • Recessed lighting makes any windowless room brighter.
  • Concrete floor etching improves texture and appearance.
  • Tile mosaic backsplashes inject color, style and texture.
  • Wall niches with hooks allow hanging/storing laundry bags.
  • Quality cabinets and countertops update room aesthetic.
  • Stainless steel appliances look integrated versus stand-alone.

Dark Garage Laundry Room Makeover

This garage laundry transformation shows how white paint can drastically brighten up a space:

Before: The existing garage laundry room was very dark and dreary. From the wood panelling to the cabinets, counters and floor, everything had a dark, dingy look that felt uninviting.

After: The dramatic makeover began by repainting the wood walls, cabinetry and trim work a bright, clean white. This instantly livened up the space and made it feel lighter and more cheerful. The particle board countertops were replaced with sleek white quartz, and a matching white quartz backsplash was added. Glossy white ceramic tile flooring amplified the light and bright new aesthetic. New light fixtures increased task lighting. Incorporating fun patterned laundry baskets and motivational wall art finished the revamp with personality.


  • White paint can make virtually any space feel brighter and more cheerful.
  • White quartz countertops look crisp, clean and contemporary.
  • Matching white quartz backsplashes create a seamless look.
  • Glossy white tile flooring reflects light and enhances brightness.
  • New lighting tackles functional needs while updating style.
  • Patterned laundry baskets and wall art add personality.

Basement Laundry Addition

This basement remodel converted an unfinished area into a functional laundry room:

Before: The basement previously contained an open unfinished area with concrete flooring, exposed utilities and framework.

After: Closing off the space created a dedicated laundry room zone. A vinyl tile flooring with a modern geometric design was installed. White Shaker cabinets were evenly spaced across one wall, offering ample storage. A white quartz countertop provides a smooth fold and sort station, as well as protection for the glossy finish of the front-load washer and dryer set. Recessed lighting keeps the windowless space well illuminated for laundry tasks. The framed chalkboard adds personalized function.


  • Room dividers or framing can define laundry zones in open basements.
  • Patterned vinyl tile flooring adds visual interest.
  • White Shaker cabinets suit both traditional and contemporary aesthetics.
  • Quartz countertops withstand heavy laundry room use.
  • Recessed lighting amplifies brightness in interior rooms.
  • Framed chalkboards allow for decorative personalization.

Rustic DIY Laundry Room Addition

This laundry room was carve out of an unfinished basement corner and finished on a budget:

Before: The open basement had an unused corner with exposed masonry, pipes and concrete flooring.

After: Framing out the corner created a laundry space with defined walls. Board and batten style panels covered the concrete block foundation for a polished look. Peel and stick vinyl floor tiles created a budget-friendly faux tile floor. An existing freestanding utility sink was relocated to the new laundry zone to provide a place for pretreating and handwashing clothes. Mobile rolling carts substitute for traditional cabinetry, offering inexpensive storage for supplies. Plank shelves mounted above add open storage space. The decor embraces a rustic charm with items like the wooden sign, wire basket and flower bucket.


  • Unfinished basement corners can become defined laundry spaces.
  • Board and batten panels overlay block walls with finished style.
  • Peel and stick vinyl tiles create quick and affordable flooring.
  • Mobile utility carts offer budget-friendly storage solutions.
  • Planked shelving adds open storage for laundry supplies.
  • Rustic wood signs and wire baskets boost farmhouse style on a dime.

Mudroom Laundry Closet Makeover

This mudroom laundry closet makeover optimized a cramped but convenient space:

Before: The narrow laundry closet off the mudroom entrance felt dark and crowded. The mismatched cabinetry offered minimial storage, while the folding counterspace was very limited. Appliances were stacked in the confined space.

After: Light gray paint helped brighten up the laundry closet, while new white Shaker cabinetry maximized storage capabilities. Drawers and cubbies keep laundry essentials organized. Laminate countertops surrounding the units create a perimeter of folding space. The small upper cabinets provide open storage for supplies. Changing from a side-by-side to stackable washer and dryer opened up floor space. The framed chalkboard adds personality while a narrow storage rack squeezes in between appliances.


  • Light gray paint can help brighten small windowless closets.
  • White Shaker cabinets suit traditional and contemporary aesthetics.
  • Perimeter countertops optimize folding and sorting space.
  • Stackable washer-dryers maximize floor space in tight laundry rooms.
  • Narrow storage racks fully utilize in-between spaces.
  • Framed chalkboards allow for personalization.

Apartment Laundry Closet Upgrade

This rental apartment laundry closet was dramatically improved with quick DIY upgrades:

Before: The existing laundry closet was very dingy and unappealing. The cheap vinyl flooring was damaged and peeling up. Poor lighting and ugly builder grade cabinets created a dark depressing vibe.

After: Easy affordable updates gave this rental space a mini makeover. Peel and stick floor tiles covered the damaged floors with a gray stone look. White cabinet paint masked the old veneers, while new modern silver bar pulls updated the style. Removing the door and adding a sheer curtain softened the laundry area and improved airflow. A compact laminate countertop atop the washer and dryer created folding space. Stick-on LED puck lights enhanced task lighting. Inexpensive accessories like the multi-use racks, artwork and plant gave the formerly dreary closet personality.


  • Peel and stick vinyl floor tiles are an affordable DIY flooring solution.
  • Painting cabinets white provides an instant facelift.
  • Sheer door curtains improve air circulation in confined spaces.
  • Compact countertops can be stacked on existing appliances.
  • Stick-on puck lights amplify task lighting.
  • Inexpensive racks, art and plants boost laundry room style.


Upgrading a laundry space doesn’t have to break the bank. Even in rental units, modest improvements like cabinet paint, peel-and-stick floor tiles and new lighting make a noticeable difference. For homeowners, knock down walls to improve flow, upgrade finishes like flooring and countertops, install organizational systems like specialty storage and hanging racks, and incorporate personal touches with art, plants and chalkboards. The laundry room sets the tone for how you feel about doing housework, so give it the same attention you would any living space. With the right designs, you can transform laundry from a loathed chore to a pleasant and calming ritual.

FAQs About Laundry Room Remodels

How much does it cost to remodel a small laundry room?

The cost to remodel a small laundry room can range from $2,000-$5,000 on average. Simple upgrades like painting cabinets, replacing flooring, adding new lighting and installing specialty storage can dramatically boost function and style for just a couple thousand dollars.

What is the most popular laundry room layout?

The “work triangle” is one of the most popular and functional laundry room layouts. This positions the washer and dryer along one wall, countertop folding/sorting space along another wall, and cabinets/storage along the third wall. This creates an efficient flow between stations.

What flooring is best for laundry rooms?

Water-resistant vinyl plank flooring is one of the best options for laundry rooms. Other great choices include porcelain or ceramic tile, concrete and linoleum. Avoid carpeting or laminate flooring that can be easily damaged by moisture.

Should you have a sink in the laundry room?

Having a sink in the laundry room is extremely useful for pretreating stains, hand washing delicates, dyeing projects and more. Try to incorporate at least a small utility sink if space allows.

What should you not put in a laundry room?

Avoid installing carpeting or laminate flooring. Also skip placing items like leather goods, wool clothing, important documents and valuables that could incur water damage. Prevent mold by avoiding excess humidity.

Is a stacked washer and dryer better than side by side?

In small laundry rooms, a stacked washer and dryer configuration can be a better use of limited floor space. Stacked units open up usable space between appliances for things like laundry sorting stations, storage, hanging racks and more.

So in summary, remodeling a laundry room is one of the most worthwhile investments for optimizing household function and enjoyment. With smart spatial planning and stylish finishing touches, you can create a laundry oasis for efficiently tackling this never-ending chore. Approach the project with creativity and purpose, and be rewarded with a laundry room you look forward to using.